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  1. Graham Tigg - yes, I remember him, and the layout of his website.
  2. Voyager - Could it have been Malcolm Binns or Arthur Eperon, both long gone? By an amazing coincidence, years ago I met the man who had done the illustrations for Eperon's "Traveler's France". He was conducting guided exercise walks on Hampstead Heath. Robert, please tell me when you do!
  3. I would avoid the title emeritus. My father explained that it came from the Latin e or ex, meaning out, and meritus, meaning "he deserved it".
  4. Robert - Delving in my archives, I find a few documents which relate to your speculations about what happened to l’Atre Fleuri. This is a letter to the Guild of Food Writers Sparklist, 1997 Certain obscure restaurants seem to become focal points of culinary energy and ultimately of legend. One such is Auberge d’Atre Fleuri in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse. This became the inspiration for a seminal book, “The Auberge of the Flowering Hearth” by Roy Andreis de Groot, a distinguished English journalist, injured in the blitz and ultimately blinded, who moved to America and became fam
  5. Robert, I put your astute analysis up on the Guild of Food Writers chat list and got this immediate reply from Josephine Bacon, a long-time editor and translator for many of the best publishing houses. "Unfortunately, the way publishing is at the moment, many types of books are author-subsidized, not just cookery books. For instance, I just translated a book on economics and the author was made to pay for the translation, even though the book was published by a large and reputable British publishing house. "Ditto for another two other non-fiction titles I am translating. A friend of mi
  6. I am not surprised to find first-hand corroboration even here in Mouthfulls. As I wrote in Authentic? Or just expensive?, "Culinary tradition has always been fluid: many of the foods that the searchers for authenticity attempt to preserve or recreate were in the first instance a utilization of the ingredients that were most readily available, prepared with the simple tools that were at hand. The substratum of peasant cuisine is grinding poverty. As John Berger observes at the beginning of his profound study of global peasantry, Pig Earth, ‘Peasant life is a life committed completely to surviva
  7. Wilfrid - Mary and I used Waverley Root's Paris Dining Guide in 1973. It led us to l'Auberge Basque in the 7th (closed), Bistro 121 in the 15th and Chez la Mere Michel in the 17th (closed). Twenty years later when Mere Michele was still serving up her wonderful beurre blanc, I went alone one early evening for dinner. Shortly after I was seated a Frenchman appeared and was greeted with the sort of warmth that's reserved for regular diners. He had already generously lubricated his larynx and made his way to the table next to mine with the careful precision of a man intent on demonstrating hi
  8. Suzanne, I am so often disappointed by those modern food writers who are most enthusiastically recommended to me that I no longer bother to keep up with the latest, and so my answer would be useless. One author that I followed with great interest and admiration was John Thorne, but he has retreated from a world that he is no longer interested in writing for. Occasionally we exchange a few laconic words, and so I am able to determine that he is still alive without Googling the obits. There are some who write competently and enthusiastically about food-related matters which don't interest m
  9. This interview with Janet Flanner produced by my old KPFA friend Richard O. Moore will probably interest you
  10. My interest in restaurants has faded since the days when I was traveling constantly to interesting places and having my meals paid for. Eating out well in London is both expensive and noisy; in so many of them, loud pop music is de rigeur. There is a wealth of ethnic restaurants on the outskirts which would interest me, but my wife doesn't relish the weirdly wonderful and she cooks so well that I can't possibly feel cheated. This is not a judgement on those who eat expensively -- I did it myself when I could afford to -- but I have become increasingly aware of the growing number of the for
  11. Your memory is undoubtedly better than mine!
  12. Robert, may I quote your perceptive and succinct summary in a relevant thread on my Facebook page?
  13. Robert, great to be in touch again! Yours is exactly the point I made in my obituary of Mireille Johnston in the Guardian. P.S. The vinegar is balsamic.
  14. Glad to hear about the Kermit Lynch book. Many associations.
  15. Ah, but the places you've been, the people you've met! And vice versa!
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