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  1. I was reading the Spotlight in todays Rocky and saw the review of Steakhouse 121 was by Lori Midson instead of John. The review ,by the way was Lori's usual great job, I have read and enjoyed her work for years in a lot of different venues. John in a sidebar explained he fell some time ago and did a lot of different injuries to himself and will be out quite awhile. I'm sorry to see him hurt but since I have met Lori 2 or 3 times and liked her wriiting a long time I am also personally DELIGHTED she is going to get a wider voice at least for some time. I remember when the Post was look
  2. Every year Project Angel Heart (www.projectangelheart.org) has a fund raising day where participating establishments donate 25% of their food receipts for the day. Any meal. I have no association with the group except I have had several meals with Mary Clark (the food director/chef what ever her title is and she and the cause; people with life treatening circumstances are both worthwhile and deserve support. In spite of someone's "snide" remarks last year when I posted about this I am once again giving people a "heads up" so that if you are so inclined you can contribute and enjoy a ho
  3. I thought I had posted about Denver Rest. week before. Look at www.denver restaurantweek.com for a list of the rests. and menus. About 150 different rests. are doing it this year and the price is the same as last year $52.80 for two or $26.40 for one. My wife and I and another couple went to Del Friscos last night for the special. It was the first time I had been, and I was impressed. One note for people, any thing not on the rest. week special menu is at ala carte pricing and Del Frisos is very expensive. ( 6 oz. Coca Cola bottle $2.25) ( one small crabcake $14.95). One other note
  4. The restaurants and most of the menus for this years rest. week have been posted. The site is www.denverrestaurantweek.com , and there is a fairly wide choice of rests. listed. The dates are Sat Feb 24 to Fri Mar 2. If it goes like last year weekend reservations will go quickly. Once again the prices are $ 52.80 per couple or $ 26.40 for one. My wife and I went with a friend last year and had a good time. There were a couple of posts as I remember from people for certain places that didn't seem to be ready for the crowds but I Have been to places on a busy weeknight that
  5. Hi everyone. I'm sorry I have not posted for a while. I have been composing this long 'rant' about the food at St Josephs but have decided to just say every story you have heard about bad hospital food is true and in some cases it is worse than you have heard at StJoes. I ordered a "filet" one day when my appetite was a little better and I couldn't cut it with a serrated edge knife and when I got a piece in my mouth the more I chewed it the bigger it got. Maybe they forgot to say what animal this came from, not beef, camel maybe? The good news is that 3 weeks after the operation I am m
  6. Just a quick catch up. I am home (yesterday late afternoon) after a discharge from hell. I will write up a summary in a few days after I get back in the real world, and have a chance to think things through. The short report is the surgery went about as well as could be expected and I am making "normal progress" and will be back in hopefully better condition than I was before in about 6 to 8 weeks. Thanks again to everyones well wishes and I will write more about the experience shortly. FYI the food was even worse than I thought it was going to be. Bob Cole
  7. Thanks again to everyone for the good wishes and offers of help. It really is great to hear that people care and are willing to do nice things for me. My wife is also greatful for the kind wishes and offers. I think we are pretty well ready for this episode in our life and while I am less than thrilled with having to have another surgery (this will be # 14) I am confident things will go well and I will be better than I am now by the first of the new year. I will let the MF community know how things are going hopefully about the 20th or 21st of the month. Thanks again to everyone for
  8. FYI RE Surgery; I got a call from the Drs. office today telling me that they have 6 people needing heart surgery and 4 openings to perform said operations. They asked me (almost begged) to let them move my time to the 14th from the 10th. The main reason they asked me to change is that I am the only one scheduled who is not in the hospital now. I agreed to the change any my operation will now take place on Tues. the 14th. I really am not thrilled to have several extra days to "stew" about this (pun intended) but I feel that I ampretty good health and I have not had any more problems and
  9. Thanks to everyone, I am not pleased to have this happen but I have to say I am also not overly worried about it either. The Dr thinks I will be in the hospital for 5 to 7 days and should be in good shape by Thanksgiving and better than I have been by the first of the year. Since I am a techno know very little I will report on the wide range of gourmet delights that St Joseph Hospital offers to cardiac patients when I am released and back home. (insert sarcasm and cynical smileys here.) Thanks again for your best wishes and I expect to be "back on the 'air' soon". Bob Cole
  10. My wife and I had dinner last night with a couple we have known for years. He has a tradeout with Opus in Littleton and when we go with them we do the big dinner trip, which is usually more food than I am comfortable eating. It is very good food and I am surprised that it doesn't get more attention than it does. Michael is IMHO an excellent chef with a very fine crew assting him. It is somewhat expensive for the Denver area but I think the value is there. Dinner for 4 including appetizers, entrees and desserts, (one dessert was a glass of ice wine instead of a regular dessert) was $260.00
  11. I got my copy of 5280 a few days ago and have looked at most of it by now. I am not allowed to drink alcohol (medical reasons) but i do like to know a little about the subject because my wife likes a glass of wine sometimes when we eat out. The three things that got my attention in the Sept. 06 issue were about wine. I have no idea how good CO wines are. Any comments rlm? The one about somebody making their own wine,and the one about John Garlich a winery owner and wine maker were interesting; the one about the wine train tour to Grand Junction and Palisade really got my attentio
  12. Mongo;; we crossposted. Paonia is east of Delta about 30 or 40 miles as I remember. Delta is about 30 or 40 miles so of Grand Junction. You can also get there over McClure pass south and west of Glenwood Springs. It is very pretty country. Im sure it has changed a great deal since my kids went to high school there, My son is now over 40 so that tells you how long ago I was there. colestove Ps 5 hours sounds about right unless you get caught in I-70 stop and go between here and Vail.
  13. FYI Paonia is not near Boulder unless you consider the western slope near Boulder. As I remember when I had a cafe in Crawford (15) miles from Paonia it is at least 150 miles and maybe more. That being said it it pretty country and there are some great food items available in that country. colestove
  14. Pueblo is about 100 miles south of Denver on I-25. colestove
  15. There are not a lot of non-chain places in the Park Meadows area as I remember. There are a few places north of Park Meadows on Arapahoe around I-25. Two chinese places , Hoong's Palace on Havana so of Arapahoe(next to Outback) and (Something, I can't remember) Panda buffet just west of Dayton on Arap. There is also Jabbos BBQ just so of Arap on Dayton. A pretty good Mexican place called El Azteca just east of Peoria on Arap. Pats cheesesteak is on Arap. just east of I-25. I just remembered Brewery Bar has a place somewhere down around Park Meadows I have not eaten there but they are s
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