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  1. Please share your favorites with me. Thanks!
  2. Anyone else going on Sunday? We already have tickets and are very excited! http://cochon555.com/ Anyone go last year?
  3. Vince, Aidan and I have gone for the past two years to this fantastic event. If you love tomatoes - this is the place to be next Sunday! TomatoFare West Sunday, September 9, 2012 1 - 5 PM This third annual one-day festival of Washington-grown heirloom tomatoes (TomatoFare West) will be held on the lawn at Cedarbrook Lodge on Sunday, September 9 from 1 - 5 PM. It is simply 2012's triumphant celebration of the Northwest region's most spectacular tomatoes (and all that can be done with them). Advance tickets for TomatoFare West are available now for $25 online at Brown Paper Tickets. On event day price will be $35 (cash only.) For more TomatoFare event information, call 206-214-4282. Brown Paper Tickets
  4. We are taking the kids to Leavenworth over the weekend. Any restaurant rec's or warnings? Thanks! Pat
  5. And here is another perspective: WA giving away liquor business?
  6. I am so conflicted on this issue - where to begin? Received this blog article from Susan at McCrea - it makes sense, and then one reads the comments on the blog and????? It seems like we need reform of the law, but is this the right way to go? Reluctant Vote Hmmm...
  7. Citysearch reviews for Rain go back to 2004.
  8. I can't believe that no one has posted about this yet: Fist Fight after Pig Cook-off Did anyone here attend the Portland Event? I would love to know how the food was!
  9. Is this near Anchovies & Olives? Same block?? Looks interesting...are they open for lunch? wanna go?? Pat
  10. Obviously, I am clueless. But I can be trained! I now have a map started - send me some info and I will get it on there! Perhaps we could call for a Taco Truck day, where as many of who can, go to their nearest truck, sample and send in the info and results!
  11. Hey folks - this sorta dropped off of my radar - and we still haven't heard back yet from Girl Chow. Perhaps we should plan a date in the future when we can get more organized? The Taco Map Project (TTMP) I would love to take on part of the map project - I can collect and assemble the data. Anyone have any ideas about creating a webpage with an interactive map? Or should we leave it simple and just create a list to start? Anyways - if you know a taco truck location - send me the details via pm. Info needed would include: Name Address City Neighborhood (Beacon Hill, Burien,etc - so we can sort by hood when doing a crawl) Intersection or Cross Streets Eat in (tent, bus) or no seating Taco Ratings If you have eaten there, how many tacos would you give it on a scale of 1-5. 5 tacos being the best, 1 taco horrible, 0 or less - call the health department! Favorite Item eaten Specialties Thanks all - let me know what you think of for a new date! Pat
  12. Ravishing Radish Catering is opening a new restaurant soon on Eastlake called Ravish. Small shared plates concept. I have always enjoyed their food at the many industry events that I have attended. Sounds like a great casual night option. Ravish
  13. I would seriously watch out for whatever Tighe tries to sell you at the swap.
  14. I'm up for another crawl. How does Sat 6/27 look?
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