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  1. No doubt a highly educational experience. You ain't kidding. Conversations went something like: Other Person: "I think <innocuous word or phrase> should be in" Me: "Why is that bad?" OP: "Because it's a euphemism/slang for <detailed description of depraved sex act>" Me: Good God! I had no idea there was a word for that! etc
  2. Heh. It's true! Probably my own fault. Had one of the funniest meetings of my life a couple of years ago when my co. was installing some new email filtering software. Needed to enhance the (American) list of naughty words to block. A semi-secret committee was established to meet and decide on what was to be included. Two hours of grown people spouting filth at each other. Fantastic.
  3. Had an o/bound email bounced back to me last week at work. Was trying to arrange a meet with a pal at the Cock & Woolpack pub in the City.
  4. Gavin

    Cricket Cheats?

    There is also casting chicken entrails and divining tea leaves (which I think may be a Korean delicacy). They are bang to rights on this one, although it looks like the T20s and ODIs go ahead as scheduled (cost of cancelling these would stuff the ECB big time.
  5. Gavin

    Cricket Cheats?

    Just watched secretly filmed footage from News of the World, shows chap counting large pile of moolah and predicting which individual deliveries in next day's play will be no balls. Then shown said deliveries - grotesque no balls involving enormous overstepping of crease. They are damned. Pakistan team were due at Lords' 40 minutes ago, still have not left hotel. This match and tour could be over.
  6. Blast-chill it then Pacojet to use as base for ice cream. Way to go.
  7. Gavin

    Cricket Cheats?

    It's so depressing seeing my glee yesterday at the exploits of Trott and Broad as they sent record after record tumbling (some of them from the 19C.). What with this and the continuing saga of rugby's "Bloodgate" affair I fear that the only two sports that I have any interest in are irredeemably tainted. A bad day indeed (and it's only 8.00AM here).
  8. Rely on mine to save me from poisoning meal guests (or myself). Fantastic bits of kit, well worth the spendy outlay.
  9. In fact, thinking about it a little more, this has all the makings of a Silly Season hoax. I'd make a modest wager that this one is blown before the day is out. Remember fox hunting with pit bulls in Victoria Park?
  10. Not wishing to make light of this stupid woman's behaviour but am aggrieved that this story is getting a deal more media attention (lead story in today's best-selling tabloid) than the ongoing humanitarian crises in Pakistan and Niger, not to mention the daily announcements of deaths in Afghanistan. Sense of perspective needed I think.
  11. Redid the cabling on my small setup a couple of weeks ago, the dust bunnies were becoming hostile and possibly rabid. Was a little surprised to find that about half of the interconnects had nothing connected to one end and/or the other. VCR can't have been used for at least three years so sent to cassette player heaven. Job involved a lot of swearing but felt better for it afterwards.
  12. Gavin

    Alex Higgins

    One of his best (playing) moments. 69 clearance RIP
  13. Ye Gods, that photo makes the thing look about four feet long. Bloody fantastic pic BTW.
  14. Gavin


    Nuno has another (very rare) 5* review from Marina O'Loughlin (aka Circeplum) in London's Metro freesheet. Got the first for his 'popup' The Loft Project. Metro Review
  15. Worth looking at InterRail too, especially if you want to be flexible on itinerary/countries.
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