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  1. Burger Club, I saw this photo and thought of you: Lecosho
  2. Special treats at Dahlia Lounge and Bakery in November, celebrating 20 years of Dahlia Lounge.
  3. tighe, I realized after I posted that my reference to "long trek" would seem weird to you, since you went all the way to Ballard from the deep South. It's just that with so many restaurants we can walk to (Dinette, Cafe Presse, Monsoon, Kingfish, Poppy...), if we take a bus somewhere, that means we really like it, and if we take TWO buses (or get a ride with Richard and Judy), that means we really, really like it. Cafe Besalu is probably the place I tend to think about wistfully most often.
  4. OK, I have got to try Apizza Scholls. Somehow I've missed it in every Portland visit. Ken's Artisan Pizza in Portland was very good. I encourage those who haven't tried Delancey to keep your heightened expectations, because the pizza is just as good as I hoped it would be. I love the flavor of the dough and the fresh taste of the tomato sauce. I also appreciate being able to pick up a slice and bite into it; while the center crust isn't crispy, it has just enough structure. Go early, or get a group together and reserve the big table. Matthew, Iris, and I had a great time eating pizza at the bar on our last visit (the bar has five stools, and is prime viewing area for the pizza oven). Yes, the owners are friends of ours, but we don't make the long trek from Capitol Hill unless we REALLY like the food. Funny that two of our favorite places--Lunchbox Lab and Delancey--are within a few blocks of each other, both two long bus rides away. They're worth it!
  5. Lunchbox Lab was my pick for birthday lunch in January. I think the shakes are absolutely the best in Seattle (and, OK, the burgers are great too). We enjoyed a side of black truffle mayonnaise which was a particularly felicitous combination with tater tots. Get over there ASAP.
  6. Rebekah Denn's latest post on the Swinery.
  7. Well, the final lunch? I'm looking forward to reading wrap-ups/reflections from the participants, too.
  8. Oddfellows is open! I haven't tasted their food yet (only a cookie, which was as delicious as I expected based on cookie haven Volunteer Park Cafe), but the space is spectacular, the menu sounds delicious, and they're open for all hours and all needs--coffee to cocktails. It looks like a great place for groups--and doesn't "Let's meet at Oddfellows" roll off the tongue nicely? I think it will be a nice addition to Capitol Hill, especially in the summer when we spend a lot of time playing at Cal Anderson Park. More details on the restaurant, especially the food: Oddfellows opens.
  9. U-District Market is open today! Get some of that fabulous toffee for gift-giving.
  10. Candy dots: try the candy store at University Village.
  11. Matthew, Iris, and I would like to join in. We'll make something good with farmers market ingredients--possibly tomatillo salsa, maybe something with corn. Looking forward to seeing all of you.
  12. If no one has checked this out by the weekend, I will report back as I am a diehard Beard Papa fan. Thankyou Laurie for the heads up. wl OK, Beard Papa is not open yet. We tasted the classic vanilla when we were in NY a few months back and they were delicious.
  13. Can anyone confirm if there is in fact a Beard Papa open at Uwajimaya, as reported here? I don't want to get Iris's hopes up until there's an actual cream puff sighting.
  14. Monday night dinner at Tilth (from Suzuki and Chou):
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