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  1. built by the same people but neither wishes to acknowledge that.
  2. If I dropped you randomly in a modern Japanese city center outside of Kansai or Kanto and a Korean city and you couldn't see people or letters or car brands you'd not know if you were in Toyama or Pohang Thats the difference between Japanese and Korean Potato salad.
  3. Oh there's a lot wrapped up in if that potato salad is Japanese or Korean.
  4. how is the totally pretentious sounding green grocer in Essex Market? Their instagram makes me want to burn it down but that could just be marketing. Alimentari Flaneur
  5. how could we let the story of L to the O-G, A-N he ain't playin go unresolved?
  6. I'm struggling to decide what I more excited for - Ted Lasso 2 or Succession 3. "I will make my bread from your bones"
  7. we did the exact same thing. We didn't finish either. Also Mrs AB wanted to watch the Gossip Girl reboot - made it about 25 minutes in before she bailed. On the other hand "White Lotus" seems pretty promising.
  8. She made the 16 you were hoping for. A good long run for a bigger pup.
  9. Sitting in a powerless house with a brand new, inspected and approved full house back up generator scheduled to be started up tomorrow.
  10. I did a holiday weekend away not leaving and returning to Manhattan for the first time in my adult life. Kinda nice not worrying about traffic too much. At least the burbs are good for something (I kid, I kid)
  11. you know Carrols survives as a massive franchisee of Burger Kings? Kinda weird.
  12. ITs actually a very obvious and good framing for uncertainty. It just came across as smug from him.
  13. I wonder if a notch rather than shawl lapel gets one put in siberia? Grosgrain vs Satin?
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