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  1. ooh. bummer. they were probably still available when I booked too. (sees resy stamp at 636)
  2. is there separate booking for the tasting menu? I just made a resy for 2 in the main dining room on the 13th.
  3. this is obviously just an incredible article https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/15/style/rich-people-fled-new-yrok.html
  4. jump. do it now. Once you factor in the low taxes I bet you can swap that "low-key villa" for your BK place 1:1 Its colares sneak. Do you think it has special shorter wine racking?
  5. that riddler space is just absolutely cursed.
  6. I walk around my gardens staring at all kinds of little things I planted last year re-emerging from my soil. Its almost unbelievable. I also contemplate taking up bow hunting when I see my deer-eaten tulips
  7. assume we all saw the article on real french cuisine in the NYer' "Tacos" https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/04/19/the-unlikely-rise-of-the-french-tacos
  8. Anthony Bonner


    the times obit package is really well done. Really had a different sound at the moment of peak "puffy dancing in a shiny suit over a sample." Has aged much better than a lot popular hip hop.
  9. Yeah. Baylor really unique not just in the way they played but also in the makeup of the team - lots of transfers nearly all of them like 75-150 recruits their senior year of high school.
  10. I guess but isn't half the joy of the NCAA's the randomness of it? How different might this game have been if the UCLA-Gonzaga game were in the elite eight so there were five days to rest? I'm totally torn though as I really disliked the idea of this Gonzaga team going down as an undefeated - but I also dislike Scott Drew's AAU-whoring and historically his inability to coach. Though based on last nights results I guess we can say he's figured out the later?
  11. yeah - I like the guy a bunch. Def gives the impression of someone earnestly trying to figure it out and occasionally doing things that don't work.
  12. the bill walton final four almost still alive!! In a weird season almost makes sense that the Pac-12 looks great. But by no means did UCLA "put it" to the tide. If Bama hits fouls shots on something just approaching competence that game doesn't go to OT. Which I mean basketball is basketball.
  13. I think its good, but I think Pino's isn't worse and a heck of a lot easier. And the Ends guy does some stuff that might be the same ETA: Not that I'm speaking for OP
  14. call me an old softie but it feels unremittingly shitty to tell your employees "we're closing in two weeks, and we don't trust you not to rob us blind before then so we're going to check bags on the way out every day"
  15. I find this is useful for all kinds of things around the house
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