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  1. I have the penguin north east one as well. Never cooked from it.
  2. Five morsels of love is a really nice looking self published book. Haven't really cooked from it. But it looks like a glossy chefs cookbook. There is a Ladakhi cookbook I picked up I think from Kitchen Art&Letters. "Ladakhi Kitchen". Super interesting, written by the woman's alliance of Ladakh. There is a chance I bought in Delhi tho. Do you have a definitive list of the penguin series
  3. you guys didnt get a hard freeze? We were in the low 20's on Wednesday
  4. I'm out in New Jersey these days.
  5. First shot at Shan Shan last night, and while many of the dishes don't travel well, which is a problem in the Covid world, what I could order was quite good. Would recc to people looking for authentic-ish Xinjiang food. Spice levels seemed toned down, but I bet that's fixable. There are a bunch on interesting places to explore in strip malls of 46.
  6. So one meal at this place over the summer was pretty good. And now it's closed until 2021.
  7. I have a dell that's in a form factor that hides behind my monitor. But even those things obsolete in 3-5 years or so.
  8. this is really nonsense sneak. a phone has a design life of two years, and its not like you are picking between IDK - old navy or martin greenfield for a sport coat. They are all fundamentally small boxes you put in your pocket. This isn't that.
  9. there is a whole ecosystem of this stuff on WeChat if you can read mandarin. One of my coworkers is a huge fan. They even did lunch drop offs on various corners in midtown in the before times. Food looks good, and logistics seem pretty good so long as you don't ask how much people are being paid. Downside of course is giving the PLA your dietary preferences. Tho I guess they've got control of my phone anyway. The dominant vegetable section in a grocery store around here is in a Kam Man. Even better than places like wegmans. Price and quality.
  10. how do Rice Cookers do with things like basmati rice?
  11. I actually don't think anyone can survive on a true raw unprocessed diet. At a minimum really really hard to execute without supplementation. I mean raw uncooked soy beans aren't exactly a good time.
  12. absolutely. I'm not even arguing that.
  13. we aren't obligate carnivores either.
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