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  1. I think Stirling Tavern is fine. Like I'm happy to go there if I need to eat out for some reason, especially at like 8:30-9 when everything closer to me is shutting down. We mistimed some things last night (wanted to go to Folklore Taco in Chatham but they close at 8 and AB^2 gets out of soccer at 730 @ Central Park) so we ended up going to Nom. I would give that place a "Hard avoid" unfortunately. Not that the place wasn't absolutely jammed on a Tuesday night. Need to get to Agricola soon.
  2. I actually saw a cream cheese, red onion, and nova board on instagram the other day.
  3. I understand why you are mocking this - it is mockable. But there is actually something interesting to be said about the evolution of "Charc boards" amongst the momfluencer crowd on the 'gram. like the idea that a "Charc board" doesn't necessarily have anything to do with cured meats any more. Rootin, Tootin, Charcutin
  4. Sigh. I miss the old days of magic or vinegar. Now other Etna producers I'd rather drink.
  5. I follow on the 'gram a few beer led pubs in the UK and I'm always jealous of the low ABVs on offer. I want to relax over 2-3 beers and not wake up in the morning feeling like death.
  6. I quoted the wrong piece of course I meant this: IIRC Zahav was similarly a set menu format. Granted the main course was a braise not a kebab and there were more courses.
  7. I'm confused about the Zahav reference. I ate at Zahav and while the meal had more courses. the first course was also Salatim/Mezze
  8. Deli-Jerk is quite the bang-bang https://youtu.be/CZ-Z1di-c58
  9. I think its more the LI cousin if I'm honest.
  10. Ssam had a 715. Thanks much for the ideas.
  11. I have that. But now I have this uncivilized time constraint!!
  12. Oh my. Just got hit with "Hi AB its your cousin from Long Island. Our Cousins from Montana are in town. Do you want to meet us for dinner" Where can I get in 6 reliably that will be a little scene-y for the out of towners. ETA : am now being told 7-ish would be good!!!
  13. Our Regional Correspondent has opinions. Annoying ones actually.
  14. speaking of Carole King - perhaps the peak disturbing/entertaining moment of my summer was watching a stage full of pre-tween girls earnestly singing "Will you still love me tomorrow" and their parents slowly but surely realizing how egregiously inappropriate a song that was for them to sing. Lovely as it may be. My daughter was in a different group.
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