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  1. Lost our hound today. 13. Had a mass on his heart that burst this morning. I knew when I picked him up off the floor it was probably the end. Like Mongo he was the last remnant of our life prekids. Just now looking at pics from Mrs AB trotting him around the West Village. He never really was a suburban terrier.
  2. Im actually surprised some hipster hasn't tried to reinvent them. The texture is a result of a lye bath and there are other traditional candied fruits that get a similar treatment.
  3. Resy's android app is so bad they just gave up on it.
  4. I was reading an article in the FT about Austrian politics and it was doubtless my ignorance but I was tickled to see it described "Best and Worst Practices of Italian Politics under a German facade" or “Austria likes to market itself as a mini-Germany but really it is more of a [central] eastern European or even Balkan country in its culture and structures — and the way in which they are misused,”
  5. no shame in a Turbo Prop Chambo. More "Cute Insta model" than "clapping 10's" but no shame.
  6. Chambo that looks like a prop plane with the high wing. What kind of ramp presence is that? Disappointed.
  7. The Dabney is in the realm of what you are asking for. I personally don't love it but other people here have more positive views.
  8. this one is sad. Always such a nice person.
  9. I'm sure he's a talented cook - but such an uninteresting selection of seafood - and those prices.
  10. just looking at menus. Fiola Mare scream "Farmed Fish at insane mark-ups" is that wrong? The kids love fish, and its locationally correct but I hate the way the menu reads.
  11. Going down here as part of a lacrosse tournament for ab^2 that happens to be during the NJ teachers convention. adding a few nights in DC to it Any where newish that you guys have been looking to try. Skimmed Don Rockwell a bit but nothing leapt out
  12. I love when someone else is a more polite pedant than I could ever be. You are correct tho the victory garden yogurt was mastic flavored
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