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  1. I'm looking for a place that I can get into this Thursday that has nice enough nigiri for Mrs AB and I, but also has a roll collection that a six year old who thinks she really likes sushi would be satisfied.
  2. Feel like Cathay has rested on its Laurels and its no longer markedly better than other options.
  3. To Europe they are all pretty commodity and the flight isn't that long. These days I focus more on departure airport i.e. EWR vs JFK. To India the least bad option is United - but my last trip was the old hard product - which sucks. The soft product always sucks. To Southeast Asia I really like ANA through Haneda. Good product and Haneda is a dream to transit. But Cathay and Singapore are more than acceptable. HKG is just so big can be annoying to transfer through. To Japan I prefer ANA but JAL is fine so long as you manage seat assignment ok (they have a coffin seat on the
  4. I live about a mile away. So I can easily check this out once his menu is in place and report back.
  5. I wonder if the Delta hunchback has retired yet? Im supposed to go to Paris for a day the week of the 4th. Usually end up on Delta for that flight.
  6. Just back from India. It was hot. Then the monsoon came. And it was less hot. But still hot.
  7. I'm sorry. Have a bunch of buddies that have lost their Frenchies in the last few months.
  8. not many folks can make me not look jaded and cynical.
  9. this place is good - but I very much suspect it might mutate from its current form. Its quite expensive, its a style of food that isn't really fashionable here, and the portions are actually pretty small. But I really liked it. I'm a sheep so did the pate and squab. Mrs B. the foie and lobster - mostly because we had the roast veal at L'Amb as our last real dinner out and seemed unfair to comp this to that so quickly.
  10. Pretty sure you can get extradited for choosing in n' out over whattaburger when in Texas.
  11. 29 years ago. So depends on how you feel about Jack Booted Thugs from the ATF I guess?
  12. Not that Osteria Morini is on anyone here's lips, but some of us live in the burbs. Check out the NYC vs NJ menus. (I'm going tonight) https://osteriamorini.com/media_files/documents/OMNY_Dinner_Menu_MM_5.8.22.pdf https://osteriamorini.com/media_files/documents/OMNJ_Dinner_Menu_04.23.22.pdf
  13. Oh Man. This Jimbo vs CNS thing is wonderful. (Tho I kinda think they're both wrong. But I still hate Jimbo)
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