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  1. We aren't really arguing about much here, but what's ever stopped us before. I think I'm just saying the "treat my SO to the best" crowd isn't buying these. In that sense it isn't like TIFF
  2. Oh. I'll make a line on the answer to that.
  3. My understanding is that they are gifts for very formal occasions or corporate. Like Melon's have a specific traditional connotation.
  4. you know what's kind of a bitch? heating egg whites in the stand mixer bows over a pot of water.
  5. But the buyers are ordinarily gifting the fruit, not eating it.
  6. Sloppy language on my part. These super high end Japanese inspired fruits. The culture they are coming from is prizing perfection of appearance more than flavor.
  7. Maybe I'm misparsing the cultural component of this, but I think how they look is way more important than how they taste.
  8. kenji style = dry brined with baking powder and baked? Big fan. do them once a year for the Super Bowl .
  9. was there another Scandy theme bar downtown before white slab palace? Also a bar? With a good drink menu? And I don't have to drive home...magical sounding.
  10. Anthony Bonner


    Just had one of the most mockably absurd interactions with the private event staff here. I reach out about a tentative event. I have the budget I need to make this event correct, but bluntly I don't know what that budget is. I interact with the staff they ask me size of party I tell them. They ask me budget again because "it's flexible" didn't make them happy. It's clear I need to give them a number. I tell them 300/head in what I thought was an "I'm an idiot my frame is dining out not events so could be wrong." Plus who bids against themself? I get a curt " that doesn't meet our minim
  11. no. You're wrong. Its a play date doing "dance dance revolution" Enough with the olivia rodrigo tho.
  12. My guess would be in the early 80's there was more economic diversity in Manhasset. Still always been a very wealthy place, Buttt - I remember going there as a kid and it always being very Manhasset-y. https://www.instagram.com/p/CT5yrh1ggmF/
  13. Like I'm all on the bandwagon for CNS as the greatest CFB coach of all time, but this clearly would have been his first championship where his team wasn't just physically better. Which isn't to denigrate the other trophies, because building that team is part of the game.
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