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  1. Our kids are too young for the virtual stuff unfortunately.
  2. LOL. Nah the Red Bulls are also an MLS squad with a youth academy and what not. He's too young for that, but the word on the street is that their camps are the best around. And their main training facility is less than 15 minutes from our house.
  3. Just got an email soccer camp is cancelled because of how the Red Bulls are quarantining.
  4. I've seen pretty well reasoned arguments that what we're really seeing is the impact of testing earlier in the diseases progression, so the lag between positive tests and hospitalizations & deaths is increasing.
  5. sigh. Where does he go to camp? We've got Soccer camp queued for August but that's about it. The town camp has been cancelled.
  6. believe me I do!! I even cook your gd recipes (which are I have to say uniformally delicious )
  7. Would be interested to learn more about bengali food. I guess in my mind (and I know this is incorrect) its north indian with lots of fish and mustard oil. Also interesting to note the distinction between East and West - is that mostly down to the impact of Muslim dietary restrictions in the East? I went to a bengali place in the Bronx a few times and enjoyed it, but don't know that I could explain the difference to someone.
  8. To which my favorite response on Twitter was "poor thing's going to starve to death"
  9. You're trying to salvage a reputation so you have some way to feed yourself in the future. There comes some point where that's how the.math breaks. Or there is a smoking gun and we'll see you where right. Idk.
  10. Because he was editorial director at what was probably the most vital food publication of the last decade. Also ghost wrote one of the most culturally important cookbooks of the Aughts. He might have gotten his foot in the door through privilege, and he might be a raging asshole, but I find it hard to claim his success is purely due to the fact he was a white dude.
  11. Seems to be quoted a lot as " Co-Founder and Editorial Director"
  12. He founded the magazine with the guy he ghost wrote cookbooks for Mongo. This isn't getting hired at Bon App. Zero question his white privilege is probably why he got paired with Chang by some editor years ago of course but if we examine things enough very few of us here will pass a test of having never benefitted from the privilege of their background in some way or another.
  13. I have to admit I'm blinded to her argument somewhat by her focus on how much money he makes. I'll acknowledge this is unfair to the underlying harassment claims. Idk if people know this, but in California an NDA can't shield you from harassment and discrimination claims. Though I bet there are a lot of NDAs out there that say they do...
  14. Also the assumption you resigned because the allegations are correct is not the right way to look at the logic. Especially if you have an established reputation and other ways of making money. The comp at the LAT might not be worth the hit to his other projects.
  15. Of COURSE but the allegations I've seen barely meet threshold of unreasonable bossing. And mostly came from folks who preceded him at the LAT who he pushed out in shitty ways. im very interested in seeing the other allegations. The few I've seen don't seem to meet a threshold of unreasonable behavior. I've seen open calls for a smoking gun and maybe one is coming. He lived in NYC because that was the deal he struck with management who obviously wanted something he had sufficiently enough that they agreed to that. The bone to pick is with the people who hired him.
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