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  1. I spent the weekend in King of Prussia PA for a soccer tournament. Its the holy grail of high-end chains. Someone is rolling out a Montreal Bagel chain - wood fired oven and all. It was actually an Ok+ bagel. Not remotely Montreal style tho. https://www.spreadbagelry.com/ I'm not saying it was a good bagel, but I'm saying for a chain in "real America" it was good enough.
  2. How far out are you releasing Ressies?
  3. I run a pick your own garlic mustard farm if you are interested. All that you can carry out.
  4. The Wambsgams-Roys serving hipster German Pinot Noir at their election tailgate party.
  5. I'm just tryin' to get some quasi insider info here.
  6. Is there a time frame for either the next popup or to go full time.
  7. "we use generative ai to predict which places you should want to be a regular at" "Hey for only x dollars a month we'll us ai to drive diners to you" Actual algo "they like Italian/wine bars/vegan soft serve tell them about new vegan soft serve"
  8. I love the "minting NFTs" angle. Yes I need a hypersecure way of proving to you I'm a regular. Unlike literally every other frequent user program in existence. It's peak crypto bro solution in search of a problem. See it's Delta SkyMiles but it's Delta SkyMiles... on the Blockchain.GTFO
  9. I got a preliminary rejection on a variance last night. Its fine I'll ultimately get it, there was a 90% chance it wouldn't go in one step. A neighbor showed up to object. The core of his objection was totally reasonable and there was a reason why we hadn't included a bunch of information that would have made him more comfortable with the proprosal. But as part of his objection he asserted "no one else on the block has this" to which the town clerk responed "actually that's not true. you have this"
  10. Counter the topic at hand. Just saw a Gonon offer - not for the veilles vignes - 175/bottle
  11. have you looked at Footy Scran? incredible diversity
  12. Isnt' clove oil already a big part of Cola?
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