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  1. Resy can't even get an Android app to work. Never mind getting it to search NJ.
  2. Isn't a "stuffie" also pretty explicitly a Providence thing?
  3. even by the insane standards of Nassau County, Malverne seemed pretty f'ed up. When we played them in sports they were all minority (unlike SFJoe we used to beat them), but when I went a way to college I met lots of white kids who grew up there but went to Catholic school.
  4. Vox bought some incredible sports properties. That talent is now seen daily on ESPN.
  5. The man might have been crazy but he's right about s'mores. I'm just gonna say it.
  6. we really just want to know who was closest to correct on how long it would take you to get back to the hotel.
  7. you may not laugh while assembling your fish balls and penis still life.
  8. nah - at that time of day from that close to the holland tunnel? Its not an hour. Google says its 30-55 minutes.
  9. Imagining new nordic smores. Also I was intrigued to hear how Noma is what drove Natural Wines in NYC.
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