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  1. Sounds like Kitchen Arts & Lettters is a having a rough go of COVID.
  2. I'm sure Mandarin would be fine as well.
  3. I've met Sneak. his relatives are from the bad Galicia
  4. SIts here smugly with EU passports for everyone. Realizes will never actually leave... Sneak - Portugal has very low investor visa minimums - like 500k in property. And a path to citizenship (Which the other programs don't offer in Spain et al., and you want citizenship to access healthcare)
  5. Nature is healing. It only took two weeks for this months delivery
  6. Ive been told that smell is nutritional yeast in bulk. It triggers memories of Carob.
  7. I've definitely been to a toots show. 930 club in DC maybe?
  8. I love Toots! I had a nostalgia text thread. We all worked for my family's garden design firm. The only tape all of the high school kids and the hippie-ish adult supervision could agree on was Toots greatest hits. It was our soundtrack. I just unironically love that "Legend" article.
  9. https://www.theonion.com/desperate-u-s-colleges-weigh-emergency-bob-marley-lege-1819566557/amp Reminds me of this for some reason...
  10. I'm interested as well but I'm not pumped about the max temp of 250 c. If it's really consistently able to hold a temp near there with a high humidity that's great but need to be convinced of that. Also it doesn't look like it has that much thermal mass to it so when I put a boule loaf in there will it hold temp?
  11. From the gulf of maine guys? Bummer they don't ship retail.
  12. I'm kind of captivated by these Aurify Brands guys buying Kayser and LPQ. Like what are they planning on doing? The brands where over expanded already? DId they just buy the brands and the not leases? But then what about the relationships in Paris & BRussels? Is it just a reboot of the brands themselves? Did they pay nothing for them?
  13. I hated that ko white so much. Lol different horses.
  14. I really actively disliked a lot of his wines that where coming out around that time - even in context of "high profile natural wine makers who might not know how to make wine yet" which was a surprisingly large cohort ten years ago.
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