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  1. The data is beginning to suggest you can't pass it to people if vaccinated.
  2. but the bad news is 50% vs 60% expected efficacy from one shot correct?
  3. I have done it where you just reuse the old grease, but this time I repacked it - which like not a big deal so long as you remember to buy the food safe grease. My KA is 15 years old and this time you could tell the grease had started to degrade. Mine is a later model that had the plastic sacrificial gear from the start. If you've never done it the only tool you need beyond a hammer and a screwdriver is a punch. These things are pretty simple machines - all mechanical. I'd be worried more if there were circuit boards in them. You and I would use them so much less intensively than the
  4. the absolute definition of a longevity hall-of-famer - which like there is something to. To be a better than average, but never great, starter for 23 years is a pretty incredible achievement.
  5. I just replaced the sacrificial gear in my kitchenaid for the third time and am contemplating if its worth upgrading to something sturdier. But at 700 bucks aren't you starting to be able to get some used professional level things? Or are they mostly 220v so more of a hassle? On the plus side - I can get that gear changed in like 30mins at this point.
  6. IDK if posted this before. My favorite Pfizer thing is that "Must be held at -75C" thing. Pfizer knows it needs to be cold, but doesn't actually know how cold or for how long. Data suggests its probably materially warmer, but there has been not time for tests to figure that out. So where does the -75c thing come from? Turns out -80 c is as cold as a lab freezer goes on traditional chemistry and there had been a campaign to turn the freezers up tp -70 as a best practice from an energy efficiency perspective. So -75c is the average of the two!
  7. This right here is a an example of the issues. At a single person level good, at a population level bad.
  8. My assumption has been its a weird HIPAA related thing that made everyone overly cautious about that part of the process, and historically the big tech cos are not big on touching HIPAA. I'm assuming as we speak there is a message being sent "Don't worry about documentation. Just shots in ARMs and make sure they know what vaccine they got so we get the second shot right." I am of course looking forward to the Times writing articles in the Fall of '21 about people praying on people using data stolen from them during vaccination. To which I would say we could probably compensate those people 5x
  9. Oh yes - and I've had it as has my direct family. Positive test and all and the most recent data suggests that's more effective than the already highly effective vaccines so I'll put myself last in the queue for the shot.
  10. My father (73) got his last week in Palm Beach County. My mother (69) is hunting down a slot in Columbia County NY - she thinks she's on the right path. Frankly I suspect the competence of the vaccination drive will scale exponentially over the coming weeks. If the vaccine supply chain were f'cking up I'd be worried, but acknowledging the perfect is the enemy of the good and getting shots in arms seems to be starting to happen. Bluntly prioritizing healthy people who work in healthcare over just general old people seems not optimal in terms of reducing mortality and morbidity acro
  11. T-Mobile's entire strategy is to blow up the market structure - they aren't raising prices anytime soon. More likely you see competitors cut price. Also # portability and no contracts means even if they do, you just switch back to AT&T or Verizon.
  12. realistically within reasonably populated areas all three are the same. I've used the Google MVNO for a long time because in Non-Covid times its the best deal internationally which was important to me, but I really should switch to T-Mobile - basically the same network but cheaper if you don't use a material amount of international data.
  13. We watched a bunch of it and then tapered off, but I thought it was pretty good.
  14. I have to admit I'm kind of intrigued
  15. so is this more of what the Kool Kids are doing with J-I-T milling? When I first started baking the state of the art was "milled flour needs to rest" and now its "You really need to buy this home mill"
  16. simply not covering him with a linebacker would have been an improvement.
  17. meh - I mean look - they are all old and french. All you guys are revealing is that you never watched the finest food reality show ever produced "The Restaurant" I see you guys being big savory ice cream fans.
  18. I always confuse them with Raymond Blanc
  19. I use a pressure cooker for beans alot, but almost never as the end stage of a recipe, because generally to your point I find it doesn't do a great job of evenness. But if you are cooking them in sauce after, its just such a time saver.
  20. I thought the salting beans = tough thing was mostly debunked
  21. Its Appleman, and I'll never begrudge someone who sells out by selling all the way out
  22. I generally love Felicity Cloake's renditions of things, but on Christmas I made her Babas and they sucked. I don't know what I did wrong - it was a very simple recipe.
  23. he can set the table, but someone has to get the plates down for him!! (though I'm pretty sure unless he's producing Pacaud level cuisine I'm not getting my money's worth)
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