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  1. I have the reverse problem. I have been offing long-loved outre fashion pieces to a beloved great niece. She's thrilled and I have some closet and drawer space. Then I reach for something. Something that at one time was special. And I can't find it. Then..aha. So now when I can't find something I assume that its gone to a better place.
  2. voyager


    Bring'em on. Our wildlife isn't particular. I put out a chicken's worth of bones after making broth and in the morning there isn't so much as a sniff left.
  3. voyager


    My aunt used to say, "Born poor, cursed twice" which we often repeat. The emotional need to utilize all resources. Even when the tide has turned and one can well afford to be cavalier, it doesn't occur to do so.
  4. voyager


    She's right, except for the percentages. I think it's larger. But if you must, you could simmer up the trimmings and make an artichoke broth. Then find a use for it.
  5. Attention @StephanieL Farmer's Daughter in Brentwood reports on Facebook:
  6. We go to the Farmers Daughter, just off rte 4, u-pick or already picked. Seasonal availability on facebook.
  7. Bombing west on hiway 5, 3 lb bag of Bings between us. Chucking pits out the windows. Life is good!i
  8. You keeping a straight face?
  9. voyager


    Close at our house. Mom didn't criticize, happy to have someone else cook, but never played with fire.
  10. voyager


    And mine. But what did they use them for? I don't ever remember my mother using hers.
  11. Reading that tuition at our son's pre-school is now $32,000/year. Back then it was $40/month.
  12. Asking for a friend, are the current beyond natural lipline trends over the top? i think they're gross, but YMMV. Thoughts?
  13. voyager


    May you continue to live this well for many, many years. And, yes, kiss the cook!
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