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  1. It's been a half dozen years. I'd guess Ancho and New Mexico.
  2. Our son’s cat used to do that. I’d go over to feed and chat her up when he’d be out of town and no cat. Then I learned to look for a lumpy bed and there she’d be, clear down in the foot of the bed.
  3. And therein lies the rub. Seemingly pristine product can hide eggs that will hatch in their own time. So one needs to check and recheck and recheak ad infinitum. I guess. As husband said this morning, they will be with us for MONTHS! As we address generation after generation.
  4. The worst invasion we ever had was from tiny black beetles that rode in on dried chilis. They ate through plastic bags but also made inroads on tough plastic containers. And so small that they could hide in a hairline crack. We took all of the drawers in the affected cabinetry out in the back yard and hosed them down, then washed.in hot detergent water. A monumental project but they never came back. Of course, I've not bought a dried chili since either.
  5. We invested in two versions of moth traps , mostly for our pantry moth invasion, but decided to add several for clothes moths to cover both bases. So far, 3 days, the pantry moth traps are proving quite effective as both lure and trap, and we apparently do not have clothes moths at this time. Well worth the small investment to decrease future numbers.
  6. voyager


    I don't think most people understand the meat cycle. We drive through miles of California grazing fields en route to the country several times a month,. These aren't bucolic farms with happy cows, but rather temporary stops for on-hoof meat soon to be sold as grass fed beef. We become accustomed to the numbers and breeds on various ranges. And to finding these same areas devoid of cattle as each generation is sent to slaughter. So to say that all those cows would be slaughtered if there were no demand is spurious. They would be slaughtered in any event.
  7. Why are you using or even still owning that kind of tray? We use a torquable plastic tray that is easy-peasy for even my arthritid wrists. Even my mother converted from the rigid aluminum trays...
  8. voyager


    I ate no meat or fowl for a number of years. I joke that every fast food joint had one veggie burger in the freezer for the occasional nutcase, and that I ordered/ate the majority. Ever order the veggie burger in a French McDo? Wide eyed stares and treatment as if you were a terrorist.
  9. voyager


    If you want to take on big dairy, I'm with you 100%.
  10. voyager


    It's kind of parallel to being against wearing furs but wearing fake fur which essentially celebrates the wearing of fur. i.e., don't put a positive spin on the look of fur or the appearance or taste of meat.
  11. I DO NOT understand the need for a ice dispenser nor being able to use your refrigerator door as a water fountain.
  12. It’s hardly original with him. It’s been said in one form or another by many before and after him.
  13. “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Pablo Picasso
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