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  1. What parts of this dish struck you as so amazingly sourced? Could you not find seafood this excellent or fresh? The other ingredients are pantry stock.
  2. Perhaps yelling "FIRE" in a crowded auditorium, but I've often worried the question, which is the better chef, the one who sources the finest ingredients or the one who can turn mediocre stuffs into a feast. Regarding the former, my mantra parallels the medical oath, "above all, do no harm." Plotz and I used to niggle over what to do with "a perfect pear".
  3. The Cult of Flannery is wide. We have been enjoying meat from Peter, a Flannery brother, and previously the father, the original Bryan, for at least 50 years. It's indeed a lovely family. I remember all three boys working in the butcher shop as teenagers. Peter is a gem, quiet, with a twinkle, no clever quips but always on target shopping guidance. Chuck let's me know when I bring home something from a lesser source. Quality will out.
  4. When we were first married, before I had a handle on cooking + spent a couple of hours commuting every day, a porterhouse was my regular go-to. Husband got the strip, I got filet and tail.
  5. We shared one of these last night and there was this much left. At 3/4lb+, they're big dudes. Will slice up as part of salad plates tonight.
  6. voyager


    Grilled red peppers with marinated goat cheese. A shared rosy-grilled Berkshire chop Smashed steamed Yukons with butter, Salvadorian crema and chives And, mistakenly overcooked sprouts braised with guanciale that stole the show: TA DA... (Sneak would have loved these; I could have enjoyed a little more crunch.)
  7. Don't sell yourself short. I recall drumming my fingers on the table, nervously awaiting the duck breast being grilled by our host in France. No surprise when it was served brown throughout. Other than that, they were fine cooks. (I'll never forget our first time we were invited for dinner. The wife asked us, as she prepped a leg of lamb, "Do you eat sheeps?" )
  8. Just MHO but we stove-top steaks in a cast iron pan, either “sear and flip/flop” or sear and finish in oven. I now use our ridged pans mostly for grilling vegetables.
  9. Have you told us what stovetop grill you are using?
  10. voyager


    We're seldom disappointed with "less" anything on a pizza.
  11. voyager


    Shakshuka... Followed Ottolenghi's recipe pretty closely but didn't love it.
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