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  2. Funny, that. And a relish plate. California holidays.
  3. This may go down as one of our most memorable Thanksgivings. Son and family arrive pretty much on time, bringing covid tests. So I pass but husband doesn't. He passes two more, but their three kids have only one shot, so Sayonara. 9 pounds of ham, 2 batches of stuffing, 2 quarts of mac and cheese, 30 roasted carrots, 30 housemade dinner rolls. Two custom birthday cakes. Well, what to do but shrug. Phone rings as son asks if they can pick up a care package. So we off most of it onto them. The two of us sat down to a quiet and peaceful supper. Son just texted u
  4. (Our family couldn't eat it = too sweet.) Back to TD '21, husband announced that he "needed" dinner rolls. Change of plans. Poured some heavy cream on my breakfast oatmeal : sour. Change of breakfast plan. Found that 5 of 6 lemons were 100% moldy. Sent husband to Grocery Outlet which is open today. GO out of whipping cream. Change of plans. He's out there somewhere, cruising around looking for whipping cream. Meanwhile roll dough is rising. I hope. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, ALL! That won't change.
  5. No need. Perhaps convenient for Diancecht but not Steph, and you have to bring your own mags and papers, but Chocolate Covered on 24th Street pretty much covers the chocolate front.
  6. voyager


    I really don't like caviar of any sort, but I'm sure up for a bowl of that paprikash!
  7. I had shown him, but obviously not taught him, to use the palm of your hand to push food on a mandolin, never your fingers. And, of course, the safety guard should not have been in the kitchen drawer where I keep it. It never occurred to me that he might use it. He never has in town.
  8. A. Thanks. Claims he's fine. B. He said the house is a mess. I told him not to worry about it.
  9. So feeling smug that we were progressing so smoothly with ham, rack of lamb, mac and cheese, dressing, cake layers all in the freezer, husband calls from small town ER 16 miles from our country place where he received 8 stitches in his right thumb, victim of my ceramic mandolin. They sure got this right.
  10. Hmmm. Since 10 minutes ago I paid $59 for a rack of lamb, maybe they should go to NY.
  11. Tday = grandkids' birthday this year. So special orders trump tradition. Lamb lollipops (rack), mac and cheese, roasted carrots, stuffing, gravy (???), one lemon cake, one vanilla/strawberry cake. Ham for adults. Okay... Last week, husband began a major furniture rearrangement involving the breakfast and dining rooms. And necessitates getting rid of a piano which we've learned is impossible to give away. But in the meantime, big furniture has been moved out of place into room centers. Husband departed to the country to retrieve shelving for the breakfast room he's turn
  12. voyager


    My method would have been to let your berries very partially thaw so that they are not giant ice blocks, then add your bits of sugar, water and rum, then blitz with Bamix. But your way works and you already have the equipment.
  13. voyager


    You should stick with your Vitamix.
  14. I wish I could say the same thing for Thanksgiving. Well, not kitchen but dining room and adjacent staging and storage area. Husband has had a big switch-a-roo in mind for months. Involves getting rid of a piano, moving a massive chest, shuffling decades of 'resources and treasures', refinishing a couple of walls. So we're still trying to get rid of the piano, which several friends are pondering, chest is moved into the center of the room, dining room looks like something out of the Wizard of Oz. And husband has decamped for 5 days in the country. Thanksgiving also coincides
  15. voyager


    No question. But possibly a majority of buyers never use them to their potential. Like most of us on our computers or the many Lamborghinis that roar between lights and stop signs in San Francisco traffic as the 100 yards between stops on our street witness. as my d-i-l, who doesn't cook, asked my advice on whether she should get either to make smoothies. I bought them a Bamix Pro and they're entirely happy. The concept of excess capacity. Perhaps lacking aplomb, I've never encountered a job too large for any of my several blenders and sticks. Perhaps batch size and commo
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