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  1. Thumbing through a magazine, grand-daughter spotted this photo and piped, "Ama! If this you and ChuckPa?" Well, er, no. But thanks anyway.
  2. We received a sterno-fired chafing dish for a weddlng present. We loaned it to a friend. His car was broken into. Only the chafing dish was taken.
  3. If I haven't already shouted it out here, I'm trying hard not to buy Sally Schmitt's Six California Kitchens. Her culinary education, palate, entire approach to sourcing and cooking so parallel mine. I find myself nodding in agreement as I read both recipes and asides. But as I wrote somewhere, she became someone. Well done, Sally.
  4. voyager


    Freezer and fridge scrounge meal. Bratwurst, cabbage/butter/caraway, potato cake/sour cream/scallions. I'm finally getting potato cakes down, at least to my taste. Crunchy, not greasy.
  5. It's my sense that many MFFers should go on Jeopardy, as several have proved. (Looking at you, my friend.)
  6. Bubbling to the top, how is Le Coucou today? Haven't heard you guys mention it in ages.
  7. Perhaps freeze it for a few minutes to firm it up?
  8. That's all that's important. We (MFFers) should collaborate to create a book of "It's your problem, not mine" recipes.
  9. Got it. And as I preach, there is no bad food, only bad cooks. So KUDUS to you!
  10. Not sure I'd go there, but if you're happy, I'm happy. As I wrote, it's in the sourcing and the butchering. Gotta be young and pink, gotta be butchered into very thick slices. Our butcher-boys don't seem to get this so I'm guessing that the only way to acquire it is to buy a whole liver and have a dinner party. It would certainly work with my group, maybe not yours.
  11. My experiences have been in Paris. Again, thick as a filet, crusty and RARE. Often on a bed of creamed spinach. Mild, tender, the food of gods.
  12. Agreed that finding this cut here is the crux.
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