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  1. I always use a dry white wine in osso buco. In my mind's taste, it is a "soft" sauce, not a winey one. Badly described, I know.
  2. voyager


    Last night, peppers, then chicken Strogonoff with couscous Tonight, blistered shishitos and mushroom, then bloody "hamburger" puck, greens, frites
  3. Or as my mother used to admonish, be careful what you put into your head. It will be with you always.
  4. These are the ones we stock. Maybe not sweet enough for you. They taste like kirsch. eta, these are for US, mot the kids.
  5. I bought a jar of "good" cocktail cherries to adorn grandkids' ice cream. The first time I served one, cherub, who had been raised on low sugar, low salt, fresh and organic fare, spit it out and said, "Ama, it tastes like chemicals."
  6. I'm such a Philistine. Rinse my glass with Vermouth, pour in chilled gin and I won't complain.
  7. I find a two-tined fork indispensable foe mixing heavy ingredients.
  8. What beer are you combining with what flavor ice cream?
  9. mitchells, remember the veg pasta treatment. Toss pasta with veg puree enriched with a knob of butter, top with parm and scattering of unpureed veg. Parsnip sounds intriguing in this mode.
  10. And our grandmothers had good looking upper-arms while never setting foot in a gym nor hoisted weights other than cast iron pans.
  11. I have the exact chopper that was my wasp grandmother's. I have no idea what she might have chopped. She was known to be pretty much a non-cook, altho she did make from scratch noodles, New England baked beans and weekly bread. You've pointed out that I need to resurrect my/her wooden bowls and give them some respect.
  12. Stovetop grill pans are my workhorses. Outdoor grilling in the city is a pain, and we more or less stopped grilling in the country because it is one more task for husband at the end of a full day of beating back nature. I grill both meat and vegetables on a grill pan. I used one last night for the lemongrass grilled pork.
  13. Bouncing off husband's bacon, waffle and maple, i fried up an egg in the bacon fat to top my waffle. (I hate maple syrup.) And, sorry Sig Eater, egg was runny and married beautifully with the drizzled bacon fat. Not for everyday, but I will definitely repeat this. As sun streamed in the window,
  14. voyager


    Mushrooms with Blenheim apricot vinegar, EVOO Grilled lemongrass pork, noodles, lettuce/cilantro/mint garnish, nuoc cham
  15. voyager


    Stone, what is the room temp where you are growing your starter? Below, just one rec My SF kitchen never reaches this range. (Butter remains hard as a rock.) Our country kitchen in summer far exceeds this range. (Butter melts and pools in the butter dish )d It's my guess that your temp may be too cool for good fermentation from scratch.
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