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  1. See what a fraud I am, if you cut off the top half inch, I could chow them down without a blink.
  2. I'll fess up. I turned down a noted Basque chef's off menu offer of angulas. I wasn't sure I could carry off consuming "spaghetti with eyes". I didn't feel so bad after reading a noted foodie's ordering it and having to pass it off to a table-mate. Sometimes discretion is.....
  3. Bromakase doesn't have a corner on this personality. I've had as many meals diminished by the idiots at an adjacent table as by disappointing food.
  4. And people moan about how they've missed being out among people. How much for take-out and the civility of your own dining room?
  5. It would be interesting to hear about what else they do Or how they became so entitled.
  6. Does it matter to you if you don't know what you are eating? Given a plate of something that smells and tastes good, can you eat it without knowing what it is? Or after finding out, can you easily continue?
  7. I don't find this kind of penalty unreasonable. If you can afford/pay $420 per head for a meal/evening, you should dang well have your ducks in a row to the extent that this requirement is no problem. Change your mind? Tough. Drank too much the night before? Not their problem. Death in the family? Call them. Provide the death certificate and they'll probably refund your deposit.
  8. One cautionary note, be aware that in time, and you are young, NSAIDs can sneak up and damage your kidneys. I depended heavily on them for many decades for back and sciatic issues before decreased kidney function forced me to give them up. At this point, my kidney function is excellent. However I am relegated to acetaminophen as analgesic. In the past, I found acets totally ineffective. But compared to nothing, they keep me going. Just something to consider...
  9. Are you against having it xrayed and diagnosed? I've had three hip replacements. (Just call me a Tripod.) And they've made huge advancements since I had mine, both in process and inserts., eg the reason for double replacement was that the plastic prothesis tended to exfoliate after 10 years. Now they last for up to 50! I only with I could have talked them into letting me get one earlier rather than waste 5 or so years in pain.
  10. voyager


    Sign me up for this plate of my favorite foods. (I'll see if the celery makes that cut.)
  11. Aha! Had never heard of "Bob and Brad". Will definitely check out their recs. Thanks.
  12. We're not going anywhere At this point we have little fear of Covid, but have no interest in expending mega bucks and energy for less than the whole experience. When indoor is back in full swing it will be a different story.
  13. voyager


    Had leftover splat of ooozy Red Hawk + nectarines from the Valley -> app plate that husband inhaled. A sublime combo. On to chicken schnitzel, herbed cream sauce, oo and garlic scorched-fried cauliflower
  14. Steph, I hear and commend your concern. The situation you describe is wrong, should be untenable. Lots of dogs sleep outside, but they should have offsetting attention. These people, as you suggest, should not have a dog, much less this dog. Maybe you two need a dog? One that already licks your hand?
  15. voyager


    Giant artichoke, mayo. Pork tenderloin, shallot, calvados, veal stock, cream, nectarines; pappardelle.
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