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  1. Try getting that done in one day in San Francisco.
  2. Aaron, it's the grey and cloudy skies I posted just before. You gotta be born to it. I remember when Pajaro Dunes was being developed, 4 miles from my home. A SF friend called and asked about it because they were considering buying there. I told her it was magical, particularly in the winter when it was grey and the waves crashed on the beach and sea gulls squawked and soared overhead. She paused and said, "That sounds God-awful!"
  3. We live in hard times. Our d-i-l has been more than vigilant for some 16 months. Kids kept inside their house and yard since she considered Noe Valley streets too full of people. She has been great at getting them out to beaches and parks where there were few if any other visitors. Online learning, of course. So their school reopened a week ago and they had their first soccer game on Saturday. They were told on Monday that a teammate tested positive for Covid. A kid the entire family had been in close contact with. Okay..
  4. Bouncing from Hollywood's thread, I reflect on what makes SF different. Today my d-i-l sent this photo of son with two kids in front of him but, to my point, the third kid to the left who, if you look closely, has on a mask. On the beach. Right, we're San Franciscans.
  5. I have to give an aside shout out here for our local Grocery Outlet. First, this is a brilliant business model. Corporate product sourcing and distribution through "mom and pop" franchises. Franchisees must have experience managing large groceries, and spouse much be engaged in the new project. We not only have a fabulous owner/manager, but a totally delightful staff of mostly young Hispanic guys who seemingly love their jobs. I asked the manager about them, whether he hired brilliantly or trained brilliantly. He hadn't an answer. I subsequently asked his wife who said that when
  6. We live in one of SF's more affluent zips and I can buy Mexican coke within 10 minutes. But if not here, where? Think nannies, restaurant employees, gardeners, painters, construction...
  7. My immediate reaction to the "everybody welcome" posture is wondering what behind the scenes dismissal of Covid prescriptions are they exercising. Masks? Scrupulous employee health standards, i.e., DO NOT COME TO WORK IF YOU ARE FEELING ILL. (I remember back when I would send home an employee who was obviously coming down with or had something. I'd then call for a sub, and HR would go ballistic. "You can't DO that!" And time after time I'd explain that it's better to lose one person today than 6 in several days.)
  8. vis a vis the last two sentences in your linked article, is it necessary, or effective, to deny people access to what they want in order to get them to accept the vax? I live in the liberal capital of the US, but I just can't get the anti-vax freedom rationale. This is not a vasectomy or organ donation. It's several shots. When I was in elementary school, the city health doctor and school nurse lined us all up and administered various shots. And sent us through the TB chest x-ray bus once a year. Probably had no effect, but I'm still around. And very few parents opted out t
  9. The thinking behind that statement, or lack of, is truly scary. This is in town? i.e., not in Florida or Texas?
  10. voyager

    Le Crocodile

    That’s particularly scary today with “short shorts for men” trending. A style best kept for your deck or, no, I can’t think of another place.
  11. voyager


    Good point. I perceive that many of the small creative places we like have a "designated" pastry person rather than a professional specialist. Desserts while not brilliant are intelligent and serviceable. Since I'm indifferent to desserts, this works for me more than having a substantial portion of kitchen effort and menu charge allocated to a dessert I don't particularly want to eat. If anything, throw some decent and interesting cheese at me.
  12. In the country, cooking breakfast. Sausage and French toast. Almost immediately there is a loud buzzing at the deck screen door, then at the front door. Seemingly hundreds of wasps came for sausage...in seconds. Then two in the house. Turned on kitchen exhaust fan, shut all doors and offed the two inside. It took an hour for the outsiders to move on.
  13. Got it And you should get it. I'm laughing because I can't envision our EVER being out of ice cream. Or butter. Or San Marzanos. Life has its necessities.
  14. Amen. Good Yorkshire pudding, or at least the way I make it, is cooked in a little roast drippings on the fond and tastes like roast cap;.
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