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  1. voyager


    Schnitled pork tenderloin, crushed baby Yukons, white gravy, scorched romaine drizzled with syrupy balsamic.
  2. voyager


    Stir fry udon with ground pork, scallions, mushrooms, spicy cooking sauce. Husband liked a lot. Good thing since I made enough for 6.
  3. Perhaps proving the assertion? Duck breast and roast chicken are hardly reasons to book a table.
  4. I really don't care what people wear so long as they look like they've showered within 24 hours and so have their clothes.
  5. Not awfully surprised. It could be a different level quality from same producer or could, yes, be the same.
  6. Note the PLU number (upsidedown on far right bunch), 94080, -> USA
  7. (Someday maybe I'll post our then-5 year old grand-daughter's comment on size comparisons at a clothes-optional resort they stayed at.)
  8. Is it possible that throughout history guys have actually disliked oysters while downing a dozen or so before a meal?
  9. What was his point in gulping them whole? Getting you over the initial texture or manliness or ?
  10. I'm laughing at my logic while I write that I really don't like the ambiance at Ferry Plaza; the shoppers seem to me smug. While at Bryan's they're not the least bit smug, just entitled!
  11. Okay. I'll bite. How do you eat them raw? In a tartare? Certainly they can't be gulpable. Are they?
  12. Gigantic oysters terrify me. I'd probably just close my eyes tight and genuflect.
  13. How will you address the gigantic oysters, and, no, I don't mean honorific.
  14. No kidding. It's the mild heat. Elysian. Just sit back and enjoy what you're doing and comfortably roast.
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