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  1. Can't speak for Bittmann's sauce, but egg sauce with salmon loaf was one of husband's childhood memories. Essentially creamed chopped hard boiled eggs with generous helping of chopped onion. Dill, too , if you're inclined. This is really good on any bland fish, but I'd not waste expensive fish for it.
  2. We used to attend antique and collectible events and were boggled by how some rather intelligent people were 1) needing to collect Beanie Babies that 2) others were investing huge amounts of money on them on spec, and 3) some idiots were even chasing the burst bubble by investing big money in them when the craze ended and wholesale prices plummeted, in anticipation of renewed interest.
  3. No music options here, in fact no music But I always consider the assorted peeps and clunks as percussion and impose either musical or rap-like syllables on top of it. Sounds weird but works extremely well. This half hour + went by in an instant.
  4. Would love to be able to take NSAIDs but they are off the menu as I overused them pre-hip replacement. Current MD is also loath to use oral steroids for same kidney stress issues. The last time this visited me, I was in Paris and the French md put me on heavy duty ibuprofen, valium, and opiates. Those and ice finally got me through it, but it took its own sweet time going away. The Paris attack was really brutal compared to this one. I am at least ambulatory and comfortable within my med window. I will see on Monday if there is more at stake than previous back condition. i.e., i
  5. On 500ml Tylenol. a muscle relaxant and an ice pack. Just got home from an MRI. Am finally able to sleep.
  6. Yes, no? Panacea or grave mistake? Experiences?
  7. voyager


    I'll take a plate of that.
  8. This place sounds fantastic. Am so hungry for it all now!
  9. Am having to go to San Rafael for ortho appt this afternoon since requested sciatica specialist has no SF appts before Monday, and I'm not sure I have patience/stamina for three more days pain until then.
  10. voyager


    Nice plate! I can pronounce but can rarely find it for sale.
  11. I agree, but was gobsmacked to see simple organic cage free at $7.99 at our Grocery Outlet today. Cheapest were ordinary large AA at $5.99.
  12. A dry creek a month ago. Maybe even two weeks ago. But early this week became a roaring torrent.
  13. Mr Cook st work again. He rewrites e everything I type except the typos. Should have read . table for 2.
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