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  1. After husband found a $1.75 credit card charge, albeit many decades ago, he threw the entire household budgeting and payments over to me to balance. We operate on a don't ask, don't tell basis. Works for both of us.
  2. voyager


    Or like the other morning when I apologized for using too much butter in the hash browns. Husband just stared at me.
  3. voyager


    LEO'S ROCK! Have a great year.
  4. @small h I couldn't shop under those conditions. @joethefoodieThe fish department at our major WF smells! I wouldn't buy anything from them. Same with MollyStone.
  5. I just go by a fish's brilliantly clear eyes and bright red gills, firm touch or feel, absence of or fresh smell. That and a good boning knife is as much effort and angst as I'm willing to dedicate. Has worked well for us so far. Of course, fresh off the boat or line would be ideal. I never buy alleged fresh shrimp or scallops in the shell, neither of which is "fresh" here.
  6. Today I lusted after fish, so headed out Clement Street to Seafood Center. 15 blocks modestly downhill. This place is washed down so often that the floor is always wet. Smells of the sea. One wall of whole fish, shellfish tanks, the other of fillets. Smells of the sea. Bought clams and ling cod. Walked home, 15 blocks decidedly uphill.
  7. voyager


    More like scourpot.
  8. voyager


    You want to hear about the extraordinary socarrat I developed under this choucroute?
  9. voyager


    Beauty in beige Bratwurst, choucroute, mash
  10. voyager


    Is moderation outside human nature?
  11. voyager


    Interesting. As in What if the 1st World consumed EVERYTHING in moderation?
  12. voyager


    Ah, Sam Wo's. When son was at school, he would take late afternoon flights home, arriving here around mid-night, En route from the airport, he would ask to hit either Pancho Villa on 16th St for his first decent burrito in months, or Sam Wo's.
  13. voyager


    Want. joe, those dumplings look nicely formed to me. This is a meal we really hanker for as we still won't buy takeout that waits only some half dozen blocks away.
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