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  1. Keep working on this one. Maybe gaspacho flavors? Tomato water is a gift from the gods. It has to lead to something ethereal.
  2. voyager


    Fried Mexican cheese, pickles, house olives Broccoli beef
  3. voyager


    Stephanie, you live so very well! Reading your, and I might add Sneak's, crazy nightly fare regularly humbles me.
  4. voyager


    I like yours better, too. Today, corona sequestration nudged our son into making his first no-knead bread. Needless to say, he is pretty excited.
  5. voyager


    Thanks, guys. But I am just hopelessly hooked on how beautiful food is. E.g., joe's recent artichoke a gallery quality.
  6. voyager


    Asparagus with Green Goddess Niman Ranch chop with tiny gnocchi, enriched pan deglaze
  7. That could be. Heretofore, the produce has come from their local dedicated farm.
  8. Not farmers' market but produce from Tusk's farm, now funneled through their wine bar. Today, you read it here, RAMPS in San Francisco
  9. voyager


    Oranges with red onions, EVOO pressed with blood oranges Corn frittata with ham, fresh chevre, bolted chard buds With splash of green chili sauce With a warm loaf
  10. I think it depends on the work ethos of the office. If management is invasive in staff time, useless meetings,, etc, then working from home may well be more productive.
  11. Now taunted by strewn spruce tips. Where will it lead? Where will it end!
  12. voyager


    Oh, my, joe...agony! I want it all! Almost no cooking tonight -> mushrooms with (good!) truffle oil Packaged, frozen lobster ravioli, butter sauce Greens with banyuls vinegar, EVOO
  13. After washing iron pans in water, I usually wipe them with an oiled paper towel and finish drying them on very low stove top heat for a minute or two.
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