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  1. Great point. We always seem(ed) to learn something, experience something new, at our favorite, i.e., fun, places.
  2. We'd have to tell friends we bought them at a craft store!
  3. Have no idea. Whole Foods accepts them also, asks for them.
  4. What WE are drowning in is corks. Our drop off winery is closed. I hate to jettison them or simply dump in general recycle.
  5. voyager


    NIce. Chuck won't let me make meatloaf. My last one brought his response of "Don't quit your day job." I buy it at Bryan's, $13/pound raw. i think I skimp on the fat content.
  6. Thr Wells Fargo Wagon meets Santa Claus.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/embed/4pnRtBkPw2o
  8. I have frequently thought of having an expert walk me around our weekend place at various times of year. Also on roadsides. Parenthetically, I have emoted on what an extraordinary spring we've had in terms of wildflowers and flowering shrubs. Husband has found that it has also been a bonanza year for poison oak. He is getting over the case from hell, one that became systemic, covering his body with blisters coming from his immune systems over-response. Now, for the last three visits he has spent his time digging out huge infestations, bagging it for garbage. You can;t burn it because the smoke will give send the blisters to your lungs. Happy spring; happy foraging.
  9. Supposedly pretty easy to identify. I just go by the traditional saw There are old mushroom hunters and there are bold mushroom hunters. But there are no old, bold mushroom hunters.
  10. voyager


    Pluck 'em off the tree cause off the ground they're sandy.
  11. I totally understand Mrs AB's reticence. I remember my panic when a fellow Thanksgiving guest in the country arrived with a huge basket of foraged mushrooms. Fortunately, our host glommed the hoard, declaring it was being saved for himself. Dodged that one.
  12. "How I Spent My Sequestration" might be a tremendously interesting and amusing thread. As I read Wilf's activities, I note how few of them occupied our time. And I realize that our sequestered life differs both greatly and little from our normal life Same = morning papers/mail/periodicals, home cooked meals, neighborhood walks and chatting up neighbors, housekeeping, bi-weekly trips to the country Different = grocery delivery, no dinner parties in house or as guests, no grand-kid visits or extended family meals, no taco trucks or fast food en route to the country, no shopping at Asian markets on nearby Clement street for fresh veg, whole fish, pork, seasonings, no ordering weekly books at public library
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