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  1. I used to eat Manischewitz gefilte fish straight out of the jar. Anyone ever dressed them in Nantua sauce? A stretch too far?
  2. Reminds me of when hippy parents of our son's pre-school friend invited us to dinner. Dessert was this drop-dead delicious bowl full of lemony custard and huge cheezy globs. "This is wonderful!" I crooned. "What do you call it?" The mother looked at me blankly and answered, "Cheesecake".
  3. Parents should limit their kids’ Googling capacity.
  4. Begging the question, do you suggest that the Times is really still aimed at savvy readers? It used to be where one looked for news and provocation. But now? One is lucky not to be diverted by the lack proof reading.
  5. Of course restaurants are expected to be consistent and reliable. But in fact they are not. So a reviewer, a newspaper, is relevant only in so far as their writing and recommendation is current. Which it seldom can be. Seasons change; cadre changes, clientele change. Historic reviews are interesting, indicative of what was but seldom of what is. I've followed far too many friends with whom I have compatible taste and ultimate trust down more rabbit holes than I'd wished. While I love referring to a past review, best not hitch my star to it. (Did someone just say "star"?)
  6. voyager


    Bingo. These blender soups can pack in an unbelievable density of vegetables, either single flavor or melange, that kids of all sizes and ages will scarf down without the slightest inkling that they're getting their daily/weekly veg. I was startled in the country to realize that the two of us had inhaled 2/3 of a good sized cauliflower at lunch, in a single bowl.
  7. For 25 years, I have begged food writers, posters and critics, to simple describe as precisely as they can rather than qualify dishes, giving me details that will allow me to make up my own mind about whether a place or product was worth my while.
  8. Or have stars reflective of different styles of dining. One would know that a certain food truck or deli or fine dining room was operating at the top of its category.
  9. Question, what cooling cocktail do you serve pre-supper on a scorching hot night? We are stuck with sparkling wine,
  10. voyager


    Er, I can't envision a carby shrimp bisque. My recipe, just through cream and butter at it. No carbs need apply.
  11. What kind of green olives are those?
  12. I buy quail eggs for roughly 10/$3.00. FMs charge around $10/jar of 10 pickled. Ever thought of pickling your own? Nor rocket science. No, I've never done it, but I prefer them as an apero snack, cracked peeled and dipped in good salt. You kinda need an outdoor venue, deck, etc. Or in your living room or kitchen if you don't care.
  13. Totally agree. Some of the most expensive mistakes I have bought have been jarred stuffs from our farmer's markets. Some of the salsas in glass are truly evil. A crap shoot in any event.
  14. Thanks for pointing this out, and for teaching me a new/different nuance to "constrained".
  15. Blackberries, fresh or frozen, -> PIE! I don't eat dessert as a course, but berry pie = breakfast or snack or just a sneaked bite off a spoon.
  16. If you drive in the country in the spring you come across many flowering trees, scion of hikers' tossed pits. Many revert to rootstock which is will not produce the same fruit as a grafted tree. Not sure where hybredation comes into this.
  17. Anecdote: we were driving in the high country up from our weekend place and came across a roadside tree decorated like a Christmas tree with apricot sized orange fruit. I jumped out and picked one, deeming it a gone-wild persimmon, proceeded to open it and take a bite. Our then teenage son, screamed, "You can't seriously be going to EAT that!?" Did, and am still around 30 years later.
  18. Not really wild. Suppose you were a workerperson in the yard next door to ours and saw a tree loaded with Golden Delicious apples and snagged a few from this tree that was mature when we bought the place some 45 years ago. Certainly not the same Golden Delicious that you'd buy a block away at my corner store.
  19. So painful. Sending love to you and Mrs. P.
  20. Took Highway 4 out of Antioch en route to country, stopping at the Farmer's Daughter in Brentwood for Blenheim apricots. No longer in lug boxes but little clam boxes at $4. Look terribly green for will be prime in 12 hours. Also, hours old yellow corn, 3/$2. Famous for "you pick" but we buy house picked. Like small h, the last thing I need at this point in my life is to fall our of a tree.
  21. voyager


    If this is your "limpy game", sign me up for full pension. Your kitchen is firing on all burners.
  22. Fir industrial stuff, FAGE 2% is pretty nice.
  23. Now you've done it. I'll hear Don Ho sing about these all day.
  24. Guaranteed many years, decades, before your visit, I did the same with my parents. If they were given commemorative samples, I never saw them.
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