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  1. Considering that I am enjoying 100% relief, it was/will be worth "whatever" at twice the price. I live in essentially a three story house since much of the pantry and freezer are in the. basement, and I'm now doing stairs without pain or hesitation. Or hills, that I have been avoiding as descent has been excruciatingly painful. I am REALLY happy, and only wonder how long this will last. eta, this guy is the lead orthopedist for one of the Bay Area's major league teams, so he doesn't need me to pay the rent.
  2. Is this becoming a version of "You look amazing! I've ALWAYS loved that dress!"
  3. Thanks, and I wholeheartedly agree. I've had three hip replacement which were easy-peasy, but at my age a knee replacement (in essentially a three story house) sounds like a chunk of serious down-time, and questionable resurrection. To repeat, I have been astounded by the immediate help I get from riding my bike. Again, the first minute or so is agonizing, or has been, but once in stride, there is NO PAIN, and residual good feeling. I asked the Dr if I could forego the steroid for the time being and just concentrate on the bike, but he (got between me and the door and) strongly urged
  4. After six months of quality of life issues I blamed on Covid restrictions rather than the fact that my right knee was going south, I bit the bullet and saw an orthopedist this morning. He recommended and administered a cortisone shot that I didn't feel. That, and my return to my exercise bike, will be my new life. The bike is funny. I shunned it for a long while because the knee hurt. But I recently found that once you get through the first minute of excrusia, the knee is happy spinning along. Dr agreed and said to just keep on keeping on.
  5. I wonder what kind of “splinter” it was. Redwood splinters and rose thorns can be especially noxious.
  6. voyager


    Husband decompressing in the country, so I'm living the vida loca with food he dislikes. Like San Francisco classic Joe's Special. Usiing chard from the yard...
  7. Well, this made ME laugh. The other night I was trying to bring a situation to husband's mind. We had joined friends for an antique event in north-mid Massachusetts. All I could remember was that the name of the town was somewhat "off". I couldn't rattle his memory by describing the friends, the items he was looking for or the hotel or the name of the town. OK, forget about it. But I just pulled up a Google map of MA and, bingo! Athol. One of my favorite repeated lines from "Lion, Witch and Wardrobe".
  8. LOVE Calvados, and also stock Pommeau for times a lighter hand is indicated. Both, to use the loathsome word, delicious.
  9. What month? I attract biting insects like honey does bears.
  10. Wish we were there. Actually, wish THERE was there.
  11. Heaven. Keep us informed/included. For years we visited Maine every summer. I miss it!
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    Well conceived and executed! You bring up a good point. Bread making requires a lot of recognition and response. You can't just follow a recipe. Again, well done.
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    Thanks for this. It will be upcoming.
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    "Just a teaspoon of mornay makes the chard stems go down, the chard stems go down, the chard stems go down..." Backstory, husband, besot by the pre-Easter TV ads, requested a Honey Baked Ham. So we picked up a half ham yesterday. Tonight's dinner = a portion of ham, a shared baked yam and chard stem gratin. Said husband had "firsts" of ham, half of his share of yam, and thirds on chard stems.
  15. After registration, we were directed through an empty rat track to individual tech manned stabbing stations, id confirmed, shot in arm, directed to 15 minute observation area. In and out in 20 minutes. No reactions, either shot, but then we're old.
  16. My advice for combating/surviving vax reaction is to treat it as if it WERE the flu. Drink water and pack it in. Why stay up if you're feeling miserable?
  17. DRINK WATER, then MORE WATER, then... I have finally learned that headache is from dehydration, not last night's wine or booze.
  18. Lentil soup was our son’s favorite. I used to tell him, “If you like lentils, you’ll never be poor.”
  19. Should we have a thread on "Housewife Logic"?
  20. I have always subscribed to the art/antique rule that something is worth how much I really like/love it in order for its to sustain that value. At the same time, I've turned down quite a few pieces that turned out to have value beyond their price tag at the time.
  21. Yesterday afternoon, a crew iof minions carried half these trees (which husband corrected me numbered closer to 30) down the hill to the front of their property. Now THAT was creepy.
  22. We (finally) invited a similarly vaccinated friend for dinner. Back and knee revolt dictated a simplified menu. Lady finger grapes wrapped in prosciutto ('cause I had both on hand) with drinks in the living room Sorrel soup with giant grilled scallop, surprisingly a show-stopper. (Again, because back yard is full of sorrel.). 8 hour bread. Judy Rogers' roast chicken with bread salad Home-frozen yogurt with first of the season strawberries.
  23. Our across-the-street neighbor has been renovating for well over a year. They have essentially replaced the house...several times over. Today a landscaper has delivered 2 dozen 12ft tall Cypress trees for the back yard. It looks like the forest of Great Bernam has come again. I mean. The yard isn’t that big, maybe 25x25.
  24. Source any of the fruit alcohols from Capovilla for pure fruit finish without the burn. Okay, maybe just a little burn.
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