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  1. Grand-daughter requested a white chocolate cake with purple lemon butter cream frosting. Used a Beranbaum recipe and Valrhona chocolate which resulted in light, moist layers. Used the last of the Meyer lemons, and lavender was a satisfactory compromise for tongue-dyeing purple paste food coloring. But I'm still not a convert for white chocolate which I find a product looking for a use. Why not just make a vanilla cake? But she and the rest of the family loved it, so what do I know? Certainly won't bother to make it again for me.
  2. Indeed! I "saw" native African dancers. Went very fast!
  3. So I'm on the phone to a major company. The connection was furry and the hold music was vdissonant. At the end of the conversation when asked how my experience was, I mentioned the bad connection, then described the music as reminiscent of my head MRI. If you've ever had one, you'll recognize the bong, bang, crash, ting, GONG. Obviously the young phone rep hadn't a clue, scuttling offline with a perfunctory "Enjoy the rest of your day."
  4. voyager


    Quite a read. These guys have more "odd-bits" than they're serving at table.
  5. My in-laws had one down the Peninsula. One should do brilliantly in your location! ENJOY!
  6. voyager


    Channeling a dish we loved some 40 years ago in the Plaka, Athens, recommended by our waiter as Lemon Eggplant. Eh? What arrived was a heavenly braise of Lamb and Eggplant, aka Anri me Melitzanes I'll never be Greek, but this was recognizable.
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    Weapons happen. Go, N!
  8. voyager


    By request, Cornish pastie (lard pastry enclosing sirloin cubes, potato, rutabega, onion) With husband's mandatory Montana gravy
  9. A real life courtroom drama: The Trials of Frank Carson. Synopsis: Frank was a defense lawyer in a small town where he consistently out performed law enforcement and prosecution. When he was implicated in a murder, these plus the judge pounced for retribution. Frightening injustice. Much eerily in Frank's own voice.
  10. Thanks. I'd almost forgotten the chocolate-chili ice cream at a favorite Peruvian restaurant here. Might toss some into next chocolate ice cream we make.
  11. It’s totally ironic. I can buy Wagyu and heritage lamb and pork at my corner store but not cheeks or brains or tripe or…unless I am willing to accept a 10 lb box.
  12. voyager


    Spirals with clams in squid ink sauce.
  13. If "solo" is the qualifier, I have no argument. Else, because of my questions, comments, note-taking, camera, I have several times had a chef come out from the kitchen having been told of someone's intense interest in the food. This before today's ubiquitous iphone photographers.
  14. I could see this as a dinner party starter. I seem to remember dill pickle ice cream as part of a deconstructed "burger" ensemble at L'Astrance.
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    That duck had wings! Sorry.
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    If the website photo is accurate, ravioli = 3 pieces at $11.33 a raviolo. And if not being dainty, one bite each.
  17. voyager

    It's back!

    We continue to receive reports of excellent meals and wines surrounding inspiring musee and gallery shows. The only downside is recent increase in tourists and (possibly resulting) 2-3 week waits for dinner reservations.
  18. From Wine Searcher, "The sad death of Dominique Belluard, of his own volition, follows those of Laurent Vaillé of La Grange des Pères in the Languedoc, Pascal Clairet of Domaine de la Tournelle in the Jura, Olivier Lemasson of Les Vins Contés in the Loire, and possibly others who are less in the public eye. We should all be worried as well as sad." Is there commonality? Production/quality stresses? Economic? La Grange des Pères has been one of our favorites, reliable choices.
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    It's back!

    I actually haven't heard of anyone's going to Septime in years. But your point is well taken. O and I are looking at different sides of the elephant. What I have been trying to describe is a boots on the ground experience of Paris at this stage of the pandemic. AT THIS POINT there is civilized indoor dining, Well conceived menus and apparently top quality plates. The reality, the bonus is that, yes, there are few tourists so you dine and visit museums with locals and at spur of the moment.
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    It's back!

    At the same time...
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