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  1. I'm waiting for scent-free hair products in upscale salons. To me, a no brainer. Most of the clients either spend a fortune on good perfume or on scent free products, then go to the salon and are shampood, conditioned and sprayed with god-awful cheap, tacky scented but expensive product. Years ago i learned to "Just say no " to salon product after the lightest scent shampoo possible..
  2. voyager


    Barley pilaf...pork schnitzel/tonkatsu and grilled cauliflower on the side. Momofuku ranch if you want.
  3. Would love to eat someone else's food. At this point, close to ordering Eukanuba via Instacart. Husband checks out the grill cook at a neighborhood bistro. No mask. No take away, no way. Jeeees, I'm tired of my cooking. Actaully, have quit grocery delivery after scoping out shoppers as they deposit at the front door. Now, we hit favorite markets at opening when stores have vented overnight, and while shoppers are few. We don't stand in any one place for over 15 seconds, and totally avoid lines.
  4. I'm trying to remember when/if we last/ever had food delivery. Reheat? Eat tepid? I've never seen the point. But this thinking has also contributed to our becoming able to put a recognizable meal on the table even if just small bits.
  5. Some of you may remember Tim Hayward from other forums. Here is his terrifying account of his Covid experience.
  6. Okay, back to "home-did". Grilled zucchini with red pepper/tomato relish + creme fraiche, with grilled free range pork chop from a small Foothill butcher we've patronized for 40 years. Momofuku sauce if you wanted. FWIW, husband liked this pork as well as Berkshire. Half of Berkshire price, but only available frozen.
  7. Can you share a source for this? I am finding confusing/contradictory info. Many thanks.
  8. The difference is that you and N premade them!
  9. While husband and I are set up with vaccine appointments, I'm not sure how much our lives will change afterwards. Those vaccinated may well be able to transmit virus to others, ergo will not be embracing family members or entertain unvaccinated friends, will need desirable restaurants return to some kind of normal, travel remains iffy. So...looks a lot like 2020 same old, same old.
  10. Even Groton's with Kraft tartar sauce. Sometimes needs must when you arrive home after driving across the Valley in gale winds. Will try to do better....
  11. Just found a tape of an old song I'd forgotten about.
  12. Poisson carré with sauce d'une bouteille with guanciale braised sprouts
  13. Look great! An excellent baker on another forum posted about these Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies from Tartine Bakery.
  14. In California, confusion resulted from the state's announcement that 65+ were allowed to get the vaccine in the next round. This, while the first tier (medical workers) was still being addressed and second tier, (75+) beginning to set up appointments. So websites and phone banks were necessarily slammed by people calling before their tier was up for appointments. That this would happen is such a no-brainer.
  15. Husband is skeptical until he actually gets his + second round.
  16. After spending half a day on a website that kept crashing, I was able yesterday morning to stay on hold for half an hour with our medical group and book by phone sequential vaccine shots for both of us mid-February. Feel like I've won the lottery.
  17. Steph, my son's m-i-l sends us two huge cartons of Meyers from Modesto (much better than our SF tree's) every Christmas. I put them on the back stoop and they keep well into spring. Before they stat to go wonky, I sometimes run them through a very dilute clorox bath and they carry on.
  18. You could just cut a tip off the lemon, squeeze out a teaspoon, put the lemon, cut side down in a small dish and keep for another use. It keeps a week on countertop before molding. Of course, I reach for a lemon frequently so this is a convenience for me. But whisky sours are nice...
  19. What parts of this dish struck you as so amazingly sourced? Could you not find seafood this excellent or fresh? The other ingredients are pantry stock.
  20. Perhaps yelling "FIRE" in a crowded auditorium, but I've often worried the question, which is the better chef, the one who sources the finest ingredients or the one who can turn mediocre stuffs into a feast. Regarding the former, my mantra parallels the medical oath, "above all, do no harm." Plotz and I used to niggle over what to do with "a perfect pear".
  21. The Cult of Flannery is wide. We have been enjoying meat from Peter, a Flannery brother, and previously the father, the original Bryan, for at least 50 years. It's indeed a lovely family. I remember all three boys working in the butcher shop as teenagers. Peter is a gem, quiet, with a twinkle, no clever quips but always on target shopping guidance. Chuck let's me know when I bring home something from a lesser source. Quality will out.
  22. When we were first married, before I had a handle on cooking + spent a couple of hours commuting every day, a porterhouse was my regular go-to. Husband got the strip, I got filet and tail.
  23. We shared one of these last night and there was this much left. At 3/4lb+, they're big dudes. Will slice up as part of salad plates tonight.
  24. voyager


    Grilled red peppers with marinated goat cheese. A shared rosy-grilled Berkshire chop Smashed steamed Yukons with butter, Salvadorian crema and chives And, mistakenly overcooked sprouts braised with guanciale that stole the show: TA DA... (Sneak would have loved these; I could have enjoyed a little more crunch.)
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