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  1. True, but we had joy, we had fun, we had Blenheims in the sun
  2. Stopped in Brentwood for a final Blenheim score. Really the end of the season. We were too greedy to examine the fruit first, so wound up with 4 baskets of VERY RIPE fruit. We slurped quite a few on the way home, and turned the remainder into a few more jars of jam and a pie, saving a handful of eating fresh. 'Til next year...
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    Mmm, not just feminism.
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    Interesting how "Seein''"changes the conversation.
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    As long as he doesn't start a sentence with "me and my contemporaries"
  7. Okay, here's something to chew on. In late January, our granddaughter became ill over night while on a sleep over. Her mom picked her up with 104F fever. Shortly her dad was felled. UC called it Influenze strain A. I came down with it in 4 days. Low fever but incessant coughing and felling fatigue. I slept for about 22 hours a day for over a week, surfacing only to use the bathroom and drink Meyer lemon water husband supplied. He came down with it with similar symptoms. Son had high fever and was flat out for a week. D-I-L and 2 other children all had it in some form. Husband and I had had the new "enhanced" over 65 recommended flu shot last fall, and son's entire household had had flu shots. In retrospect, with the conversation now tending toward undiagnosed cases and suggestions that perhaps a third of US has had a form of corona, we are thinking that we are in that statistic, since our symptoms match those for uncomplicated cases and since our "flus" were before Corona was on everyone's horizon. The irony is that, regardless if we test positive for antibodies, the recommendations are the same as non-infected since they don't know the extent, if any, of immunity after infection. The bright side is that it may be possible for people at very high risk, our age, can come through this with only the discomfort of a bad flu.
  8. Thanks for these comprehensive prescriptions. We should note that governmental requirements usually have little similarity to Grand-mere's or even Michelin recipes and processes. Even so, there seems to be some variation or leeway in cooking duration, vis a vis, the Tours document notes considerable flexibility. But more apropos is the difference between commercial and home cooking. Here, from Stephane Reynaud's comprehensive and reliable Cochon et Fils Suggests 3 to 4 hours. The range of cooking times I found is 3 to 5 hours. I think I'll stick to this range as it results in excellent and quintessential rillettes albeit not with Sarthe lineage. Funny that you mention carnitas. Further bastardizing our rillettes, we take a healthy splat and crisp it up in a small frying pan for almost instant and very delicious carnitas tacos. The subtle seasoning in rillettes make it a wonderfully adaptable ingredient. Times when you need a fast hit of unsmoked porkiness.
  9. Thanks for this. i will give it a try, or at least extend the cooking time. What we are enjoying is very close to the Prunier we buy in France. Not sure how we'd improve flavor or texture.. But I'm always willing to up the game. ETA. Ori, I'm not finding this AOC procedure. Can you give me a link so I can make sure I'm down the right path? Thanks.
  10. Ori, will you point me to your recipe that requires 10 hours? The majority that i have found/combined/used find cooking complete by 4. i do see that slow-cooker recipes suggest longer, but not the classic or traditional process. Who is your guru?
  11. re rillettes, The real way is certainly easy enough, but let's not discourage Sneak if Instantpot would gt him started.
  12. Crockpot process here.
  13. As husband frequently reminds me, following the instructions on the tin is seldom bad advice.
  14. Last haircut was in February. Anyone old enough to remember Jane Fonda and "the Shag"? Short in front (where I can see and reach) and gone to weed in back). It looked fine on her and then but not so great on me and today. Can only speculate on where it's going next...
  15. It's tragic and ironic that for much of our lives we hanker for things, often family things, only to realize that lives and time moves on and our tastes change. In the last year, I boxed up probably 6 cubic feet of family china, serving pieces and glassware and literally gave it to a kind woman at our local flea market. She thinks I'm quite mad but my life is less cluttered and I still have more than enough favorite stuff.
  16. Isn't it often those little things? I lovingly recall several years ago on one of those steaming hot 40C days in Paris, collapsing into two window seats at a small bistro. Without a word and within 5 seconds, our waiter arrived with a carafe of ICE WATER and two glasses. No words exchanged, just a welcoming smile.
  17. Indeed! Does she even know that you admire them so? I am having fun offing stuff on a great niece who is spreading her cooking wings. It's great to see your collections enjoyed by a new generation in your own time.
  18. Attention Stone: Here's a cake for Father's Day
  19. Amen! I hate it when the refrigerator is just full of raw food!
  20. In the past week, l've been out and about in my neighborhood multiple times. Each time I have met no more than a couple of people in, say, 20 minutes. And each time they and I have adjusted our face coverings within the locally mandated 30 feet. Works for everyone.
  21. These bowls and choppers take me back to my wasp Thanksgiving preps. Onions and celery for stuffing. At my ancient aunt's house. Bread cubed and roasted. Mandatory creamed onions. Mashed pumpkin. Claret. Annual critique over whether there was too much sage in the stuffing, and rounding out the meal, if someone slipped clove into the pumpkin pie. Staunch New England "tradition" superimposed on California fresh breath stifled my appreciation of tradition.
  22. Husband just called from Brentwood to say he is en route home with a half-lug of Blenheim apricots. Probably my all time favorite fruit.
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    or lemonade, A glorious soup
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