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  1. Might be more excitement about this if I had stopped and told him “Allan Clarke was great,” and could quote his reply. Which might well have been congenial.
  2. Sadly went back and corrected the French in my Derrida joke. Such an editor.
  3. Right, knew the name but would not have known he did these things.
  4. Wilfrid

    My Amplifier

    This one is not to be pinned.
  5. Random comment: remote working has me often forgetting lunch. Lunch used to be, at last I can get out of the office. I am sure this isn’t an original observation.
  6. That’s a positive move for schools which can afford it. I wonder how much unused school space there is in the city system itself. Vaguely recall there was a lot when the city was obliged to squeeze Charter Schools into existing unused buildings.
  7. Well done. I hate the way work interferes with early happy hours.
  8. "Il n'y a pas de hors-d’oeuvre."
  9. Wilfrid

    Hugh Downs

    No, take me out, I have no idea who he is/was.
  10. Concurring with Joe, that was still one damn good song.
  11. Graham Nash having lunch outside Veselka today. My daughter, after I identified him for her, “Yes, he looked famous.” She has heard of The Hollies.
  12. Susannah Clapp, With Chatwin, a very good memoir by his editor. Donald A. Lowrie, Nikolai Berdyaev: Rebellious Prophet, for Russian existentialism fans only.
  13. Wilfrid

    Today I played...

    I got through about 15 minutes, but then I was not expecting to like it.
  14. Can I send my 19 year old daughter and her dog to camp? Maybe just the dog?
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