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  1. Points alert I haven't booked a restaurant through Open Table in the last year (the very few I've booked have been on Resy, or I just texted Sivan). So when I went there today for some information, I discovered my massive backlog of points had been expired. Clicking on help and, I think, contact us, Open Table has realized that expiring points during a period when it's hard to dine out is unfair. Members in good standing can request to have the points restored. I did. It takes seven days. Just posting this because others may be in the same boat.
  2. I'm not so concerned about whether Kinch will be cooking or not. Maybe he's always in the kitchen at Manresa, but name chefs (as we all surely know) are often not in their kitchens: they're capable of training their teams to cook in their absence. So we'll see what he's able to do with the Intersect team and the ingredients available.
  3. Lana del Rey, Chemtrails over the Country Club
  4. Okay, okay. I think I've been three times; I've not been back since it became tasting menu only, which must have been before the lockdown. It's kind of a rather high-end traditional French restaurant stuffed into a very narrow room. It's the kind of cuisine where vegetables are turned into colorful, decorative purees: so I guess old-fashioned, but not unpleasant. Unfortunately, as it was post-Pink Pig, I don't have easy access to notes on what I ate, but I don't believe I saw the rabbit ballotine on the menu. It now looks a bit pricey for what it is.
  5. Since 2018, yes I did go. Since our current software doesn't seem to let active topics default to most recent posts I have found myself starting to respond to ancient stuff.
  6. I had a huge stack of DC comics when I was a kid. Probably worth nothing now, but I have no idea what happened to them. MAD magazines too.
  7. Of course, Keith Emerson's version of Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition is definitive. But his "Nut Rocker" is even better. (At this distance, I almost thinking I am imagining that, and Rick Wakeman's damn Henry VIII conceit -- this shit sold?)
  8. And it seems to be selling out fast. I got something for May 7.
  9. Didn't love this as much as I expected. Sanders is fine, but the tinkly-tinkly motifs (which keep repeating) didn't please me.
  10. But is Hemingway better than Beethoven?
  11. My experience with Pfizer pretty much identical to Mongo's, right down to not feeling the needle, although the tiredness was no worse from the second shot. That was 48 hours ago, so I assume I'm in the clear now.
  12. I managed to persuade my daughter that this business was owned by a Nigerian gentleman, Mr Ngo, whose nickname was "Bubbles."
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