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  1. Yes, that's fair. Unfortunately, it probably reflects the shrewd judgment that most of the diners are hotel guests who will only eat there once or twice. What's their incentive to keep me coming back once a month year round?
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    Worth adding, the prices are kind for 2022. About $125 all included.
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    First dinner there since lockdown. Reservation was easy but I’d say 85 to 90% full. As chef Kevin said, “We’re still here.” Odd to say hello to someone as if we met last week, but of course it must have been three years. “Time warp,” chef Kevin observed. The dish I had been curious about was lamb coulotte. I was told the kitchen recommended medium rare. That made me nervous. Chewy dinner? But no, quality meat, crisped outside, raw in the middle, but tender. Great execution and fresh peas and fava beans in harmony. Started with peekytoe crab, also with peas.
  4. Might be. I just see lots of comments that you shouldn’t do it. But there was a time everyone did.
  5. I would need to research but it was accepted practice back in his day. He would have been copying others.
  6. My worst ever sunburn — and if you haven’t heard this one, it’s funny — I got at the Calle Ocho festival in Miami. No sunscreen and once you were in the crowd, you were in for hours with no shade. Thing is, I was in town for a trial, back in my law days, and I had thought it would be cool to wear a cream seersucker suit in court. So there I was with a brilliant red face sitting on top a cream suit like a cherry on a sundae. Apparently it was hilarious.
  7. My father taught me to eat oysters when I was young, and he taught me to gulp them whole. This worked until I tried it with a large Pacific oyster that nearly choked me. They are best chewed.
  8. I am forgetful of this too, but with a mid-90s surprise coming up here tomorrow I should dig the sun screen out.
  9. Apparently Frank Sullivan wrote it for 40 years before Angell. At least we had a lot of time with him. Farewell friend.
  10. If Sneak means pre-lockdown, there were certainly more charcuterie options. I am not complaining about the length, more that they used to rotate dishes in and out more frequently. That's how it seemed anyway.
  11. I was hoping to post this in "What are you watching?" but you'll see why not. I love everything directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi. His 2021 Drive My Car has been in city cinemas recently, but it also just started streaming on HBO Max. It was going to be the center piece of last night's entertainment. Start watching. No subtitles. Now I've picked up a handful of Japanese phrases from watching months of Ozu, but I can't do a two hour movie with no subtitles. How to enable subtitles? Took a while, but I eventually clicked on a dialog box that allowed me to enable the subtitles. Could f
  12. Le Crocodile needs to add some new dishes too.
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