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  1. Wilfrid


    Right, I think I've only had turtle in soups before.
  2. Various Artists, Disquiet Vol. 1
  3. Yes, and not just the Irish bars. It's almost as ubiquitous on bar menus as hamburgers. Maybe I should say "pub" menus.
  4. Delivery: competition is fierce, which I suppose is why I got a $30 off voucher from Uber Eats. Ordered enough Indian food from Brick Lane Curry House for three days.
  5. I ran out of sweet vermouth, so I made my first Cherry Negroni, subbing maraschino. Not bad.
  6. Wilfrid


    I think I can safely say that was my first wild snapping turtle sandwich. Very good, right down to the okra.
  7. My favorite Larry King remark, "Whoever plays the Yankees and is confident, is sick." Quite a career, but still had time for eight marriages.
  8. Also, Dreiser's The 'Genius'. This kind of "realism" might seem old-fashioned, but like Sinclair Lewis, Dreiser is unfailingly readable. For me, anyway.
  9. Stuart Jeffries, Grand Hotel Abyss: The Lives of the Frankfurt School So, it's superficial and incredibly repetitive. The same quotes re-appear within a few pages, and the first chapter is devoted to telling us twenty or thirty times that the Frankfurt School thinkers rejected their fathers' bourgeois values. But you know what really makes me want to throw the book out of the window? Throughout a chapter devoted to it, and elsewhere where it's cited in the book, the Brecht and Weill opera Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny is rendered Mahoganny [sic]. Page after page. EXCEPT
  10. Let's award Hannah Goldfield a dingbat for this passage in her review of the fish and chips pop-up Dame. I would say over 90% of bars in the city which have food menus serve fish and chips.
  11. Wilfrid

    Phil Spector

    Yes indeed. BTW, saw a funny Norman Mailer story somewhere this week. Buckley gave Mailer a copy of his autobiography with "Hi Norman!" penciled in the index next to the entry on Mailer.
  12. Patricia Brennan, Maquishti A bit too laidback.
  13. Wilfrid

    Phil Spector

    Seymour Stein's idea, partly connected with having Spector produce "Rock and Roll High School" for the eponymous movie (he did a re-mix in the end), and partly in the hope that the boys would finally have a U.S. pop hit. Never to happen, not even with "Sheena." Although "Baby I Love You" was top 10 in the UK. (I had Dee Dee's autobiography within reach.)
  14. Wilfrid

    Phil Spector

    William Tell missed his son! I don't know who's idea it was for Spector to produce the Ramones. Although I may have the answer here somewhere.
  15. Wilfrid

    Phil Spector

    And he didn't produce The Ramones' "You're Gonna Kill That Girl."
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