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  1. Wilfrid

    Hav & Mar

    My recollection (and I am going back a way) is that Samuelsson's places are good when they open but then he drifts on to something else.
  2. Wilfrid

    My favourite song

    I do like that Jobim.
  3. The Criterion Channel currently has a collection of free jazz movies. I watched Fire Music and am halfway through Imagine the Sound, two documentaries about the movement. Despite being made by different directors in different countries, they share some common footage -- for example a lengthy interview with Bill Dixon. But there's plenty of concert footage. Some great Ayler in the first of those movies.
  4. I am trying to restrain my sausage roll craving until the holidays.
  5. Against all odds, I retain faith in my judgment. Hinds are heavily promoting merchandise featuring the slogan “I’m on a Hinds way to hell.” No. Not an AC/DC fan. Not a fan of that slogan. I would buy a Hinds t-shirt if it was about Hinds. Honestly, Ana would have to DM a lot before I would buy that.
  6. If you have any franks in jackets left over I will drop by and help you finish them. 🙂
  7. Wilfrid

    Hav & Mar

    For so many reasons I wish Samuelsson well with this new one. I have had some good restaurant experiences with him over the years. But I wish Red Rooster wasn’t such a run down afterthought. https://www.havandmar.com
  8. Looks great. You can justify a turkey with that many people. I hear Wegmans is unaffordable for crudités 😉
  9. Wilfrid

    Wilko Johnson

    Thanks for that. The striding is all Sparks ever did; how is he going to compete?
  10. Fifth Avenue closed to traffic on three Sunday afternoons. 12/4, 11, 18. I do like to walk down it in the holiday season checking out the shop windows. This might make the experience a little less hectic.
  11. Wilfrid

    Irene Cara

    “Flashdance” was a great pop record.
  12. Wilfrid

    Wilko Johnson

    Co-founder of Dr Feelgood, aged 75. A remarkable run after a cancer diagnosis in 2013 which gave him less than a year to live (the doctors misidentified the type of cancer). An incalculable influence on British music, and especially the British new wave, in his style of playing (see Gang of Four), his look and his stage presence. I think some of you may know him primarily from Game of Thrones. A home town concert, one I was present at. There are few better ways to spend a quarter of an hour:
  13. That is a huge downside. (Just to see if you know when I’m kidding.)
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