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    That's horrible. I expect administration, like rent and electricity, to be included in the prices. Just put your prices up.
  2. Reminds me of being in a restaurant with my daughter in London. I ordered a shared appetizer called on the menu "A Load of Old Bollocks." After she's eaten some, I asked her if she knew what "bollocks" were. A kind of fish was her guess. I told her, and to her credit she continued eating.
  3. I've eaten enough pig bung not to worry about eating a bladder.
  4. One of my favorite things to eat was a fish maw soup at a restaurant in London's Chinatown.
  5. I have heard about the bird. But then, everyone's heard about the bird.
  6. I have zero opinions about Hootie and the Blowfish, but I gather classifying Darius Rucker as a country singer is controversial (I see "carpet bagger" on line), but I am sure Amanda is on top of all that. And be fair, she does mention Charley Pride once, in passing.
  7. I don't want to be unfair to Amanda Petrusich, but this sentence... leaves me with the impression that she is not over-familiar with the two venues named and how they're related. I didn't see the show, but the pictures strongly suggest that Guyton and Urban were at the latter and not the former (unless maybe there was some footage shot at the Ryman too).
  8. Linda Ronstadt, Canciones de mi Padre Really good. I didn't know she had that voice. Albert Ayler, Goin' Home
  9. Fascism, I’ll show you fascism. I would “cancel” that restaurant immediately.
  10. Right. I can always find some kind of pain to gripe about, but replacing the arthritic hip in 2016 and losing 40 lbs in 2019 mean I am actually doing better health-wise now than in a while.
  11. I fixed my sciatica with a steroid shot to the disc. It was actually the second shot, because the first did nothing. I tried acupuncture a couple of times for my hip, but zero effect.
  12. I read a piece on Heaven Up Here on the occasion of its fortieth anniversary. Part of me wanted to listen to it again, but the better part of me said it would be still not good.
  13. B/w But useful for the neighborhood
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