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    That's horrible. I expect administration, like rent and electricity, to be included in the prices. Just put your prices up.
  2. Reminds me of being in a restaurant with my daughter in London. I ordered a shared appetizer called on the menu "A Load of Old Bollocks." After she's eaten some, I asked her if she knew what "bollocks" were. A kind of fish was her guess. I told her, and to her credit she continued eating.
  3. I've eaten enough pig bung not to worry about eating a bladder.
  4. One of my favorite things to eat was a fish maw soup at a restaurant in London's Chinatown.
  5. I have heard about the bird. But then, everyone's heard about the bird.
  6. I have zero opinions about Hootie and the Blowfish, but I gather classifying Darius Rucker as a country singer is controversial (I see "carpet bagger" on line), but I am sure Amanda is on top of all that. And be fair, she does mention Charley Pride once, in passing.
  7. I don't want to be unfair to Amanda Petrusich, but this sentence... leaves me with the impression that she is not over-familiar with the two venues named and how they're related. I didn't see the show, but the pictures strongly suggest that Guyton and Urban were at the latter and not the former (unless maybe there was some footage shot at the Ryman too).
  8. Linda Ronstadt, Canciones de mi Padre Really good. I didn't know she had that voice. Albert Ayler, Goin' Home
  9. Fascism, I’ll show you fascism. I would “cancel” that restaurant immediately.
  10. Right. I can always find some kind of pain to gripe about, but replacing the arthritic hip in 2016 and losing 40 lbs in 2019 mean I am actually doing better health-wise now than in a while.
  11. I fixed my sciatica with a steroid shot to the disc. It was actually the second shot, because the first did nothing. I tried acupuncture a couple of times for my hip, but zero effect.
  12. I read a piece on Heaven Up Here on the occasion of its fortieth anniversary. Part of me wanted to listen to it again, but the better part of me said it would be still not good.
  13. B/w But useful for the neighborhood
  14. No numbness or tingling, thank you. Bob and Brad are funny, and also come up with really practical solutions. They fixed last summer's planar fasciitis almost immediately. Sadly, there was no PT (or yoga or Feldenkrais) solution for my arthritic hip. Damn thing had to go.
  15. Was the Stones' version of "Little Red Rooster" on Sticky Tables?
  16. Chronic pain all down my right arm for weeks. Trying to do things left-handed, walking around like I should be wearing a sling. Yesterday, finally decided I needed to find a solution (or go to a doctor). First resort is always "Bob and Brad" the YouTube physiotherapists. First video I watched gave me an exercise which takes about 30 seconds (you do it several times a day) and is really easy. Instant pain relief. This morning, I would say about 90% of the pain is gone. Why didn't I make an effort weeks ago? I guess because I thought it would go away if I ignored it.
  17. I plan to watch it, but also plan to watch it in at least two sittings.
  18. Wilfrid

    Le Pavillon

    Yes, I had trouble finding the menu.
  19. This sounds promising: "Now, just stepping into the place, with its restored antique-mirrored walls, golden chandeliers, and ornate wallpaper, transports you to another era. On a recent visit, the room was buzzing with folks dressed up for a big night out, and it finally felt like we were dining in a proper sit-down restaurant. Although the menu includes the expected steaks and seafood towers, we went for updates on classics like chef Sohui Kim’s Clams Kimsino topped with bacon and kimchi, a rich clam-belly broil swaddled in miso butter, and a whole broiled porgy served with creamed spinach —
  20. Wilfrid

    Le Pavillon

    I had completely forgotten about this place until I looked at New York's list of 66 new or "newly relevant" restaurants. Did anyone try it yet?
  21. It's like he invented raaaaaaaaaaamps and eggs. https://www.instagram.com/p/COX7o7iDyaZ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  22. There was a time I would not have got a booth to myself. That was cool. We're not criticizing restaurants, right, until they're not broke any more?* The food was nice. The deviled eggs had some kind of caviar on them, not mentioned on the menu. The crab cake also had a nice relish (no idea), and good collard slaw. Then a huge bowl of shrimp and grits. All well prepared.** I cannot say what the wine list was pre-pandemic, because I haven't been here in years, but having read comments elsewhere, let me note only six bottles are offered (plus two baller champagnes). And the BTG cha
  23. Hacks on HBO Max gets better and better (I almost finished it). A glowing New Yorker review suggests, fairly, that the early episodes appeal to a niche audience that cares about the nuts and bolts of committing comedy. Well. that's me. But it certainly gets beyond that.
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