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  1. Lennie Tristano, The New Tristano The Pop Group, Honeymoon on Mars Peter Tosh, Equal Rights Cabaret Voltaire, Chance Versus Causality
  2. I hope they taste better than when I used to put it in coffee (non-smoker).
  3. Oh lord let’s mourn her before we get into all the other shit (not here of course).
  4. High end making re-opening plans, Le Bernardin going first: major investments in HVAC.
  5. Something that needs to happen is restaurants adjusting their menus back to dine-in mode. I've looked at a few places which made the smart and necessary pivot to take-out/pick-up menus --shorter, simpler -- but I'm unlikely to seek a reservation and travel even a good fried chicken sandwich or BLT. Of course, websites may not reflect what they're doing this week: everything changes so fast.
  6. Oh I just saw this: thank you.
  7. I don't know if it was mentioned upthread, but Knives Out on Prime is an entertaining (if over-long) classic mystery spoof. Daniel Craig chews scenery with an outrageous southern accent. Ana de Armas is like some cute puppy everyone is kicking. And there are lots of sly references to pick up (the Jolly Jack Tar dummy from Sleuth for example).
  8. It's been pretty much Negroni Six Months here.
  9. Wilfrid

    Le Pavillon

    No, not that Le Pavillon. This is Boulud's new seafood restaurant set to open next year. I feel compelled to say that, as an editor, I would have edited this sentence:
  10. Wilfrid

    Death Pool

    It's as if Daniel Boulud was paying no heed to Ryan Sutton whatsoever.
  11. Robert Fraser, The Chameleon Poet: A Life of George Barker. Sadly, the life is probably a little more interesting than the poetry now: it has not aged well.
  12. He passed the duty to Ian Frazier a few years ago, but his were the best.
  13. Miles Davis, On the Corner Professor Longhair, Anthology Suicide, Suicide DJ Spooky, In Fine Style
  14. Along with Jimmy Cliff and Desmond Dekker, likewise known in the UK before Marley. And then The Clash came along with their great live version of “Pressure Drop.”
  15. Oh that BBQ rub I am still using must be ancient.
  16. I haven’t thought of Tocqueville in a while. Veronika crossed my mind. Our outdoor dining has mainly been Foxface, where I think we are regarded as rain gods.
  17. Wilfrid


    It was good, but I hope you tried the uni too.
  18. How did I forget Canetti’s Auto da Fe? This is one I should have already read: long, German-language, modernist. And I have read Crowds and Power. It’s good of course, minor characters are hilarious, but I was a bit concerned by my sympathetic identification with Kien’s relationship with his books.
  19. I see Roger Angell just made the century. Quite a story of man and magazine.
  20. Say for example you were willing to dine out in the near future, where have you really missed that would be high on your list to visit? I'm not sure when I'll take the plunge, but I could use some inspiration after over six months of not even thinking about it.
  21. Gabriele D'Annunzio, Virgins of the Rocks, The Intruder I thought I had worked through D'Annunzio's novels a few years ago. Complete fantasy. Working through them now. Aestheticism which borders on proto-fascism (these were written a long time before Mussolini came on the scene), but I figure I'm allowed as I just read a couple of antifascist Silone novels. Geoffrey Hill, Broken Hierarchies The massive (almost) complete poems, where I am working through the collections I haven't previously bought and read. Susan Stewart, The Ruins Lesson A survey of the role of ruins i
  22. Wilfrid

    Diana Rigg

    Really? You’re right. Patrick Mcnee was pushing his luck then.
  23. Fair enough. Not sure what NYPD sees itself as tasked with right now, except being in a big sulk. Hopefully new rules mean I can stop putting Lunchables or a piece of bread (really) on my table to indicate I am seated while drinking.
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