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  1. A bit worried that Sneak hasn’t listened to a note of music since January 11. 😕
  2. Earl Sweatshirt, Sick! What a writer.
  3. They did: “Voting shall be based upon the player’s record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contributions to the team(s) on which the player played.”
  4. Ortiz, not only a known steroid user, and one of the most obvious bat smashing, phone ripping, dugout destroying roidragers, and a guy who after several mediocre years waltzes into the 2013 World Series with a redesigned body and suddenly is Babe Ruth with a .688 average… and the Hall of Fame cares about character and integrity. Fuck this and fuck the Red Sox fans who booed Rodriguez when Ramirez was their god.
  5. I have been drinking The Botanist recently.
  6. New Recording 9.m4a ETA: does this file play for anyone?
  7. Gin. But I could read some Burns. I have no haggis handy.
  8. I am embarked on Koyabashi’s The Human Condition, a Japanese epic of the Second World War. Character-driven, beautifully photographed. The whole thing is about ten hours and I will do an hour or so a day. One interesting thing is the presence of Chinese and Korean characters and the Japanese subtitles for them. Happily those subtitles run down the screen, top to bottom, not encroaching on the English subtitles across the screen at the bottom.
  9. Trifecta. Read the book, saw the movie and also saw the musical theater production on 42nd Street.
  10. I can’t re-read this at the drop of a hat but I am fiercely reminded of how nations stumbled haplessly into a massive war. And then another one.
  11. It was an amazing space for a couple of years. I saw some crazy experimental music upstairs. I am pretty sure my wife performed on the main stage. I know I ate there with the legendary omnivorette. But it’s all a blur.
  12. I kinda miss him. Okay no.
  13. Ah, thank you. I was trying to remember what that place was called. Yes, I saw him there more than once. ETA: I see it closed in 2007. Where does the time go? And I remember for a brief period it served a Jewish menu.
  14. I don't have the problem feeling tasteful as I am looking forward to Euphoria episode 3 this evening. Looks like Murray Hill is in Somebody Somewhere. He's been doing that schtick for quite a few years now.
  15. Okay, there’s also going to be a huge war, but it’s not the hamsters’ fault.
  16. What a bleak dystopia we live in. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-60095060
  17. Let me just drop this here. I was puzzled looking at the new Vanity Fair, it looked like him but it didn’t. Luc is now Lucy. Didn’t see that coming but there is no reason I should. Will not be editing the thread to change his gender pronouns.
  18. I hope they know what to do with them.
  19. "Ellen Foley, who went on to star in Season 1 of Night Court..." Just how she would want to be remembered.
  20. The Ceremony, 1971 Japanese movie. A trip. Wild jumping around in time, wild incest. Only one Tarantino-style blood squirt. But all in service of serious ideas. Criterion of course.
  21. Jealous. My typical lunch is GG crackers with cold cuts and either crema or 8% fat cottage cheese. Or last night’s leftovers. At least I take lunch at a table not in front of my PC.
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