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  1. Yes, I was in the Venetian along with 10K other people (I do not exaggerate) attending the same conference. Everywhere was packed. Yardbird was largely hosting private events (I went to one of them). In the early hours of the morning (my body's time), I did not want a steak dinner even if Delmonico had seats. Let's give some context to the Chinatown alternative. I know where Chinatown is. On Tuesday, I worked about 10 hours, walked (see my phone) 6.9 miles and attended a reception where I had gambled on there being enough food. At this point, I am not going to look for a cab, tell them to
  2. Ups and downs there. I used to walk by the original Coyote Ugly when they had the doors open to clean in the morning and I strongly suspected them of sweeping crap in.
  3. Might as well drop this here. I have often come across performers I knew from back in the day in New York walking the boards in Vegas. This time, my favorite sword and fire swallower Heather Holliday in an ensemble show. We go back a looong time and I would like to have seen it. Only downside, it’s $150. She used to be $5 on Coney Island and you got to squeeze her hand through the grill once she’d been subjected to the sword-through-box act. Good luck to her.
  4. As I sit here, having just walked in my door from Las Vegas, I think I might be going to Las Vegas next. But I also have something in Denver. If that’s first it would mix it up a bit, and I am not going into my inbox now to check.
  5. Indeed you can. White Castle is hard by the Venetian. First night, it is early hours NY time, and it’s years since I’ve had White Castle. Why not? Of course I am not going to eat the buns, so I am in my hotel room peeling the cheesy/oniony Pattie’s away from three layers of “bread” (I ordered doubles). There is a Rolling Stones album named for this experience. The next night, after a reception that yielded good food but not a full meal (La Cave at The Wynn), I retreated to Gilley’s. As a very large but unpretentious and friendly roadhouse I have been there before. But of course I used to
  6. Oops I did it again. My own damn fault. Two very long days in Vegas. Last night I needed to eat and not just a sandwich or a burger. Sugarcane in the Venetian had seats. I ate a yellowtail tataki which was okay, but smothered with peppers and tomatoes (yes that's what the menu said). Then something I enjoyed, a mound of thin-sliced crispy pig ears; not smothered in anything, just a pile of ears. Then Korean-style flanken ribs which were really just bones with some flakes of beef that could be sawed from them with effort. $100. Should have had a burger.
  7. I must make this for a dinner-party so I can tell them that, adding the phrase “but of course you all know that.” Which leaves everyone around the table wondering if they should have known it. :classic-oneupmanship:
  8. Wilfrid


    Check the carb content on GG crackers. They have a few different flavors now. Works for me but no way I’d a full pack. These are well known for being filling. Another snack I’ve been eating recently: Keto-friendly tortilla chips. https://mrtortilla.com/products/chip?variant=42075568472257
  9. Oh sure, just seeing a trend.
  10. Movies are getting to be like music. Not quite everything available immediately for a small subscription. But I was just wondering whether to watch School Daze or Black Orpheus. The free or cheap universal movie juke box is almost here.
  11. Most restaurants that ain’t true. Come on. They are slow bringing the cocktail, zippy with the app, and they lose my first wine order because I am still on the martini with the inappropriate charcuterie pairing. You really don’t have this problem ?
  12. Oh yes, and remote work means you can cook slow stuff all day without wondering if the house will burn down while you are at the office. Should add to my list.
  13. Wilfrid


    Great job. I did strict Keto for six months, so around 12 weeks, and have continued moderate low carb ever since. There are now so many Keto friendly snack options. If there is something he is specifically missing let me know, I might have a suggestion.
  14. So Ana and Carlotta liked my latest comment about Hinds on IG, but of course I really care about Ana liking me. This is so teenage. But they are so great.
  15. Actually, I do order a cocktail at table at Le Croc so these are not rigid rules. 🤷‍♂️
  16. Absolutely not, because the point of cocktail time is not to order it and guzzle it down before the appetizer arrives, and then when does the champagne happen? Quiet, relaxed cocktail time happens before being seated, whether in the restaurant or in a nearby bar.
  17. I did look back at Wells’ review and some pictures of the clam bellies. He complained about too many large croutons and you can see them in those pictures. My dish had some croutons just crumbled over the clams. Good that way. Is this how they always do it now? I have no idea.
  18. I didn’t know if it would be easy to get a bar seat because they serve the full menu at the bar for walk ins. I did not want to be standing around the bar for an hour warning a martini with my hand. I offer only my own experience with the clam bellies. I had to ask directly and I got them.
  19. Wilfrid


    Well done. How long?
  20. Agreed on the slaw. Just use cabbage. The chicken. Good quality; very meaty, the wings are like drumsticks. Moist all the way through but really crispy surface. Couldn’t fault it. And they save the breasts for a separate roast breast dish, which is wise. I went to Livingston Manor for a cocktail first. Not a destination bar but friendly staff. I realized after my previous post that the overall cost is explained by ordering chicken rather than steak or lobster.
  21. Looking back over past Morscher's posts reminded me of this: I bet that was the last time I was there: March, 2021.
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