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  1. I saw something about TV EYE, thanks.
  2. You need the goy to remind you that Adolf was vegetarian? Still, great lobster roll thread. 😅
  3. I look at the BBC to see if the world still exists, although my trust in the BBC has plummeted.
  4. That’s terrific but wow the Basher has done well for himself as a pub rocker, hasn’t he?
  5. Maybe Remnick doesn’t get the awful explaining sub-editor. Young folk singer Bob Dylan. No! We’re good!
  6. Thank heavens David Remnick assigned himself the Mavis Staples profile. It’s informative, joyful, very moving and very well written, as she deserves.
  7. Good to see Cathy Erway heading up the Food section. One of the nicer food-related people out there. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/28/dining/taiwanese-fried-chicken.html
  8. Horseradish indeed. But not on every oyster.
  9. I used to eat Venezualan hot dogs at Guacuco in Bushwick (which became Santa Salsa). I look at this the same way I look at oysters. If I had to eat hot dogs only one way for the rest of my life, I would lean towards nothing but mustard (possibly sauerkraut); if had to eat oysters only one way, it would be raw on the half shell with a squeeze of lemon. Since these rules don't apply I'm fine with the occasional overloaded dog or fried oysters.
  10. Yes, seems a long time since I saw Jodie Foster in anything.
  11. I currently have all the symptoms of a head cold. Is it something more than that? Who knows? My temperature is normal. I’ll take a test if I get any more distinctive symptoms.
  12. Okay, not watching episode two is going to mean walking away from the TV right now buddy.
  13. Hulu dropped the first two episodes of Only Murders in the Building season two. I am going to pace myself so I only watched the first. This may be better than season one. I don’t know how anyone who likes comedy (and New York stories) would miss it.
  14. I read that as "scaled fish and scaled meat," but I recovered your meaning.
  15. Wilfrid


    I finally bought some baking powder so I finally made pancakes for breakfast on Sunday. I always end up with more pancakes than I can eat because I cannot face a stack of pancakes. So for supper last night I made a kind of ersatz piccadillo and served it over a remaining pancake (the last one was consumed this morning with a duck egg over easy).
  16. Goody Two Shoes Kölsch (MA), good for a hot day.
  17. Now that Kate Bush’s exceptional 1985 track “Running Up That Hill” is a smash hit again here and in the UK, apparently thanks to something the young people are up to, I have had its insanely catchy chorus in my head for days now. Why should that be just me? 😈
  18. But that would persuade me to give Bruckner another look.
  19. There was that Eater writer who objected to anything other than mustard on a hot dog, but since he turned out to be an erstwhile Nazi, I think we have to be open-minded and say load them up, for better or worse.
  20. Currently $23 but without a side. Red Hook includes fries, slaw, salad or whatever, so the price difference is small, especially as one is a truck and one is a restaurant.
  21. Yes, my bad, it was a traditional Maine split top bun, which has no sides to it and just looks like toast once it’s loaded up. The price was around $30; with a beer and tip/tax it was close to a $50 snack, a little less. At least there was a serious amount of lobster.
  22. I made pancakes too (photo is the leftovers hanging out in the fridge).
  23. No sooner do I note that Pete Wells is arguably the longest serving regular restaurant critic at the Times than I see Platty is hanging up his bib after 22 years at New York magazine.
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