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  1. I hope your gin is in the freezer.
  2. You have a dedicated liquor shelf in your fridge?
  3. I found a way to eat egregious quantities of food and drink plenty of whisky in just over an hour. I am recovering with a Dr Henderson (Fernet and creme de Menthe over ice). This was an event hosted by the Harlem Women’s Chamber of Commerce at the Forum at Columbia University. 30 food and beverage vendors. And free (okay, donation suggested). No wonder there was a line around the block. Many of the usual suspects: Charles (with the man himself presiding), Sylvia’s, Dinosaur. And a bunch of places I didn’t know. Every fried chicken suffers when held in aluminum trays ov
  4. Just read it. Worse than I expected.
  5. Reminds me of New York interviewing James Murphy on the occasion of LCD Soundsystem's "New York I Love You..." being voted number one New York song. "It even beat 'Walk on the Wild Side,'" crowed the interviewer. Just proves how bad your list is, was the gist of Murphy's response.
  6. It is enormously popular. Regular lines down the street. I too cannot see why.
  7. Buckhorn Exchange has tablecloths (very colorful) and napkins and uniforms for the waitstaff. I'm not sure it's fine dining. There's always that sense that it might be Jesse James at the next table.
  8. Yep. This amuses me (although I may have told it before). I started drinking Aviation regularly, not because of any particular properties of the product itself, but because of my fridge. Or rather, not my fridge but the small fridge in my old Harlem sub-let. The flat shape of the Aviation bottle meant it could fit in the ice box without me having to take everything else out.
  9. Wilfrid


    The plan was to finish the last of my pork roast by making tacos, but after four tacos I still have plenty leftover. But I did finish up the ramp bulbs I had frozen. Maybe cold pork sandwich for lunch.
  10. Hmm, okay. I recall seeing a bottle of Aviation in a bar and ordering an Aviation martini. The barman made an Aviation cocktail. But I guess that was likely a misunderstanding rather than ignorance.
  11. Wilfrid


    Tacos. Last piece of a pork roast, sliced thin, tossed in oil with paprika and red chili powder, served on low carb tortillas with the warmed greens from my Dinosaur BBQ order. Some sour cream would have been good. Red Rock and Chardonnay cheeses to follow.
  12. Resolved yet again to go to Jeremy's (the Schaller & Weber place). Even my daughter has been there, which is just embarrassing.
  13. Wilfrid

    Dinosaur BBQ

    All six, wow. Harlem is the original, right?
  14. Lord, my previous employer used to lay multi-colored bagels for the weekly staff breakfast. Why oh why?
  15. (Rather than just keep adding to the 2019 thread...) Any recent thoughts on where to get dinner? I did the Berghoff last October so it's not top of the list. Blackbird closed thanks to COVID. Something like Blackbird would be good.
  16. Wilfrid

    Dinosaur BBQ

    On Sunday, I thought BBQ for dinner would be appropriate. Believe it or not, I have never been to the Dinosaur outpost in Harlem. Two subway stops and a five minute walk. The place was slammed. Currently they're not offering online ordering/pickup, but it was easy enough to walk in and order takeout. Half a rack of ribs served for dinner Sunday and Monday and I still have a pot of greens to eat. Not life-changing, but perfectly okay. Which is not always true for BBQ.
  17. I had a last few ramp bulbs I froze because I was out of town, now where are they? Might have a last ramp roundup.
  18. Made me think why I am hardly ever in DC. Work never takes me there. Last two times were for rare museum shows by Clyfford Still and Richard Diebenkorn. Those go back a few years. I need to find a reason to go. If you really want to go back years, I did have dinner with Steve Klc there.
  19. That's a museum I regret to say I haven't visited yet.
  20. A couple of (dark) rum cocktails for a change: Hoover (rum, sweet vermouth, curacao); Havana Sidecar (rum, cointreau, lime juice).
  21. Having loved the South Carolina potters exhibit at the Met, with David Drake at the heart of it, I was lucky to notice Thomas Commeraw (late 18th century New York-based Black potter) at the New York Historical Society. I made it there yesterday, but today is the last day.
  22. Wilfrid


    Well I bought a slab in Schaller & Weber today, which is easy enough. I did request one big slab because that’s how I want to eat it.
  23. Culpably forgot to mention that a side comes with the entree here, like a salad or…a bowl of red chili. Guess what I had, it was good, it was much closer to a bowl than a cup too. Green and red chilis in Denver. And Clyfford Still. Four days far from wasted.
  24. Wilfrid


    Pork roast rubbed with almost the last of a great herb rub I can’t find any more and I may need to ask advice. Pre-cooked cabbage revived in white wine and chicken stock.
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