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  1. Miniscule families. Much to be said for them. :another only child:
  2. Quite right. Ignore me.
  3. Wilfrid


    One of its main selling points was its novelty, which of course faded. I can remember using Vong, London as a place to take a date, but that is going back to some time in the '90s. The New York Vong was the venue for the occasional business lunch. Some restaurants have a natural life-span, and I think Vong's was over a while ago.
  4. Wilfrid


    A good reminder. I've been meaning to go back.
  5. Be careful, though - omakase prices compare with Masa. Order from the menu.
  6. I understand some of what you say, but he has hit six home runs in this postseason, and however he looks at the plate his base running is always ferocious. If you don't like him now, you should have seen him before! I know it upsets the order of things, but is there really no temptation to pitch Sabathia in 6 and Pettitte in 7, both off four days rest? Horrible start by Burnett, but the comeback hitting was very exciting.
  7. I forgot he was still alive, but I am not for once gobsmacked. He did much better than some of the other French theorists who came to prominence in the days of structuralism. Roland Barthes run over by a milk cart, Louis Althusser incarcerated for murdering his wife after undergoing analysis with Lacan. And so on. I've read very little of Levi-Strauss's actual work, but his outlook was important and very influential in dethroning phenomenology and existentialism - philosophies perceived as individualistic (or subjectivist).
  8. Le Cirque does have a TV in the bar, but I think the only sure way to know if you'll see the game is to call them.
  9. If only everyone thought like that. I have zero interest in photography, and would rather just write reviews, but I am convinced the pictures are necessary to attract readers.
  10. Wilfrid

    Mari Vanna

    A rhetorical question I trust.
  11. Wilfrid


    I know. And only nineteen inches tall.
  12. Wilfrid

    Burgers in NY

    Went back to Mark, the slider place on St Marks. Very good value. Half a dozen sliders, fries, beer and sodas (no, not all for me), and just over $20 plus tip. I hope it gets busy late at night, because the servers aren't going to wring much of a tip out of individual checks.
  13. At this point, Joe Buck could argue that Claire Danes was cute, and I'd find it annoying.
  14. I agree with that one too.
  15. Wilfrid

    Mari Vanna

    The floor manager (I think it was) was dressed as Marie Antoinette for Hallowe'en, so it all made sense in a way.
  16. On this point I am with you. I was mentally taking in Sabathia's pants throughout the game. Manny is another one.
  17. Yes, there was a brief period when some restaurants tried to push a policy of refusing to serve tap water. I believe it was linked to the very low water reserves the city had at the time, and news stories about a drought threat. The consequence, of course, that it was bottled water or nothing. I thought a restaurant would have difficulty stopping me going to a restroom and getting my own water, but it never came to that. Environmental concerns about bottled water soon swept all that away.
  18. Wilfrid

    Mari Vanna

    That's great. You got really nice pictures of the settings and tableware. I might have done better, but there was an awful lot of Hallowe'en costume photos being taken.
  19. Wilfrid

    Mari Vanna

    Not necessarily a problem. I didn't completely understand every detail of the descriptions we got - I am pretty sure she said it was Russian sausage, but that is entirely consistent with it featuring chicken. Very white sausage (and I am only trusting the server that it was sausage) - firmer than a boudin blanc, diced up small.
  20. Wilfrid

    Mari Vanna

    Right. I never expected to be eating chicken Kiev in 2009 and saying, hey this is really good.
  21. Finally saw it because the Munchkin thought the new Christmas Carol movie looked a bit scary. I did enjoy it. No, it's not Up, and some characters were a bit labored - the Mayor, for example - but for the most part well-written and very funny. It was fun looking up who did the voices afterwards. Benjamin Bratt was a real surprise.
  22. I can assure that I wouldn't have objected, and it might well have increased her tip.
  23. I don't suppose this will help, but year in and year out your child will come down with various coughs and colds and bugs, and in fact will infect you much or often than the reverse. Especially once school starts. I understand the concern about the flu, though. Believe it or not, the Munchkin was sent home by the school nurse a couple of times recently with alleged flu-like symptoms. Except it was clear to me that it wasn't flu. After a couple of days I noticed some blotches here and there. German measles. She was already over the symptoms, of course, and a bit late to worry about s
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