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  1. I would really say no. My memories only go back to 1989/90 but that was Union Square and Madison Square empty but for the homeless, open air drug markets, avoiding the subway, certainly avoiding the South Bronx, never going east of Avenue A. We’re nowhere near how things were then.
  2. But it’s not new in SF is it? Maybe it got worse the last couple of years as it has in New York, but it was crazy when I was visiting pre-pandemic.
  3. Wilfrid


    Having run out of beef heart I bought a big pack of beef liver from nearby supermarket. Last night, chunks of it sautéed and splashed with fig balsamico. Today braised in an oniony broth I had left over from short ribs a few days ago. The aroma filled the place. Served in tacos with crema. I need more beef offal. Haven’t had kidneys in a while.
  4. One of the few highlights of Bloomberg as NYC Mayor. At a press conference he was told that naked men had been seen on Seventh Avenue. His response, “This is New York, of course there are naked men on Seventh Avenue.”
  5. Now Gelsey Bell would qualify for a descriptor. I know who she is, but she’s not William Blake.
  6. Fair enough, he eludes the deadly “an American singer-songwriter.”
  7. Like 36 hours of non-stop cold rain, not happy.
  8. So it hasn’t changed since 2019?
  9. People are strange. I remember meals with a very senior in-house lawyer who admitted to food disorders and who I actually watched slice them peas on his plate before eating the tiny fragments.
  10. Harry Nilsson gets a pass. Did he do a cartoon voice before he died?
  11. Then I start reading the review of “The First Lady,” and Ryan Murphy wanders in unannounced. I Google him and yes, duh, my fault, he’s the Glee guy, I remember him now. But William Blake and Chick Corea need intros, Ryan Murphy, Marcel Duchamp and Isaac Hayes don’t? I would obsess less if this wasn’t The New Yorker where I really thought the copy was incredibly tightly edited.
  12. Oh I see what you mean. I'm just prioritizing the Gabin movies on the list I haven't seen. I've lost count of how often I've seen Le Jour Se Leve and Quai des Brumes. We are moving slowly in the direction of every movie ever made being available on demand just like every track ever recorded (no, not literally) but there is a long way to go. Criterion is excellent, but it rotates its selection, so these Gabin movies will be taken down in a month or so and maybe put up again next year.
  13. Yes but I have seen it, more than once.
  14. Wilfrid


    It was Chloe of Chloe x Halle and she was good. Started with some Nina Simone before doing her hits. She sang live and has some range.
  15. Oh lord I am missing something obvious?
  16. Oh also, Gabin doesn’t move like an American actor. He is on his toes, balletic, torso curved back, balletic.
  17. I think Moontide was Gabin’s entire career as a Hollywood leading man. From the first frame he looks like a superstar, but, yes, his line readings are hard to understand. Still, in the early part of the movie, there’s the incomparable Gabin punch. No winding up, no telegraphing, straight right, and the recipient is not getting up. The other great thing is Ida Lupino playing opposite him when she was just beautiful, a few years before she became also important and a major figure in cinema.
  18. Pardon me, I am looking at the few Gabin movies I haven’t seen.
  19. Actually, “Isaac Hayes, a voice actor well known for South Park” would have matched the “a British engraver” nadir.
  20. If Corea had been on The Simpsons we’d have been spared his big intro. Voicing a zookeeper or something.
  21. If only William Blake had been a voice actor on South Park, then everyone would know he was a British engraver. I am going to slap Remnick next time he comes over.
  22. Yes, makes my head explode. Exactly what the piece says. But do they know who he is? Apparently he “voiced” a chef, it says here. ”Isaac Hayes, an American R&B artist who also voiced a chef on…” That’s the standard, right?
  23. Yankees have an off night, so Jean Gabin in Moontide with Ida Lupino.
  24. Certainly. As has @TheFlon because we were just Instagramming about it. It’s a nice place, serious bartenders. I should always say I tend to go to places early, so if it gets loud and busy later who knows?
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