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  1. Hannah liked it very much (but then she wasn't paying). My reaction to her food descriptions is that so much of it sounds overwrought -- extra ingredients and garnishes for the sake of it. Why pineapple mustard? Why grapefruit and Campari jam? She could only get into the dining room before 11 by identifying herself to a publicist, so I guess none of this matters.
  2. Wilfrid

    Mimi Sheraton

    I guiltily went back to the library and borrowed Eating My Words, and it's really very good.
  3. Wilfrid


    Boy was that bad.
  4. Wilfrid


    Is it any better on Saturdays?
  5. I could be happy if they dialed back the Godspell. Dark is indeed turning children into meat pies, not just barber shop customer adults.
  6. Wilfrid


    I went there. Years and years ago.
  7. Wilfrid

    El Quijote

    Three times is normal, no? (I hope I hit the right button on the check gadget.)
  8. Wilfrid


    Pan-fried strips of pepper-rubbed beef heart, salad with the last of my ramp leaves sliced into it.
  9. Yeah, duck egg omelette with ramp leaves, strips of bacon, big pot of coffee, Luke Russert.
  10. I have read my review of Sammy’s in front of a live audience. I am not kidding. Brought the house down.
  11. Exactly. Although I did go post-lockdown just because I was so relieved it had survived. See Sardi’s.
  12. I recommend Chez Josephine for: - The decor - The actual connection to Ms Baker - The stiff drinks - The music - The food In that order. Although the duck confit isn’t bad.
  13. Had quite a lot of condiments with dinner last night.
  14. I was feisty back in the day.
  15. Wilfrid

    El Quijote

    The weather is important: outdoor tables but no heaters. I was glad to be moved inside.
  16. Wedge of haggis with rhubarb sauce makes me jealous.
  17. Wilfrid

    El Quijote

    I should add, given that the steak is priced for two and that there was some drinking going on I was astonished we got out for just under $100 a head.
  18. Wilfrid

    El Quijote

    The morcilla-stuffed squid are back on the menu. First full dinner here last night in many months and I thought it was still as good as when it re-opened (as Joe says above, good rather than great). The squid and the buttifara were up to their usual standard. Raw tuna was spiked with smoked paprika. Shrimp were gigantic. And for the first time I tasted the secreto Ibérico, a pork steak with a great char. What I have always found more than good here is the service. The place is packed nightly, so it would be easy for the staff not to care, but they always give the strong impressi
  19. Yes, sitting around a table with serious wine types can be surreal. I recall one guy sipping some expensive red and just rambling through an endless list of descriptors: "Pencil shavings, wet moss, leather, pine cones, apricot, burnt leaves..." Shut up and drink it.
  20. Ramps are good, aren’t they? Just showed them up in a grilled shrimp salad, and they starred.
  21. Aw. My on plane Desperation is two miniature bottles of Tanqueray, a “glass” with that and another “glass” of ice and vermouth from my imagination.
  22. Thank you for reminding me I haven't cooked all the ramps I bought at the weekend. Looks like some kind of shrimp and ramp dish tonight.
  23. Wilfrid


    I see the Otways are facing a bankruptcy auction. People are saying the city "must act" to preserve the historic performance space. All very sad, but a bit late.
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