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  1. oh, i didn't mean east coast custard as in the soft serve that you get on the east coast. i was referring to the ohio frozen custard shop, which is called east coast custard. they serve the classic midwestern frozen custard that i grew up eating.
  2. arrgh, cupcake cafe! so, so, so nasty. the frosting is made with shortening, so the intricate floral detailing tastes like greasy wax. the cake itself is tasteless and oddly stodgy.
  3. so joe is included not on the basis of an inferior product, but because tucker finds the service to be slow/inattentive? that's pretty unfair.
  4. notes on a scandal. a bit more arch than the book was and better for it, i think, though i'm not sure if i like the different ending. idiocracy is waiting at home, and existenz is supposedly on the way. i haven't seen the latter since it came out (loved it at the time), and i'm really looking forward to a rewatch.
  5. wleatherette

    The Bonk List

    i saw eastern promises yesterday. it was great, and viggo lovers will NOT be disappointed. kinda wish i'd gone to see this with a (girl)friend instead of the boy, though, because i would have loved to have someone to giggle, squeal, and swoon with throughout.
  6. i loved c&l's as a kid, but i think it's really gone downhill. jack's in university heights is my hands-down favorite for hardcore deli, although slyman's on st. clair wins for corned beef. two very different experiences, but both are great. mitchell's ice cream is great, and i beg my family to stock up on their peppermint stick around the holidays. nothing beats east coast custard, though. i dream of that stuff. the shake shack just doesn't cut it.
  7. incredible. i've always wanted to try something like that, but it's not a look that goes with every outfit and these days i hate having long nails. i used to be a big fan of french manicures done with hot pink and black or red and black instead of the trad pink or nude and white, but it's been a while since i've done that. maybe this weekend...
  8. flatiron steak (aka top blade) is a good cut to try. it's got incredible flavor and is more tender than some the cheaper cuts, and it goes for under $10/lb. i've been completely lazy the two times i've cooked it and used the broiler only, but it still came out beautifully. like flank steak, it seems to benefit from a good marinade - i use olive/sesame oil, molasses, lime juice, salt, and various herbs.
  9. didn't it turn out that carne vale was actually using the license of the previous space and thus operating illegally?
  10. echo and the bunnymen - crocodiles
  11. actually, amy is right. the song is "he hit me (it felt like a kiss)." it's a goffin/king composition supposedly based on little eva's relationship with her abusive boyfriend.
  12. I'd be cranky if that happened to me but based on the half-dozen times that I've been, I'd say that it was just an off night. M&S is worth a second try. i'll definitely be back, if only for oysters and cocktails, but probably not at prime time on a friday night. i think that was part of our problem, and in hindsight it probably wasn't the best idea to choose an incredibly popular place on one of its busiest days when we had someplace to be after dinner.
  13. wleatherette

    Pork Chili

    i had chili at the manhattan branch of the waterfront ale house last night, which uses mixture of pork and beef. it's made with good-sized, tender, and slightly fatty chunks of meat, and definitely worth a try if you're in the area though it's not unadulterated pork.
  14. our meal last night was pretty disappointing. my friend and i split the squid salad, which was nice, though we waited quite a while for it. after another half an hour, our mains came out - pan roasted king salmon for her and a prosciutto and fontina panini for me. the salmon was a fairly thin, unexceptional piece of fish on a bed of very fresh green beans with a few chunks of beet. eh. my panini was a shade away from incinerated, just totally dried out and burnt. by that point we'd been there for about an hour and a half and were on the verge of being late for a show, so i didn't send it back. under other circumstances i would have asked for a replacement. aside from the food, our waitress was a joke. she took our order, space-cadetted around our table a few times, and that was it. the friendly and efficient hostess and the runners handled pretty much everything (water, wine, food, check) for us. i'm hoping that this was just an off night, as i really love the atmosphere of the place. anyone been recently? am i just cranky?
  15. wleatherette


    trekked over to bushwick last night for the cheater slicks, who we ended up not seeing (close to 2am and they still hadn't played). on the plus side, we had some strong drinks and saw a new-ish local band called woman who seem really promising and fun. distortion-heavy garage rock, in the darker vein of the birthday party, capt beefheart, the country teasers, funhouse, etc etc. the sound was beyond shit, though, so i'll be keeping an eye out for a show in a more traditional venue. the guinea worms (from columbus, oh) were on the bill as well and were fantastic, but i was expecting that.
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