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  1. A crazy diamond indeed. She remained my friend when few others wanted to be. She invited me to join her and her extended “family” for Thanksgiving in Santa Cruz in 2007. She was kind, unfiltered, annoying, determined, soulful, joyous, desperate and most of all passionately loyal to her friends and her family. Whatever your connection with her, the world is a poorer place for her passing. She truly was the most human of beings R.I.P Tana Banana.
  2. One of the true bar tending greats and a legend of the London cocktail scene. Even if you don;t know him, you have probably had one of the drinks he created. http://barmagazine.co.uk/industry-pays-tribute-to-legendary-dick-bradsell/ Slapsie
  3. She managed Books For Cooks, although I don't think she owned it. I'm an unashamed fan of TFL. Sad to see them both go. Bingo nights will be particularly poignant from now on RIP Slapsie
  4. My wife asked me to make some hamburgers for her UCLA tailgate party. So, I made some for me with ground shoulder clod and some for her with pork butt (she is not a great eater of beef). It turned out that the tailgate was called off. So, before she went to the game, I made her a pork cheeseburger topped with sauteed mushrooms and caramelised onions. 11 by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr And later,for me, a double cheeseburger with raw red onion and tomato. 10 by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr I have to say that although I would never normally have the stuff in the house, I do think
  5. I've stayed at the IH a number of times & like the bar a lot. We are at The Monteleone this time around and have a VERY full dance card of events as well as a few meals to soak it all up. Can't wait Slapsie
  6. I'll be down there with my Mrs Slapsie
  7. I have been on the road for the best part of the last month, so it was nice to finally get back into my kitchen. My Mrs asked me to make some snacks for her to take to a picnic with her girlfriends tonight, so I made chicken lollipops with a sweet & sour, hot dipping sauce P7052242 by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr Careme, it ain't, but I think she'll enjoy them Slapsie
  8. Those of you who were part of the food discussion boards back in the day may well remember a number of meals held at Tayyabs in Whitechapel. One meal in particular is memorable for the presentation of dishes of Raan, slow roasted lamb legs that had been marinated in yoghurt and spices. Although that meal was nearly a decade ago, I can still recall the scents and sights of half a dozen fine specimens being placed on tables in front of the fifty or so guests. I have been chatting on and off with Wasim, the owner of Tayyabs about the possibility of a book of Pakistani recipes and I asked
  9. Slapsie Maxie


    I saw this on Sunday and have to say I enjoyed it a great deal My wife & I were in Jamaica in January and visited Nine Mile, so some of the scenes had particular resonance even if the whole area has now been turned into a tourist compound. I wondered about the use of (or lack of use of) complete songs, but wondered if there was a copyright issue with short clips coming under "fair usage" and not carrying as high a fee as complete songs. Anyway, I definitely think it is worth seeing, if BM is of any interest to you at all Slapsie
  10. ECC had an abysmal reception when it opened in London The reality is that this "We decide if you come in" schtick may play in cities with no great cocktail culture, but wont play in NYC, London or anywhere else where there are lots of alternative venues to get a drink without having to encounter a bunch of complete knob heads at the door. I am not sure about the NYC location, but I know there are at least a dozen places near the London branch where I would prefer to go and drink. They will change their policy soon or be gone in a year. Slapsie
  11. I think Patrick Suskind might fit in this category. Although he has also written a couple of other novels and a hugely successful German TV series, it is almost inevitable that he will be best remembered for Perfume. Slapsie
  12. Bear in mind that there are different panels in different parts of the world to try and give some semblance of balance and to make sure that the list is not totally euro-centric given that it originates in London. So, the appearance of certain US places represents the way the panels are set up as much as it does the quality of the restaurants themselves. As far as I am aware there is still no requirement to prove that you have been to the restaurants you vote for. There certainly was not last year when I was on the UK panel. I was just asked to nominate seven (if memory serves me)places
  13. I have been feeling a bit homesick for the UK over the last few days and what better to remind me of Blighty than a nice savoury pie? A particular favourite pie that both my mum and grandmother used to make for me when I was a kid was a turkey, leek and ham pie, so I decided to make one of those 12 by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr 13 by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr Slapsie
  14. I was recently in Bangkok and Chiang Mai to film a show and while there, I was introduced to coconut flower sugar. It is taken from the juice of the flower and boiled until it resembles caramel. If boiled for 15 mins it is mixed with water as a drink, for 1 hour,it becomes a light caramel and is nibbled as a snack and, if it is boiled for two hours, it becomes this deep, rich colour and used in savoury preparations. download by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr A friend gave me some to bring back with me and I used it in a Green Chicken Curry adding the sugar to galangal, Thai basil, cila
  15. I did a charity event for The Lakers earlier in the week and they asked me if I wanted to attend a game as a thank you. Today they sent me a couple of court side seats for the game on Sunday. I am told this is a good thing. True to her LA upbringing, when I asked told my Mrs, she asked "is there free parking?" Slapsie
  16. First real chance to cook in nearly a month as I have been on the road. I bought some decent lamb shanks yesterday and pondered on making a tagine with prunes and some preserved lemons I have in the fridge. I made a batch of ras el hanout too using whole black peppercorns, allspice, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon stick along with pre ground ginger, cumin, salt and coriander. 22 by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr Slapsie
  17. Just got my Media accreditation for Tales Of The Cocktail. Have been to NOLA many times, but never managed to make a visit coincide with this event Slapsie
  18. Certainly not as pretty as some of the beautiful dishes above, but Anda Masala remains one of my favourite Northern Indian "Non meat" dishes. Hard boiled eggs in a gravy made from tomatoes, yoghurt, ginger, garlic and spices. download by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr Slapsie
  19. I am a big fan of The Pot Kiln and the owner, Mike Robinson was kind enough to invite me to go hunting with him a few years ago. The Pot Kiln Mike co-owns the Harwood Arms with Brett from the Ledbury and a lot of the game comes to them via Mike and Vicars Game dealer, where it is processed. I still recall eating a breakfast of fresh roe deer liver topped with a fried pheasant egg and a glass of cold hard cider after our early morning in the fields. Slapsie
  20. More use of my Cameron Stovetop Smoker. This time to make a slab of baby back ribs. download by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr I used a rub saved from my team's effort in last year's American Royal BBQ competition and smoked over hickory for two hours before glazing in the oven for around 10 minutes. They had just the right amount of bite, the meat coming away from the bone just where the ribs had been bitten into and there was a very pleasing smoke ring. Next up is to try the smoker for a piece of brisket Slapsie
  21. Thanks I think the difference to this version, compared to others I have made before was spicing the paneer with the garam masala. I still have half of it left, so am pondering what I can use it for today Slapsie
  22. Today's Indian adventure was to make saag paneer with homemade paneer. 16 by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr I made the paneer with 1 gallon of whole milk spiced with garam masala. I brought the milk to the boil and then split by adding 1/3 cup of vinegar. I drained it in a cheese cloth and then pressed under a weight to get the right texture. 25 by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr Pretty decent end result. Slapsie
  23. Not that this adds anything to the general debate, but the one time I spent any time with Joe Strummer (backstage when Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros supported The Who at Wembley Arena) he was playing Ticket To Ride on an acoustic guitar. Carry on Slapsie
  24. I have done it both ways. I just coloured the garlic with the herbs in about 1/4 cup of olive oil before adding to the pan. I also seasoned them at this point. I am not sure how much it added to the end result, I was just playing around about with the recipe a bit. Then end result was tasty though Slapsie
  25. I first cooked chicken with forty cloves of garlic over twenty years ago. I was prompted to cook it again for the first time in a decade by a clip I came across on You Tube while surfing recipe videos (yes that is as sad as it sounds) After browning the seasoned chicken, I softened the garlic in oil, thyme and rosemary and then baked it with the chicken for 1 1/2 hours. 9 by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr I served it with mashed potatoes mixed with a paste of the roasted garlic and a few pan juices. 14 by Dos Hermanos, on Flickr Great old recipe and definitely one to return to
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