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  1. I've been to WD-50 several times. I was thinking of going back and then writing about my avant-garde weekend as I'm at Alinea and Moto when I'm in Chicago but Bruni beat me to it :-) So, no sushi for Suzi (should have realised really) and people don't think that the Grammercy Tavern is terrible.
  2. I'm trying to work out where to eat in New York next Sunday evening. I've wanted to visit Gramercy Tavern for a while now. But I'd also like to try Moderne at MoMA, Craft, DB Moderne or Jewl Bako. Too many choices, I know. Where would you go? I'm going to have eaten multi course tasting menus for a few nights before so sushi/smallish is appealing...as is something along the lines of Casa Mono. Any thoughts? If anyone fancies meeting up, let me know :-)
  3. Does anyone have a number for Ca L'Isidre? I have tried googling and international directory enquiries but they have nothing. However, I have seen so many spellings I'm not sure they (or I) were looking for the right thing.
  4. So, I don't need botox but I do have two very fine lines under my eyes. What preventative eye creams would you recommend? Anything you've had any sucess with? I've been hearing good things about the SK-II range, any comments?
  5. Suzi Edwards


    Thanks for the ideas- friend works by Baker Street so Michiachi wins it.
  6. Suzi Edwards


    Sorry, am being kind of lazy and have not searched the site for all Japanese recommendations, but I was wondering if anyone can recommend a Japanese place for tonight? I'm most interested in sushi, but some cooked dishes may also be nice. Has anyone been to Michiachi yet?
  7. Of Gilbert and Sullivan fame I assume?
  8. Very lovely to meet everyone last night. Sitting next to Gavin wasn't as bad as he suggested it might be. Highlights for me included: Pak Choi (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) Vension Puffs Turnip Cake (I'm now convinced the stuff I had a Hakkasan was some sort of lung effluvia. As I said last night, when I first tried turnip cake I assumed that I was the victim of a Simon Majumdar practical joke it was so disgusting) Char sui buns (I'll take the blame for making Ample over-order on these, but I guess I benefited in the long run) Xiao Long Bao (all others are just a facsimile of the real thing) Shitake and Duck dumpling thing I seemed to miss out on the chive dumplings and the pandan chicken. You have to move like lightening with you lot :-P Other highlights included the overview of socialist newspapers in the early 1840's, admitting that my sole reference points are currently the Guardian weekend magazine and Popbitch and not being booted out of the restaurant and discovering that monkey tastes like rotting eggs (let's not order the monkey cheung fun next time, eh?) Ample- can you publish that list you mentioned of what things taste like?
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    Here's a link to the Yauatcha menu I would hate for someone not to be able to eat very much. Let's find a new venue if you really can't eat.
  10. Thank you for the props Paul! So, any reports? Cabrales, were you there on the first night?
  11. Oh wow. This is great information! Thank you so much for helping me out!
  12. That's looking like my best bet. Rough suggestion about how long JFK to Grand Central will be in a cab at about 5.00pm? Is there a quicker way?
  13. lol. very phil collins, live aid. i can just see tana's face if i arrive in a helicopter. stupid question, but what's a van service?
  14. Yep, it's $150 with a hire car service. I'm guessing that a taxi probably wouldn't go that far. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
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