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  1. Lauren and I shared the 410 Burger at ElGaucho last night, and it was quite good - perfectly cooked tender and beefy. the duck fat fries were perfection, creamy inside, crispy outside. Well worth a visit!
  2. Looking further out since this didn't work, how about the weekend of the 21st/22nd? Or sometime thanksgiving weekend?
  3. We could do Sunday the 25th. We have friends coming for dinner on the 24th, so it's doable, but unwise...
  4. It's been a while since we did a weekend dumpling run. Does Sunday Nov 1st look like a good day for folks? We could try Hong Kong dim sum up in Lynnwood?
  5. Are there any stores around town that still sell herbs besides parsley in bunches rather than in stupid little plastic boxes? (looking for thyme, marjoram, mint & basil)
  6. I think cocktails beforehand is a must - We need to lay down a good base of alcohol to absorb all that food Oh no Bill - he's been kidnapped by work again...
  7. Everyone still in for Polish Dumplings on Friday? And is Carpooling in order?
  8. Dim Sum Factory = best soup dumpling I've ever had! (nb, my experience is not as wide as many others here, but it was really awesome) Well worth the drive to Factoria.
  9. I'm wide open - what works for you & Lauren works for me...
  10. Dim Sum Factory next Wednesday it is! what time works for y'all?
  11. I have inconveniently timed Dr appts Thursday and Friday given the drive time to Factoria. what about Wednesday Thursday or Friday of next week?
  12. Oh Dim Sum Factory would be great! I'm booked this Sunday but Oct 3/4 are currently available. Weekdays are better for me if we can make that work.
  13. sadly we have plans on the 11th (might be able to join you for drinks after, but not dumplings...) October 9th?
  14. If mine had curry sauce it was so bland I never noticed it.
  15. I can do the 4, 11, 18 and TBD on the 9th. I can do any of those Bill is TBD as he doesn't know his work schedule for September yet, but Fridays are usually OK
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