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  1. Hehehe, definitely not. It's wanting to see how to make a traditional cuisine taste just as good or better than "back home" but without the benefit of terroir, as well as being involved with expansion plans and helping to shift a restaurant's identity while keeping to tradition. And I love the food and have ownership support for culinary and business interests we both share. It makes the most sense for me to be here. But who knows, maybe a pop-up in the future, though not anytime in the next 12 months. Pat
  2. Indeed, I've been at Vios since October. No story, Coterie Room is good folks doing delicious food. It was just a combination of realizing their modernist approach was too much of a departure from what I ultimately wanted to do, and the opportunity at Vios both being too good to pass up and more in line with cooking that hews to tradition. If I were younger, I would have liked to stay, especially since I'm a nerd too and genuinely enjoyed working with them. It's alright though, big plans in the works. First is Greek Easter, next is brunch, and more still after that. Anyway, now I'm at
  3. Hey all: We're doing Greek Easter at our flagship location on Capitol Hill this Sunday. Here's the menu: ========== Come Celebrate With Us for Greek Easter on Sunday, April 15th from 1pm - 3pm. Join us and enjoy a special nine-course pre-fixe Greek Easter meal highlighting the whole slow roasted lamb Lamb Loukaniko Stuffed Grape Leaves Spinach and Feta Pie Fava Beans with Red Onion and Fried Capers Orzo Pasta with Spiced Sauce and Myzithra Dako Salata with Tomato and Feta Roasted Potatoes with Oregano and Lemon Spit Roasted Lamb Apricot-Pistachio Baklava Ko
  4. We open for brunch tomorrow, and will be doing brunch every Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 2pm. Egg Cold smoked escolar, soft boiled egg, arugula 12 Shrimp egg foo young, Thai basil 10 Pancake Bittersweet chocolate, kumquat, orange syrup 8 "Pecan pie", Asian pear chutney, creme fraiche 8 Sandwich Quince breakfast patty, spicy maple syrup 12 Kalbi burger, cheese, red onion pickle 14 Porridge Kabocha, rum raisin, brown sugar 8 Andouille, shrimp, ginger-scallion 10 Noodle (w/egg) Pork Belly Kimchi Ramen Korean Hangover Soup, black pudding, rice and kale Thank you,
  5. Will brunch be a dim sum type of format or variations on typical Western brunch items? It won't be dim sum, and while there will be a few familiar things to make it recognizably a morning meal, there will also be morning meal dishes as enjoyed in Korea, albeit all reinterpreted according to Chef Yang's imagination. Sorry if that's not terribly descriptive, I have a hard time describing the food at Joule too for the same reason! I will post a menu as soon as it's finalized. We start brunch on January 8. Pat
  6. Thanks everyone for your good wishes, and nice to see you again, WL. Next on the agenda: parking! We'll have it! And brunch too. Pat
  7. We're open. Everything is made from scratch: noodles, dumpling wrappers, everything. Please come have some delicious food and soju cocktails. Revel Winter Menu Salad Corned lamb, arugula, nuoc cham $9 Shrimp, long bean, tamarind ranch $8 Spinach, sunchoke, miso vinaigrette $7 Pancake Pork belly, kimchi, bean sprout $10 Shrimp, edamame, mint $9 Potato, garlic chive, creme fraiche $7 Dumpling Chorizo, jicama, cilantro $9 Short rib, shallot, scallion $9 Delicata squash, earl grey ricotta, pecan $8 Rice (w/egg yolk) Short rib, sambal daikon, mustard green Albacore
  8. Er, oops, yes I meant the 25th, thanks for catching that, SeaGal. Pat
  9. The 26th 25th! I've been wanting to go to one of these for ages, but Monday is my only guaranteed day off. Pat
  10. Our last Urban BBQ for the summer is this Sunday, August 22, featuring Busan, Korea: Thank you, Pat
  11. Hey christy: I was already at work and elbows deep in prep by the time you posted this, so no chance to recognize you, but I'll look for you next time. Feel free to say hi. When seated at the bar, I'm almost always working the leftmost station. Next Sunday is going to be our last Urban BBQ of the summer: Busan, Korea! Pat
  12. Oops, I'd forgotten to post the Thailand menu last weekend. Thank you christy, glad you enjoyed it! We are headed for Halong Bay, Vietnam, this Sunday Aug. 15: Thank you, Pat
  13. Our Urban BBQ menu for Sunday Aug. 1: Sicily! Thank you, Pat
  14. This Sunday July 25, onward to Marseille, France: Thank you, Pat
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