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    Alice, those pics are gorgeous! Thank you.
  2. Deb, your comment about the alcoholic nephew made me remember the truly worst holiday disaster I've had to endure. Long and boring story...hope you don't mind. Many years ago in a different life I hosted 25 of my (ex) husband's relatives for Thanksgiving. A nerve-wracking performance for a 26 year old. Unca Harry was an alcoholic who, apparently, had been ordered not to drink and embarrass his wife and family that day. So of course he was the first thru the buffet line. While there were still 8 of us in line waiting to get our first servings, he said, "Where's my pie?" I was appalled a
  3. Thanks for all your comments. Made me laugh! Hope all your holidays meals turned out wonderfully!
  4. So I cooked Christmas dinner tonight...yeah on the Eve. A 6 lb prime rib roast. I decided to try the high heat turn off the oven method. Despite a really good oven it didn't work (maybe). It was undercooked for DH who hates rare meat. So had to go back in oven...nightmare. Due to this method (and timing disaster) and only having one oven I had to cook the rest on the stove. My potatoes a la Julia cooked in cream on stovetop got overdone. So did the fresh garden peas and baby onions. Then we had an argument about whether the very good wine we had opened was corked and DH stalked
  5. Thanks for letting me know about recado negro. I can't imagine cooking dried chiles that black and still having flesh/flavor left. Interesting.
  6. It works. I do it all the time. I think about what I want to eat and search recipes in cookbooks and on the net...by the time I am done I have lost my appetite.
  7. How do you make it? I go with equal parts white and rice vinegars, ½ part water, 3 to 2 sugar to salt and a sliced jalapeno (seeds removed). It comes out pretty good. Nice condiment for the bo-ssams we’ve made. This is making me want to host another soon. I use Andrea Nguyen's recipe here: http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2009/05/daikon-and-carrot-pickle-recipe-do-chua.html I've tried using a mandoline to slice the vegies to speed things up but found it made them too thin so I julienne by hand. It holds up for a few months in teh fridge.
  8. Ok...I'll admit my ignorance. What is it that looks black on the chicken and the ball on the cook's hand? A realy dark mole? Also, on the plate there is something that looks almost like a piece of lasagna? I've been to the Yucatan but stuck on the coast with non-food tourists. Please share more details.
  9. Do you mean on the ones we compared? There was plenty of carrot, just no daikon. (I made up for it by cooking some of both for dinner last night -- but now I'm out of them.) Yes, I meant on yours. How can there be Banh Mi without Do Chua? I make up a jar each month so we have it on hand.
  10. Merlin

    Mile End

    Would you also be curious about the gefiltefish with lime and radish dressing at the new pan-Jewish restaurant Octavia's Porch? I know I am! You bet! It includes horseradish as well.
  11. Everything was great Chez Allen. I even managed to work in a couple of non-traditional dishes that were a huge hit. Roasted pears & red onions with rosemary & sherry vinegar and a spinach & mushroom panade. Hi Deb! Do you happen to have a recipe you can share for the roasted pears? (I have a bag of Asian pears I need to use.)
  12. I have a Cuisinart one from Costco. It has 2 plates that flip from ridged to flat so I can open it up flat and cook pancakes I guess. It gets hot enough to perfectly grill a spatch-cocked cornish game hen in about 8-10 minutes. I think it might do well for steaks though I haven't tried that. ETA: Exchange for the one with more functions...you never know.
  13. That looks beautiful, Peter. How did your tradition develop? Also, how long does the bread last? It's not like a fruitcake I assume...
  14. Merlin

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    As a radish freak, I'm really curious if anyone knows what the "Shmaltzed Radish" on the menu is. Would it be bread smeared with schmaltz and topped with grated raw radish? Or perhaps some kind of confit of radish?
  15. So, you don't need to cool it to remove the fat? Also, kudos to anyone who spends all day cooking Pho two days before Thanksgiving!
  16. Nice article. I was just there last week (again) with out of town guests. Navarro and Husch are pleasant, but sorry the article didn't mention Breggo which I think has very good wines. Also, the tasting at Roederer includes a comparison of the same vintage "champagne" from a liter and a magnum bottle. Very interesting to taste the difference just due to bottle size. I'm glad the article mentioned Hendy Woods. It's worth the 5 minute detour off the main road. One of the trails is a short easy 15 minute walk thru magnificent old-growth redwoods. Definitely worth it, espcially as many of
  17. Ok. I just want to scream! I belong to lots of online groups. This is now the strangest looking. And the strangest when I tried to copy but NOT quote someone. I think there must be something wrong with how I am seeing it. Cuz no one else would tolerate it. HELP PLEASE!
  18. Ok i was going to reply to this thread but when I tried to quote i got this: I have no clue what this all is. But it makes it really difficult to reply.
  19. Good idea but doesn't really work for a birthday dinner. I'll definitely try later though.
  20. Grant, the next available reservation for Frances is at 10pm in September! Wow.
  21. Aww. We miss you Maison! And I'll check out Frances, Grant. Thanks!
  22. Next week's another birthday and I get to choose any restaurant I want to eat at. I've been out of it lately so have no idea who's offering up the best food. I checked Coi out of curiousity and a set menu won't work as Russ can't eat seafood. Prolly can't get reservations this late either. Any ideas? Thanks!
  23. Just letting ya know....
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