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  1. this shouldn't be new news, Krazy Kat was all about the politics, hypocrisy and fluidity of race and gender even if one didn't know Herriman's background. I've known his background since i was a kid. i'm sure my parents thought it was an important part of getting the jokes that weren't really jokes in Krazy Kat cartoons
  2. i cried the day my aunt "upgraded" my grandmother's 40s range to a lovely 70s piece of crap
  3. my next range will be a 1940s wedgewood
  4. there's a great story about Eddie, Quincy and how the collaboration went down. i'll try to hunt down a written version for you.
  5. it's easily achieved at home by ordering in from a place that cooks that way. i did just that, earlier today
  6. i am so digging this show. it's everything you want in a soap opera without the perfunctory and cringeworthy sex scenes. also, i will watch anything with Shira Haas in it.
  7. I'm very sorry for your loss she was a lovely girl and it was nice to hear tales of her over the years. Condolences to you and the family.
  8. i am replacing a cheap moen with a grohe pullout. the moen shockingly lasted 12 years but doesnt always sit correctly in it's dock. i bought extra hoses, washers and aerator for the grohe. i am all about keeping replacement parts on hand because things only break on friday night of holiday weekends
  9. splinky

    Carl Reiner

    my first thought was who will eat dinner with Mel almost every night now?
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