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  1. the Fran Lebowitz docu dragged me back to my wayward youth with clips of the Dolls. NYC was filthy but fun, back in the day
  2. the NYTimes obituary is so unnecessarily disrespectful. Mr Oliver was Mr. Cardin's partner in life and business for over 40 years and Mr. Cardin may or may not have had a sexual affair with Ms Moreau. that's so not cool of the NYTimes.
  3. bridgerton because i'm a cougar, it's a pandemic and there's eye candy
  4. is this the Longpi stuff the Taj hotels use?
  5. etsy and ebay are your best bets. you can save an ebay search and get daily updates by email if it pops up.
  6. those shots are almost worse than the finger pain
  7. i'm totally off the hook for the first time in almost 50 years. no turkey, no sweet potatoes, no cranberry sauce. i'm thinking short ribs and polenta
  8. online ordering and not crazy shipping fees
  9. the Thomashefskys were a famously troubled in love family
  10. i almost bought one of the crazy sprawling 4 bedroom 1st floor units in turner towers but the plumbing issues seemed insurmountable
  11. i am shocked that there are not more leak related murders in NYC
  12. most of the products they are offering so far are usually not outrageously priced but they are generally not available in these neighborhoods. people have to drive to fairway or whole foods to get them which makes them even more expensive
  13. this looks promising. i became aware of miyokos and just egg at the food and restaurant shows and have been impressed. what a nice opportunity for people to try some new options for plant based eating
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