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  1. So sorry for your loss. She was an awesome gal
  2. say hey to the Bushes. well, that's really Crawford but they know how to party
  3. i would go out for an official PCR test but the pollen would kill me...
  4. been sick for a week. serial covid testing negative. could be a norovirus, i guess. definitely the worst allergy season ever. speedy recovery wishes to all who are ailing
  5. the Staircase docu on Netflix and the mini series on HBO. that's a scary ass drank daddy's Kool-aid family
  6. now, i am upset all over again about how packages of hot dogs and packages of hot dog buns do not contain equal amounts and one pack or the other has leftovers
  7. https://tenor.com/view/boss-baby-movie-its-a-secret-whisper-gif-12772093
  8. yes, but i waited until i got the patent to mention it. he riff all he wants, i'll get the royalties
  9. wait till these guys hear about croutons in salad
  10. very charming. the timeline is all crazy and it's weird how they replaced real people with made up characters or changed real people to be something they weren't but still a charming telling of the story and a good representation of life in and around boston at the time
  11. Julia on HBO. everytime i'm ready to dump HBO they have stuff i don't want to miss.
  12. old enough on netflix. it's genius. i know many adults who couldn't do as well as the kids featured
  13. you really only need to know to know the 10 best
  14. he was absolutely open and casual about it and clearly felt safe because he was pals with the most powerful people
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