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  1. Me too. Her apartment has been sealed by FDNY/NYPD but I doubt anyone in authority has bothered to get a restraining order against her returning to the building.
  2. The list is super long and super troubling. The fire might not even be the worst thing, honestly. I'll tell you over drinks sometime. We will have time for many many drinks as I go down the list. I'm told she's been charged with arson but I don't know if she's still in custody. [maybe on a psych hold but probably would not be held in jail because no one died so no bail requirement either]
  3. Thanks. I definitely want a real escape plan. I'm not on a super high floor but once I had my go bag and was ready to go, it was super unclear which was the least dangerous way out or if there was any safe way out at all. All 3 fire stairwells had issues gushing water/smoke/working firemen using them. This left me and my two neighbors who had made me their escape leader with no way to get out safely. There was also no plan for folks with mobility issues. We have people in the building who use wheelchairs and who use assistive devices for walking. One older man on a higher floor tried using the
  4. nah, she's been dead for years. but i have many racist neighbors. the arsonist, who is also a racist usually assaults POC staff and residents but she's becoming more of a generalist with her attempts at mass murder.
  5. i'm not so concerned with her safety but i'm petty like that. she has been detained, for the time being. there have been around 40 documented incidents of her endangering the lives of residents and staff, since january. first time that she's actually having consequences, because she made the mistake of damaging valuable property. privilege rules
  6. yes, thanks! super scary and also, the realization that our high rise has no evacuation plan is pretty concerning.
  7. to which of my racist neighbors are you referring?
  8. this morning, upstairs neighbor set fire to her apartment in hopes of killing us all. fun times.
  9. don't worry. she probably called their manager and had them all fired
  10. my dad was gutted by a wild boar as a kid. his sister shoved his guts back in and told him not tell their parents because she was babysitting and no one was supposed to be outside
  11. there are aways a few people who will refuse to let them into their apartments at all
  12. 8 is plenty old. I was a supervisor in the coal mines when I was 8
  13. i just recently saw a vintage hibachi for sale. the kind that the big green egg is modeled on. i swooned a little then remembered i'd need a backyard
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