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  1. splinky

    one fifth

  2. Good luck to you. Noodle's mom sent her to me when camp ended.
  3. splinky

    one fifth

  4. Paris in a few weeks because i can't just stay in my apartment forever
  5. i have no idea.
  6. i've drinking arnold palmer's everyday maybe i need to sorbet them
  7. lemon and marionberry is my fave of theirs. i really want to try grapefruit vanilla.
  8. Love Robert Colescott. One can certainly see his influence in the work of Kara Walker, Kehinde Wiley and others.
  9. she's no Zendaya but she helped a generation see possibilities that might exist. that's pretty amazing, any way you slice it.
  10. she was Jewish and knew they wouldn't assume that she was and she liked that she was sort of screwing our crappy neighbors both ways. eta: my mom was kind of a bitch
  11. in my building, we don't have shabbos elevators and when i first moved in, i noticed many residents just lurking in the elevator bank at the weekends. my mom figured it out one day when one of the unfriendly neighbors who never returned a greeting stared and smiled awkwardly at her, when my mom stepped out of the elevator, but didn't get on. my mom said she pressed the down button for her and told the woman "you're on your own to get to the lobby button pressed". my mom would say, drink the good vermouth, life is short and you'll be forgiven
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