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  1. splinky

    Carl Reiner

    my first thought was who will eat dinner with Mel almost every night now?
  2. but it will no longer come with AC as standard
  3. Yes, when I was a kid we lived in Far Rockaway and my father had retired from a 27 year career in the army. He and my mother looked at homes to purchase in the Rockaways and were unable to do so, because every place was "exclusive" regardless of price. They had planned a cash purchase, in an area where most people struggled to qualify for a mortgage, so it should have been an easy purchase for a federal law enforcement officer and his family.
  4. the instagram stories are poppin'. i wondered if he'd ever be called on his BS
  5. That's the neighborhood called Roxbury, right? Growing up in the Rockaways that area was off limits. Silver Gull was a super affordable beach paradise because while its membership was generally not wealthy, the club was super exclusive.
  6. they have some interesting vintage stuff on their etsy page.
  7. splinky

    Tim Brooke-Taylor

    the Goodies were shown here on public television and quite popular in certain nerdy sets. Tim's vests were awesome.
  8. our building was very transparent at first so that we even which floors had positive people, but recently there was a sudden change of policy and they will no longer disclose affected floors or the number of affected residents. we had one fellow who tested positive but decided not to self isolate because he was in the middle of a business deal in his office which is also in the building. one of his employees died from the virus and his next door neighbors got sick and tested positive. coincidence?
  9. i know people who have it and have died from it. 2 of the people who had it and died from it weren't tested until it was too late anyway. one who died on saturday was not tested and told by the doctor that it was nothing and sent home to rest and they were dead 5 days later. i know people who were closely exposed (same household) to people who died from it and they do not meet the testing criteria. i think you have to be a celebrity or dead to get tested
  10. https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/heresthething/episodes/restaurant-whisperer
  11. splinky

    floyd cardoz

  12. flavor flav got fired from public enemy for speaking his mind and for basically being flavor flav
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