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  1. something about it just annoyed me. i have no idea what exactly, but i lasted only 5 minutes
  2. Just finished 5 seasons of Aggretsuko on Netflix. A sort Japanese cartoon soap opera populated by anthropomorphic animals. It was not what I expected but a totally pleasant surprise. Next up Kantaro The Sweet Tooth Salaryman about a nerd who lives for sweet desserts
  3. i wear a mask whenever i feel it is needed, like public transportation, crowded indoor and outdoor spaces, in hospitals and drs offices or anywhere else that feels risky or if i have a cold or cough. fuck anyone who feels some type of way about it.
  4. you can also try patting it dry after marinating and before it hits the pan
  5. you might have too much meat in the pan or the heat may be too low.
  6. that's ableist. the only qualification is that someone hired him to say some random stuff about food
  7. love criminal minds. had never watched a single episode until last year and got hooked, so the reboot is a gift. i just wish they didn't make penelope so cringeworthy
  8. generally speaking, those two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive. as far as the law suit, the court will decide.
  9. children are empty vessels into which you can pour your own failed hopes, dreams, wishes and goals. they can get their own lives when they can afford to pay for stuff
  10. E. Alex has a boyfriend and a thesaurus. So much winning
  11. MacKinnon hated Cornell's guts. Like roller derby fight level hate. Why do famous feminists seem to hate women more than they hate men?
  12. Talk of Dworkin reminds that Drucilla Cornell died in December. Dworkin was an odd duck until the end and a real pit bull about her theories. Cornell was also an odd duck but seemed capable of growth and learning from those around her who were not like her.
  13. well, if it's as good as their itty bitty tomatoes...
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