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  1. But seriously, what Belafonte had to say along with what he did is so important and I think more important in many ways than winning an Oscar.
  2. totally confused it in the Netflix search with "Is It Cake?" but we figured out the mistake pretty quickly. this is next on my movie queue
  3. Don't Worry Darling. All I can say is what in the ever loving world happened there? Wilde must have been smoking crack the whole time.
  4. between Budd's clubs and Mitzi's clubs so many laughs.
  5. splinky


    a comedy stylist
  6. we'll all be dead soon, enjoy your dinner
  7. splinky

    Julie Powell

    Julia had sort of a Fred Bridge thing happening
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/01/dining/gael-greene-dead.html?smid=url-share
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