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  1. i cashed out for an amazon giftcard
  2. it may be more for the adults. i cried during the rice episode
  3. i started waffles and mochi. it's a surprisingly good show, even for adults and those puppets act up a storm
  4. they sure don't make them like that any more
  5. splinky


    part of what made it nice was the personal service and the friendly chatter with the guy who ages and cuts it or the dad of the gal who ages and cuts it. Bryan seems like a nice guy and i enjoy chatting with him especially when i want something a little special.
  6. but they trust staff with our credit cards
  7. this is exciting news!
  8. they used to be a dollar for a lot. sometimes i'd get sheets instead of cut noodles. i guess you could fry some for snacks
  9. that's too much noodles. they don't stay fresh that long
  10. lysol spray and sea salted cultured butter procured on my snow melt expedition, today
  11. there were 5 or 6 places in a row as you go east on grand street. north side of the street
  12. "tell me your secrets" on amazon prime. just cray
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