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  1. concise and all that. but there is a fundamentally broke system. and it is not working. my stance is not a war against ssris or medicine, but against the system of distribution and the marketing of it. re your quoting that depression is the 11th leading cause of death in the US, i was wondering if you could be mistaken.. i got this.."Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the United States across all age groups, the third leading cause in the 10–24 years of age group and second in people between the ages of 25 and 35 (www.cdc.gov/ncipc/wisqars 2002). Mood disorders are strongly associated with suicidal behavior, with an estimated 60% of completed suicides having a lifetime diagnosis of mood disorder (Mann, 2003; Turecki et al, 2001). " surely, even not the entire percentage of the clinically depression needs long term pharmaceutical support. there are chronic conditions and then some that are managed. will you be disagreeing with me here? having said that, when a widely prescribed, aggressively marketed drug has serious side effects, it is time to look into it to fix it. By the drug companies but monitored by the FDA. There is no other way to do it. Society. No. Similar. Similar. Yes. Yes. The figures I quoted are for major depressive disorder (aka clinical depression). I repeat. Depression is the 11th leading cause of death in the US. Worse. Most SSRIs are out of patent and so are not advertised. With that I agree.
  2. watching cats stalk critters and birds is fascinating..just proves how even the domesticated cats are really wild and cunning hunters inside their heads. in bangalore, there is a famous sweet shop called k.c.das that has been around for decades. now..the current mr.das is an animal lover..among other things. he has an open house for all strays and waifs, human and animal. and by human strays, i mean 'artists'. his house serves as an art gallery, his office, his food lab and his animal shelter. it is a sprawling bungalow with ample acreage in the heart of bangalore...so everything and everyone does their business smoothly. i like to visit his place and especially his first floor where he feeds some 40-50 cats twice a day. he probably doesnt even remember me, but everytime anyone goes, they get the tour of the animal facility, we gaze upon the paintings by the artists he patronises and gobble sumptously on bengali sweets, shrikand, bengali puris and potatoes(i forget their name) which is very unlike the regular puris, lassi and coffee. then, we'd go upstairs and the guy who is incharge will show us the cats, the new borns, the injured etc. when we go during feeding time, they'd all descend from all around for their fish and rice. after a lip smacking meal, they'd huddle and lick their paws. but only until, the guy starts to feed the birds. and all these old, sickly, young, skittish little felines would start to line themselves in a hunting formation..every single one of them determined to 'catch' the bird. and oh..by 'birds', i mean hawks.
  3. not just a full moon, but a scorpio fuelled full moon. the only way to deal with it is to strip and dance naked in the garden under the full moon.
  4. By trials performed before the release of the drugs. i have heard of such things before. the question is... by whom? by the fda or by the drug companies themselves? Stupid, scaremongering article. It is true that SSRIs have been associated with suicidal ideation and other adverse reactions but only in a small minority of cases. (And, of course, these drugs are only taken by those who are already depressed.) But there is absolutely no evidence that this shooting was related to taking SSRIs. I don't wish to minimize the seriousness of adverse reactions to psychoactive drugs, which clearly need to be studied (and are), and it may be true that those taking the drugs should be carefully monitored. But the prevalence of depression is about 10% in this county and suicide is the 11th leading cause of death. If antidepressants can help alleviate some of that misery then I think we have to tolerate the rare occasions that they do more harm than good. my problem with ssris is not their prescription and usage, but the way the receipients are not monitored. at the end of the day, what is the measure of 'acceptable risk'? and who decides that? should we take a poll of all middle agers to find out how often they felt suicidal, how many of them wanted to go on a killing spree when they were teenagers? these are my questions. and they are sincere doubts about other countries. is depression/suicidal tendencies an american phenomena? what are the statistics for other countries? what are the statistics for other countries where anti depressants are prescribed with gay abandon? who collects these statistics? is it a genetic 'problem'? are there not ranges for any kind of depression/suicidal tendency.....from that which are alleviated by a good old 'getting it out of the system' talk in order to get out of depression to severe brain chemical imbalance that is been passed from generation to generation? i know that many women rely on drugs to get out of the post partum funk. how do other women in other countries where prescribing antidepressants is not common cope? and if they do indeed need some form of therapy, how long do they stay on it and how functional are they after they come out of it? and finally, how many countries have television and print advertisements that aim to 'nudge' the patient to ask about certain prescription drugs? i realise that i risk sounding like an absolute luddite/rock dweller/tom cruisque when i criticise drug prescription and usage, but i also think that a responsible society must ask responsible questions when individual issues of sanity affect the collective welfare. secondly, distrubingly, i have also heard that general practioners sometimes prescribe antidepressants and its ilk. this practice, imo, is dodgy. re no evidence that ssris are related to the shootings, we dont know either way because as far as i know, no information has been released. yet. still. and that is problematic to me. edited to add because my formatting is fucked today.. nobody has a problem declaring that they are taking medications for flu or for allergies. but considering the ssris and their ilk are freely advertised, there is still reluctance in accepting that one is on these medications. this is more than odd. by comparison, how many television ads run for cancer or hiv medication? sleep aids, allergies and medicines for depression. how many ssri television ads even bring up the issue of post partum depression? every person suffering from life style maladjustment feels 'special' and ill and in need of pharmaceutical interference AT ONCE. my current project is to collect all the newspaper articles and television commercials that shill for prozac and co for a show. the absurdity and callousness of it all will hopefully sink in.
  5. Senators weigh bill to bolster drug safety [..] A key provision would require the FDA to review the safety of many new medications 18 months and again three years after their initial approval, and to conduct routine surveillance of public and private medical databases to track harmful side effects. There is wide agreement the current system for tracking the safety of drugs already on the market is ineffective. The legislation also would provide the agency with authority to prohibit some new direct-to-consumer drug advertisements for as long as two years after a product's launch; empower the agency to require pharmaceutical companies to conduct postmarket studies of new medications; and set deadlines for revisions of drug warning labels when problems arise. (FB comment: if there needs to be a bill to enforce ALL that, how does the FDA approve drugs right now?) In addition, the bill would increase the so-called user fees drug and medical device makers pay the FDA to fund the review and approval of new medicines and devices. The FDA has come under heavy criticism from members of Congress and a host of medical and consumer advocates because of numerous health problems caused by prescription drugs after they have been approved. This has included antidepressants, the antibiotic Ketek and the withdrawn painkiller Vioxx, a once-popular Merck drug that was linked to heart attacks and strokes. The Institute of Medicine said last year the FDA lacks the tools to monitor and assess the safety of newly marketed drugs and does not have the authority to rapidly act when safety problems are discovered. [..] further: Modesto Bee: Role of antidepressants in killings needs review (i agree with the article..but re the characters interviewed, with some reservations psychiatric drugs behind virginia tech shootings?
  6. no authority at all, i'm afraid. i've eaten a lot of it, but never paid close attention to composition. it is in the long list of things which, rather than laboriously prepare inferior versions of at home, i am content to wait 1.5-2 years to go home and eat. yes, but we do get a different version of chaat down south. for example, i have a friend who thinks delhi chaat is different from calcutta chaat....is there a difference at all?
  7. luxury!! los angeles seems affordable compared to the bay area. from what i understand, its the real estate agents who keep manipulating the prices..trying to convince the buyers to overbid. the trick is to undervalue the property on sale and start a bidding war. there seems to be a pressure to keep the property prices up for certain neighbourhoods. can anyone explain why the california market alone is still not flailing..there is even a moderate upswing in the prices...when the rest of the country's housing market is falling? i wouldnt trust the agents anymore.
  8. chaat is a northern speciality..hence, mongo's the authority.. from what little i know.. i have seen mixed bean sprouts...the sproutable kind... in the pani poori. or you could just fill it with a little pinch of indian spiced mashed potatoes...with lots of cumin and lemon juice. i think the idea is to make sure that the bottom of the delicate poori doesnt become too soggy from the pani. so its a little bit of solid base...you can use anything..pretty much. for the spicy pani, i use plain tamarind water, cumin powder and most importantly, black salt. it makes all the difference. herbs..cilantro..maybe mint, if you have it. there is another sauce..made with dates and tamarind(the sweet sauce) that you mix with the sprouts filling that goes into the little pooris. i have never tried it, but i heard that a healthy splash of vodka in the pani for the poori is all the rage in some parts of india. worth a shot! re paneer..i made some paneer cutlets recently..altho' *I* wasnt too fond of it, others appreciated it. triangles of paneer breaded and shallow fried. thats the plain version. for an indian twist, mix the paneer, crumbled..with mashed potatoes, chopped onions, ginger, garlic, chillies and cilantro. small flattened balls and shallow fried.
  9. this calico is incredibly smart(she can open doors..i mean..she'd figure out a way to climb chairs and over shelves ...and keep clawing the handle until the door opens..how smart is THAT?).... she is distressed by touch, hyper..HYPER active..extreme concentration some times (like when she's stalking someone...refused to budge once and almost got her skull crashed as the door shut)and absolutely scatter brained...zinging and bouncing off the walls other times. she wont make eye contact and is very hostile/suspicious towards any new cats. extremely affected by change...if there is a new arrival, she'd disappear for days to register her displeasure. extreme sense of entitlement. mood swings every 10 minutes. too much attitude. in other words, you exist only if she wants you to..else she is alone and the reigning queen of her world. i bet she'll know how to use a gun. i just have to figure out a way to make her obey my instructions.
  10. Oh, please not! Try on autism for a while. Nobody went there. And I personally most likely would choose to side with Dr. Johnson rather than Ariana Huffington. Just an outside hunch. My little peer-group-unvetted brain does balk at this recent quote (WSJ 4/11 pgA12): "A recent editorial in NATURE called for a moratorium on human stem-cell tests in heart disease because there is no consensus yet about how the cells work." No side steps allowed. i dont know about autism, but i know a cat with severe adhd...at least, thats what i suspect. maybe it's autism. we can discuss that if you want. personally, i think its her colour. calicos always have 'issues'.
  11. Breggin is a fraud. possibly. or not. it is not my area of expertise. i cannot go forth and label him a fraud. hence the term, 'controversial'. Is anyone saying anything other? ? do i always have to disagree with someone to voice a thought?
  12. i think we should know. ssri stories bbc panorama on seroxat...paxil in the usa on another note, off-label use of drugs black box label antidepressants a controversial character all i am saying is...if pharmaceutical companies think that they can advertise prescription medication on television and print and weigh the savvyness of the layman to 'ask their doctor for' happy pills by name and brand, i think some of us have the right to know the other little details...like if said happy pill throws users into mania or a murderous rage.
  13. i am still waiting for the media to release the details of the medication he was on now or whenever. i'd like to know. we should know. but we wont.
  14. i dont know about the dining sleeve, although i do think paper napkins in restaurants is terribly wasteful. it reminds me of the latest chinese movement to reduce the number of disposable chopsticks. many students simpy carry their own chopsticks that they pack in and wash after every meal. the 'bring your own' movement is also catching on in japan and with plastic bags etc in the states. bringyourown.org i like the idea.
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