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  1. concise and all that. but there is a fundamentally broke system. and it is not working. my stance is not a war against ssris or medicine, but against the system of distribution and the marketing of it. re your quoting that depression is the 11th leading cause of death in the US, i was wondering if you could be mistaken.. i got this.."Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the United States across all age groups, the third leading cause in the 10–24 years of age group and second in people between the ages of 25 and 35 (www.cdc.gov/ncipc/wisqars 2002). Mood disorders are strongly
  2. watching cats stalk critters and birds is fascinating..just proves how even the domesticated cats are really wild and cunning hunters inside their heads. in bangalore, there is a famous sweet shop called k.c.das that has been around for decades. now..the current mr.das is an animal lover..among other things. he has an open house for all strays and waifs, human and animal. and by human strays, i mean 'artists'. his house serves as an art gallery, his office, his food lab and his animal shelter. it is a sprawling bungalow with ample acreage in the heart of bangalore...so everything and every
  3. not just a full moon, but a scorpio fuelled full moon. the only way to deal with it is to strip and dance naked in the garden under the full moon.
  4. By trials performed before the release of the drugs. i have heard of such things before. the question is... by whom? by the fda or by the drug companies themselves? Stupid, scaremongering article. It is true that SSRIs have been associated with suicidal ideation and other adverse reactions but only in a small minority of cases. (And, of course, these drugs are only taken by those who are already depressed.) But there is absolutely no evidence that this shooting was related to taking SSRIs. I don't wish to minimize the seriousness of adverse reactions to psychoactive drugs, w
  5. Senators weigh bill to bolster drug safety [..] A key provision would require the FDA to review the safety of many new medications 18 months and again three years after their initial approval, and to conduct routine surveillance of public and private medical databases to track harmful side effects. There is wide agreement the current system for tracking the safety of drugs already on the market is ineffective. The legislation also would provide the agency with authority to prohibit some new direct-to-consumer drug advertisements for as long as two years after a product's launch; empower
  6. no authority at all, i'm afraid. i've eaten a lot of it, but never paid close attention to composition. it is in the long list of things which, rather than laboriously prepare inferior versions of at home, i am content to wait 1.5-2 years to go home and eat. yes, but we do get a different version of chaat down south. for example, i have a friend who thinks delhi chaat is different from calcutta chaat....is there a difference at all?
  7. luxury!! los angeles seems affordable compared to the bay area. from what i understand, its the real estate agents who keep manipulating the prices..trying to convince the buyers to overbid. the trick is to undervalue the property on sale and start a bidding war. there seems to be a pressure to keep the property prices up for certain neighbourhoods. can anyone explain why the california market alone is still not flailing..there is even a moderate upswing in the prices...when the rest of the country's housing market is falling? i wouldnt trust the agents anymore.
  8. chaat is a northern speciality..hence, mongo's the authority.. from what little i know.. i have seen mixed bean sprouts...the sproutable kind... in the pani poori. or you could just fill it with a little pinch of indian spiced mashed potatoes...with lots of cumin and lemon juice. i think the idea is to make sure that the bottom of the delicate poori doesnt become too soggy from the pani. so its a little bit of solid base...you can use anything..pretty much. for the spicy pani, i use plain tamarind water, cumin powder and most importantly, black salt. it makes all the difference. h
  9. this calico is incredibly smart(she can open doors..i mean..she'd figure out a way to climb chairs and over shelves ...and keep clawing the handle until the door opens..how smart is THAT?).... she is distressed by touch, hyper..HYPER active..extreme concentration some times (like when she's stalking someone...refused to budge once and almost got her skull crashed as the door shut)and absolutely scatter brained...zinging and bouncing off the walls other times. she wont make eye contact and is very hostile/suspicious towards any new cats. extremely affected by change...if there is a new arrival,
  10. Oh, please not! Try on autism for a while. Nobody went there. And I personally most likely would choose to side with Dr. Johnson rather than Ariana Huffington. Just an outside hunch. My little peer-group-unvetted brain does balk at this recent quote (WSJ 4/11 pgA12): "A recent editorial in NATURE called for a moratorium on human stem-cell tests in heart disease because there is no consensus yet about how the cells work." No side steps allowed. i dont know about autism, but i know a cat with severe adhd...at least, thats what i suspect. maybe it's autism. we can discuss that if yo
  11. Breggin is a fraud. possibly. or not. it is not my area of expertise. i cannot go forth and label him a fraud. hence the term, 'controversial'. Is anyone saying anything other? ? do i always have to disagree with someone to voice a thought?
  12. i think we should know. ssri stories bbc panorama on seroxat...paxil in the usa on another note, off-label use of drugs black box label antidepressants a controversial character all i am saying is...if pharmaceutical companies think that they can advertise prescription medication on television and print and weigh the savvyness of the layman to 'ask their doctor for' happy pills by name and brand, i think some of us have the right to know the other little details...like if said happy pill throws users into mania or a murderous rage.
  13. i am still waiting for the media to release the details of the medication he was on now or whenever. i'd like to know. we should know. but we wont.
  14. i dont know about the dining sleeve, although i do think paper napkins in restaurants is terribly wasteful. it reminds me of the latest chinese movement to reduce the number of disposable chopsticks. many students simpy carry their own chopsticks that they pack in and wash after every meal. the 'bring your own' movement is also catching on in japan and with plastic bags etc in the states. bringyourown.org i like the idea.
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