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  1. The boy and I went to a challah bake last night. This was part of the Week of Goodness organized by the parents of Hersh Goldberg-Polin who has been held hostage since October 7. We brought home enough dough to make 3 500gr loaves. At top is a 5 strand braid, on the lower left is a 4-strand and the lower right was a 6 strand braided round that didn't hold its shape.
  2. I love those rye crisps. I haven't had them in a while. May have to buy some.
  3. He does. It's on 11th Ave opposite DeWitt Clinton park. I've been several times. It's nice because you can sniff sample blends.
  4. @StephanieL I've never been to this camp so I'm not sure what the layout is. But I don't remember bringing all this crap with me.
  5. bloviatrix

    Bob Newhart

    I have fond memories of watching both The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart with my dad. Newhart was a comic master.
  6. I think I'm going to need a second storage until for all the camp crap when he gets home. Between the massive bags, the linens and towels, the mattress topper, the sleeping bag, etc. Because there's no way I'm going to want any of this stuff intermingled with our regular stuff. I went to camp for years, I know how gross it is. (You should should the things I that are on the list - a collapsible chair, because the kids sit on the porch and hang)
  7. Kid - and all of his stuff - leaves for camp next week. Housekeeper came today so I needed to get it off the floor of both his room and the living room. You could fit a body in either of the duffels. This isn't even all of it.
  8. You can come up to the UWS. Or the spouse often goes to Boro Park. It's a boy's night out - they go these Russian places that are like going to churrascaria and then they buy their etrog and lulav. Maybe do a bit of shopping at one of the kosher markets which is open all night right before the holidays.
  9. It's been a while, but I've played fantasy cycling for all three grand tours as well as some of the other races. I even won our league one year! But more often I'm the Lanterne Rouge.
  10. I'm so glad he agreed to this. He'll get more intensive PT in-patient than if he were home and either had someone come to the house or go to an office. And you'll get a little break. BTW, I know it's really hard to accept help, but take it when offered and don't be afraid to ask. My friends brought us food, shlepped the boy to various practices, etc. It really made a difference.
  11. I take it you have. On the occasions I've tried to explain cycling to someone it's interesting to watch their reactions. They just don't get it. Cav's stage win was one for the ages.
  12. Spouse borrowed my phone this morning and now it has disappeared. It seems I never activated the Find My Phone feature and there's no way to activate it remotely. Granted it's an iPhone 11 that I've had for 4.5 years, but it was in good condition and I felt no need to replace it. Yet another thing I need to deal with.
  13. You forgot to add in that there was also the Tour de France and baseball. Spouse had multiple sports streaming all day. I need a break from all the noise. And I LIKE most of these sports.
  14. I met Dr. Ruth once - at tashlich. (it a symbolic casting off of sins into a body of water and performed on Rosh Hashanah).
  15. I read Holding Pattern by the novelist Jenny Xie.
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