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  1. Gotta agree...the license seems a bit "fishy" How is it the Blend transfer/auction to Roots went for close to 500K and suddenly this license that was package goods turns into consumption?
  2. I don't believe it will work...not in the suburbs. If I were to include the tip in my prices it would have to go something like this: Venison - 52 Scallops 45 Filet 47 Veal chop 60 Unless every single restaurant was on board, nobody would come eat at my place, it would simply be too expensive. I put in a 30 percent increase, which is what Meyer is planning...
  3. My fish vendor has been "specialing" monkfish for the last few months. It is indeed, a trash fish that became popular, then not...kind of like orange ruffie. It is a pain in the behind to butcher, that is for sure.... Always love everything at Chef's Table and of course, Oceana
  4. European has been closed a few years now. Swiss Pork store has excellent wursts and sausages, but alas, no wild boar. Most of their products have veal in them, making them really light and yummy. If you visit tell 'em I say hi!
  5. For wild boar sausage, I dig D'Artagnan...
  6. Really? I hear nightmare stories about that place and I live in Morris Township. Once the vallet lot gets filled, they literally try to shuttle people from the town hall parking lot and charge for it. I love a good margarita but damn if I am paying $10 to take a shuttle to get it. I would walk a good half mile for that drink. Perfect in every way. Sadly it was brunch, so I only had one.
  7. The best margarita EVAH at Jockey Hollow...
  8. Had a terrific brunch there yesterday...and perhaps the best margarita around.
  9. Last week I had the pastrami, and ordered a third of a pound of tongue to add to it. A little thousand Island, a little Swiss cheese, a little kraut, and a few minutes in a saute pan with butter, absolute heaven! Dutch House burger as well, black and blue... Oh, and a nice liverwurst and onion from the Swiss Pork Store...Fair Lawn has some real winners!
  10. I can't stand it! J and H, Bennies, and Kosher Nosh. I did all three the past two weeks! We must be missing each other, or standing on the same line! Try Riverview East next time for a good dog. I prefer it to J and H, but I am spoiled from my high school days of late night all the way still taste it the next day, in Paterson!
  11. Their bacon is swell. And, if you have a hard time getting any d'art products ELA just let me know. I can add it to my orders! Have a swell one. P2 is well on its way!
  12. We open mid-october. I had a few glitches to get past but things are looking swell. And, yes, Riedel glasses of course.
  13. Adam is doing a wonderful job! He cooked a meal for my 50th... the story of my life in food...it was crazy good. I highly recommend going to due sooner than later!
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