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  1. We got lucky here yesterday in my corner of Jersey, numerous brownouts & flickers but we never lost power. Many others not so lucky even in my town, not to mention all those more directly in Sandy's path. Apparently the storm hung an early left at the last minute & went ashore well south of here, pushing the storm surge up the coast but sparing us inland from the worst winds & rain. My town looks like you'd expect, some big trees down, lots of branches, crushed cars. But compared with what I'm seeing on TV, we got off easy. What a time.
  2. Why didn't I know about this till now? Living in too much isolation, I guess. An AmEx presale started today, all the "cheap" seats ($493 & under - I wonder where the $114 seats are located) are gone. Still some $813 tix left, surprise. There's still the public on-sale on Friday, but I don't have high hopes for this one.
  3. I'd add that Midnight Oil (Capricornia) & The Church (any of their last 4 albums) put out some really strong albums past 35. Of course they aren't exactly global chart toppers, and the Oils have been disbanded for a decade, but the quality is there for their cult audiences. Anyway, yes, the Stones still sound pretty good. Though I miss the days when a new single automatically implied a B side instead of one-and-done and we'll-use-this-to-sell-another-greatest-hits collection. Ah well, we're all lucky to still be going, whatever ages we are.
  4. Heard on TV the other day, repeatedly during a segment: "meatatarian."
  5. Fine names there for a psychedlic band, & then a punk band.
  6. Yikes. You'd think they'd choose another day for that sort of drill.
  7. We've had only one cat with this issue out of more than a dozen over the years. I'd conclude that it's pretty rare but worth being alert for.
  8. The Shaw's stores I frequent in Maine when there are good, basic supermarkets. It must be the branches in Connecticut that drag the ship down.
  9. Nor can I. Oh the frustration.
  10. were you in special ed, by any chance? We didn't have special ed classes cuz we wuz all so smart.
  11. WHerever he got his ideas, it wasn't from our school, which was a small liberal-leaning private school. Perhaps he wasn't paying attention.
  12. The Fourth Part Of The World by Toby Lester. A history of (mostly Western) civilization told from the perspective of its cartographers. Fascinating to me. I've learned more about the Renaissance, among other things, than I ever learned in school.
  13. Please tell me you did better in your science classes than he did Oh yes indeed, much better. I cringed when I remembered that he is home-schooling his kids.
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