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  1. There's a branch in Cross River, too. We wrote a feature about it last week.
  2. That was a blast! So nice to meet you all. I'm glad we made it to B-side before it closed this weekend! And did you see? There was a (sort of confusing) piece in the Statesman about the guy who owns Capitol Brasserie, the madly chic spot we went for dinner afterward! The same guy owns (well, owned) B-Side, the Bitter End, Mezzaluna and Granite Cafe! Mmm... that salade Lyonaise was good, wasn't it?
  3. Just so we're clear, I'm not a reviewer. I'm a food editor and I write food news and trends. I've never tried to conceal my idenity from anyone. I use my real name here, and my photo is in the newspaper each week! But it is possible that my experiences have been different because I am known to the house. Yes, they know what I do for a living, but I have also been going to the Hudson House since I was a teenager — way before I ever knew what my career would be. That said, I would be the first to tell Matt Hudson and Amy Lehman that their restaurant used to be inconsistent. That sometimes I
  4. Well, the tableware was just peculiar. Not significant. The service is quite important to me (and most folks I would think). The bread deal, the water, the missing the vegetable I ordered, and the reverberating drums in the walls; those are all contributors to my deciding never to return. And I have many complaints about the food, too. Yes, RP, the menu looked promising, that's one reason I went-- but a bone dry, flat, tasteless Brook Trout dish is not because I "ordered wrong". If the quality is so low, they should not serve it. The Ceasar Salad was so horrid that I can make a much
  5. Hi Rail Paul. Yes, that's an old menu but some dishes are the same. And the format is the same.
  6. I disagree. The meals I've been having at Hudson House lately have been out of this world. It sounds like you were more disappointed with the tableware and the service than the food, but maybe you ordered wrong? We had the osso buco on Wednesday and it was not salty: it was hearty with lovely hints of cinnamon. The short rib dish with papardelle was also terrific, just utterly satsifying in every way. The cumin on the Peruvian chicken was a lovely flavor. The soups — celeriac and black bean — were full of depth. Scallops had the right texture. The only thing we were disappointed with were
  7. Thank you everyone -- tremor, jaymes, Steven, foodie, lars -- for all the suggestions. This is shaping up to be a good plan! (though expensive!) I'm confused though... Castle Hill Cafe is where Wink is now? So did CHC move somewhere else? What kind of food? Has anyone been to the Ransom center recently? Wondering if it might make a good touristy type thing to do. And still nobody's mentioned any bars. Do I have to make my own drinks to get good ones? And if y'all are planning a get-together, let me know. I have a lot of relatives to see so I might be tied up for most meals,
  8. Thanks foodie52 and Jaymes. foodie, how do you think Uchi might compare to Japanese restaurants in NYC? I think my sister wanted to take me to Mars last time but we didn't make it, so it'll go on the list! And I think Enoteca instead of Vespaio this time around. Also, what kind of French is Aquarelle? Old school bistro stuff? Jaymes, is the Esther's Follies show the one I saw a Bill Giest piece on CBS about the 'Keep Austin Weird' show? I LOVE the haunted Austin idea, too... I'll search around for more info. Thanks for the lead! I do like the bar at the Driskill, too.
  9. I gave this to my mom for her birthday yesterday (and ordered a copy for myself, too!) I love how it combines the art history, too. And I really can't wait to cook from it.
  10. Oh, and I forgot to mention... Are there any cool cocktail places with bartenders who are really into mixology: not just appetinis, etc?
  11. Hi y'all. I'm a former Texan who goes back to visit family each year. Used to be, I had to travel around the state doing so, but my relatives have been sensible enough in the last year to all move to Austin and the surrounding area. So this year's trip should be a lot more relaxing! So how 'bout if I tell you where I've been and you tell me what I'm missing? I'm staying with my sister, so we can cook, and I'd love to know about local ingredients and products, too. Wine shops? Cafes? BBQ? Hole in the wall Mexican? Let me know everything! I've been to BBQ in Lockhart, Luling and L
  12. Hi Liz, and welcome! (I'm not here too long myself) Maybe you can address a couple of questions I had here a few weeks ago-- 1/ In Tarrytown, there are 2 restaurants on the waterfront-- Sunset Cove, and Striped Bass. Any comments on them, because I love waterfront dining. Driving up to them, the scene seems a bit industrial; 2/ Harvest-On-Hudson in Hastings-- they have a beautiful garden, with a garden menu of pizzas and light fare that is wonderful! Great ambience, sip a glass of wine, and eat wonderful light cuisine. But it is rarely open! Back in mid-June, they said that
  13. Thanks! I'm all about Johnsons.
  14. There are two big picture windows in the front, no?
  15. StephY, I like the cocktails at Mighty Joe's. Have you ever had a KenyaWillyaWontcha? Try it next time. Has anyone tried The Flying Pig (2 Depot Plaza at the Mount Kisco train station. 914-666-7445)? They get most of their products from Cabbage Hill Farm right nearby and have a great burger. Speaking of burgers, did anybody see the round-up I did on 25 great burgers? I can't find a link but here are a few: The Red Rooster (Route 22, 845-279-8046) in Brewster Nat’s Place Route 9A in Elmsford (257 Saw Mill River Road, 914-592-9880). The Briars (512 N. State Road, 914-762-3424) in B
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