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    I have spent some time cooking in two restaurants; The Venue in Kansas City under Dennis Kaniger and The Marsh Tavern in the Equinox Hotel in Manchester, Vermont under Brian Aspell. Cooking was not a profession for me, I had to do it because my interest in food was so strong and I felt it was important for me to spend some time in a couple of professional kitchens. My interest is mostly in French and Italian Cuisine but I also have a strong interest in traditional Arabic and Indian and regional American cuisines too.
  1. They have come a long way since then! https://en.gites-de-france.com/
  2. Yep, he gets anything we won't eat.
  3. We were in Le Clerc today and Melanie notices this special window at the butcher's counter with 30-day aged Charloais beef. Now, normally such a thing is of little interest to me 😉 but I felt an obligation to keep my girl happy so we phoned our banker in Switzerland and surprisingly he OK'd our purchase. Living in a Gite for the week, we had to make a few adjustments to the cooking process because the "grill" which at one time had four legs, now only boasted one and that one refused to be removed and the remaining refused to be attached, resulting in an awkward cooking surface so we had t
  4. Have to show you the mushroom counter at Leclerc in Amboise...
  5. Suzanne, I am ashamed to say that we have never taken the time to explore the town. Seems like we are always just passing through.
  6. We revisited a pastry shop called Ayrole in Chinon that we went to 24 years ago and were happy to find that it is still open and everything is just the same, maybe better.
  7. So I put some chicken bones on a slow simmer to make a stock and after about an hour it starts to smell really nice. So I say "wow I can really smell my stock" and Mel (my wife) says WHAT? Smell your socks? That's gross! .... It's hell to be an old-aged foodie!
  8. We (my wife Melanie and I) have managed to build a rather pleasant wine cellar here in Beromünster (about 20 minutes north of Lucerne) and we from time to time hold "just for fun" tastings for a small group of local English speakers. We are cognizant of the fact that most of you live billions of miles away from us, however, it could just happen that some day you find yourself nearby. In which case it might be nice for you to know that a group of like-minded food and wine lovers are close at hand. You are always welcome and here is our club webpage and contact info should you ever need
  9. I'm turning 49 on Saturday so I thought we might exit Italy for a few days and poke around south-eastern France. I'm looking for some interesting restaurants. We are not on a pilgrimage to the 3 stars, what we really like is the traditional stuff but it has to be memorable. How about some tips? Thanks in advance.
  10. We are headed to the Valtellina June 13-16... it is our first time... what should we do to get a real culinary feel for the region?
  11. I'm not too surprised, he only makes 3300 - 6 bottle cases of the Cantamerli. If you do find Pico Maccarino wines you will probably only get "Berro" red and white or the Barbera d'Asti "Lavignone". Just one more reason to visit Piemonte in person! http://www.picomaccario.com
  12. Had a nice tasting/lunch at the enoteca at Eataly in Turin today. We had one plate full of different salumi and another full of local cheeses (plenty of food for 2 people) each plate was 8 euros. We also each had a nice glass of a Chardonnay blend and I had a Nebbiolo d'Alba (good but not mind-blowing) 3.50/glass and Melanie had a really fantastic Cantamerli Monferrato Rosso from Pico Maccario (3.00/ glass). The enoteca is located down stairs, next to the huge wine department. We where there in a Monday and it was quiet and cool - quite the opposite of the upstairs dining venues. It is a great
  13. I'm so glad to see excess is still alive and well in the US.... I'm counting the days until my bottle arrives in the post... but be careful because I'll actually show up!
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