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  1. Must be the time of year. 'English Settlement' double LP import on my turntable all week A turntable! I still have the first two XTC albums on vinyl. I reviewed the first one for the NME when it appeared. Or was it the second? I think it was the first. It's a cheap numark w/usb - not very classy but good for feeding some old stuff into the desktop. English Settlement's big sound came from the amazing Hugh Padgham, who - according to his wiki page - now works out of here.
  2. Must be the time of year. 'English Settlement' double LP import on my turntable all week
  3. If I had to submit to slavery, may it be at her behest. Rene Marie - "Black Lace Freudian Slip" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B2wNO7GBJ4
  4. Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow Luminous as ever
  5. You are awesome, Suzanne. Next time you're up in Portland I will fix you both a proper mojito and caipirinha - no tip required
  6. ditto to that Maine is in high gear at the moment. We'll be on the east side of the track and have very high winds. All boats have been asked to be hauled out of the harbor and beyond. I live within one half mile of three marinas and two boat storage yards - they have been hauling around the clock since yesterday noon (I know because they run right by our house!) and they are running out of room. Some folks will be out of luck and will have to hide in the rivers, which will have their own set of problems come Monday AM. All Gulf of Maine lobstermen have been pulling all trap
  7. Bittman's recent NYT OpEd called for re-routing Big Ag subsidies to the small farms. This money could be employed - among other things - to labor costs and benefits
  8. Too many winners to call anything the best. I forgot I edited out that Karl's ribs had been smoked over Lapsang Souchong tea leaves overnight, and Pieper had been confiting his pig head for three days to make those dumplings that, sadly, didn't quite hold together at service, but still tasted amazing.
  9. Some chef friends of mine got together in Portland Maine to make some crazy dim sum - I took pics and recorded the affair, then poached some Chinese Internet Radio to add to the soundtrack. Things got pretty out of hand but this recent edit focuses more on the dishes that day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yobJYxSQFbc Kate Squibb ("Pigs In a Chinese blanket,") will appear this Autumn 2011 in an episode of Chopped.
  10. Just arrived at 1845hrs. I've been looking at her through my binos for the last ten minutes. She's pretty amazing! Not sure I've seen a mast that high yet this summer. I'll get closer when I'm over the bridge tomorrow.
  11. Last I ate there (1st year open) there was a coarse mustard finish on that hash - devine. Taco Trio is a new place in SoPo at the roundabout on Ocean Ave run by a couple of Angelenos. It's pretty good but a bit calm for the local palette. Still, you don't normally see horchata in these pahts.
  12. johnnyd

    Carole King

    She played the cello part in the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations". Sooooo cool!
  13. No sign of them yet but if I were aboard that spectacular vessel there's no hurry to get anywhere. Obligatory stop in Rockport/Marblehead I expect, then here to replenish stores before on to Bar Harbor and points between. Hysterical. I miss Old World company a lot around here.
  14. Holy Hannah - what a nightmare. And the farm sounds like it's in the hands of conservation do-gooders instead of real farmers. Oy! We were opposite side of the Bay on Chappy, atop a bluff for many years but when my older brothers went to college we rented places in Edgartown. Both older brothers raced in the Wednesday and Saturday Regattas (Intl.110's)and won a bunch of ribbons and a brass plaque on the wall of the EYC. I wasn't old enough so I set about learning how to shuck littlenecks flawlessly. One night in my last summer there I wandered down to the Town Dock to see the Thursd
  15. Well, in my day there wasn't any Whole Foods place or yoga, and Souza's was the cheapest fish shack on the island, and on MV, anyone could walk into the Edgartown Yacht Club and sit at the clam bar and buy a dozen littlenecks picked out of Katama Bay that morning for a quarter a piece. The last time I was there, I felt if I even looked at Katama Bay I'd have to pay a fine. And I rather enjoyed Nantucket more in November - I took a mountain bike into the moors which was a riot of Autumn colors, and there isn't a line for anything in town. But such as it is, I do love those islands in Summ
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