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  1. Why isn't there a "thumbing-nose-at-snobs" Smilie? SB
  2. Or, as our Canadian friends say, "queue". I loved The Kids in the Hall skit where Flying Pig showed up to perform aerial stunts to entertain the crowd whenever there was a slow moving queue. SB (loves flying pigs)
  3. Zach's "Baby Sister" due in August! SB (bought a pair of antique lace booties already)
  4. srhcb

    Life of Julia

    Baking With Julia is similar in format. The photos alone are worth the price! And (most of) the recipes aren't as difficult as they might first appear. SB
  5. It's not my recipe, it's Emerils. And the ramikens are just a crutch to keep them from oozing all over? Right! SB (still doesn't like the new Food Networ sight as well as the old one)
  6. That's true, and it was usually notated. But I also think the "permanent library" has shrunk somewhat. THANX SB The recipe I'm thinking of was quite similar to that in proportions, but it had the rather unusual aspect of being frozen after assembly and then baked right from the freezer. Now that I think of it, I seem to recall posting it on "another" board once, and also emailing it to a friend. Wait here .... .... I'll be right back Whew! No, the "other" board's search function isn't that great, nor is my email filing system, but I did h
  7. It's a start. But they must have cut their library down to include only the most popular recipes or something? There used to be way more than the four molten chocolate cake recipes currently available, and the one I'm looking for isn't one of those four. SB
  8. This certainly is one damned cheerful thread! SB (in a cheer sandwich)
  9. Well, it was a just another choice of either layers or broilers? SB (not above stealing and misappropriating a great line)
  10. It always comes down to that in the end, doesn't it? SB (broiler)
  11. It's the 30th Anniversary of the day the doctor told me I should have been dead the day before! SB (been livin' on borrowed time ever since)
  12. I know they have what's called "Recipe Power Search" now, but how would I use it to find, for instance, molten chocolate cake recipes? SB
  13. Here in Northern Minnesota; unarguably the nicest Memorial Day Weekend weather in living memory! Brilliantly sunny skies and temps in the upper 80's to lower 90's. Everybody was caught off guard. This is usually our rainy time of the year, and as recently as last week we had overnight temps down into the mid 30's. Traditionally, this is when we plant the garden, because we're (hopefully) safe from frost. SB
  14. Why in the world were you walking ten miles a day? SB
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