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  1. I just scored tickets to see Dane Cook perform live in Vegas in May. I'm also leaving for vacation tomorrow morning (just Florida, but still..) Yay!
  2. Who are numbers one and two? I assume I'm number one?
  3. My picks are for Colby Garrelts and Graham Elliot Bowles, respectively.
  4. If I had a vote, it'd be for Chef Anthony. Though, I have a sneaking suspicion that Chang will win. Even if you aren't a fan of his food or what he has done for the NYC restaurant scene, it is near impossible to ignore billions of screaming fanboys/girls. I'm pretty sure our boy Mr. Beard will be join Planet Chang in 2008.
  5. Like Lippy, I too am happy with the career path I chose. However, if I had to change, my top 3 choices would currently be: -Stock trader -Golfer -Chef
  6. I hadn't seen that website before. Thanks for the link!
  7. -A professional basketball player -An extreme skiier -An artist -Disgustingly wealthy
  8. Your food descriptions are always mouth-watering, Daisy. This was no exception. Thanks for the post -- now I'm hungry.
  9. While you're at it, ask Billy-G how he feels about the roaring success of Vista.
  10. pixelchef

    Ssam Bar

    Do you consistently post less than 1 minute apart in succession all the time in order to bump up your post count, or are you not able to collect your thoughts in a single post? (this isn't meant to be insulting, but a genuine inquiry, because I'm anal and find it irritating )
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