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  1. I will probably be in Chicago mid-December for a work related trip. If I had to choose, do you recommend Butter or Tru?
  2. Are you implying something because I am an African man?
  3. Wow, she's grown a lot since I saw her. She's starting to look like a teenager.
  4. It's your maternal firmness that turns me on.
  5. But baby, I could still smell your luscious scent on it! I mean that in a good way.
  6. I thought the same thing from the photo and the video. eta: about how she looked. The outfit, who cares?
  7. i think they actually do--and the existence of the log-cabin republicans is itself seen as a contradiction. it is all very old-fashioned. not all liberals, obviously, but quite a lot. liberal attitudes to sexuality and race seek to do far less damage to homosexuals and racial minorities as those of the extreme right, but they're often as quaint. Well, maybe I'm not a typical liberal either. I tend to think that most generalizations, including the one immediately above, are suspect. But then I lived in the West Village for 20 years & have a # of gay friends, some of whom love Bw
  8. A two-bedroom with skylight and cats awaits you! Just ten minutes from Manhattan ! Liza, I've been. She just has a porch, that's why she's always having those porch sets. That's all there is to her house, a porch.
  9. You could do a lot in that outfit to further awareness of Lebanese cuisine. For myself I'm thinking of something understated like this with something like this, instead of the camel
  10. sometime in october steve. and no hecklers allowed. You don't mention harassers or molesters, so I assume that's okay in an everybody is an adult, consensual sort of way...
  11. The one made with real greek style yogurt is out of this world. The avocado and melons ones are super too.
  12. The lecture went really well I thought. The turnout was really good, the room was packed and the feedback was terrific.
  13. I've never tried Hofpfisterei bread so I can't say what makes Poilane different. A friend of mine that I grew up with ended up marrying a baker who studied the old way through apprenticeship. They have a shop in old Lyon last time I was there. And I would say his bread is as good as Poilane, but he's not famous. He has the touch when it comes to forming loaves. Do you know what I mean? When you see a loaf made by a baker like that it looks totally different from mass produced bread. Anyway, all this is to say that Poilane is not the only bakery that can make great bread. So if there is a
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