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  1. Add me to the list of Le Clarence endorsers. Ate here in January earlier this year and had the 5 dish lunch which was more like 20+. I felt it was as good as many of the Parisian three stars. Some pictures below. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7LQie6BT6K/
  2. I remember him from 20/20. Am also posting this to signal being alive.
  3. The burger is ok but I really liked the burnt broc side. One of my favorite things a few weeks ago.
  4. I was there twice last week and enjoyed it very much. I went early both times so the place was emptyish when I arrived and 3/4 when Ileft before 800 pm. I put some pictures in my IG of the food and the menu for the second visit.
  5. A collective oversight now patched with some attempts at humor. This is Mouthfulsfood.
  6. I can't believe we are talking about him other than . . . the absurdity, which yes seems fashionable. I suspect some people might be attracted to the man, no?
  7. So Brady was playing thumbless and still won?
  8. Wow. I have not looked at this thread in several years and is unbelievable how she has evolved. Congrats Daniel and Missie K.
  9. So, do I cancel my reservation for next week?
  10. Thanks guys. Normally a Metro user, but just in case.
  11. So no issues using Uber within Paris? Returning soon and have not used it there.
  12. Rest in Peace. We can now remove the question mark
  13. Inflation/deflation Great post Daniel.
  14. Thank you Evelyn. Your recommendations were instrumental in the success of the trip.
  15. Spent six days there last week and survived unscathed. Enjoyed the food scene and the locals are wonderful. Each one nicer and more attentive than the last. Visited Commander's Palace (great turtle soup with sherry and nice bread pudding souffle--not more than nice), Brennan's (great room and very good food including the banana foster dessert prepared table side) , Angeline (outstanding veal breast dish), Sac a Lait (who might need to adjust the serving size but otherwise very enjoyable) and Willa Jean for lunches and baked goods. Nice meat loaf sandwich and corn bread with cane sugar syrup
  16. Because it was awful the last time I was there. This is my main reason for places I have visited more than once, I am not keen on giving second chances (they do happen but not normally). Awful includes sub par food or bad service.
  17. I remember the first post of this thread.
  18. I always come here for the lamb burger (or is it lamburger?). Most of the other stuff I have tried is just so so, Always for lunch and have not seen the suckling pig on the menu.. Perhaps this is a dinner thing,
  19. You get plenty, and thanks too.
  20. I was thinking the same thing. Marc, I've enjoyed your blog for years. I really hope you post occasional new entries if you feel inspired. In the past you've been under pressure to review "important" restaurants. Now you can post about what you want. Thanks for all the good information. Yes to all of that. Thanks Marc.
  21. We did not feel pressured at all but of course, we ordered one of each except dessert at which point we orderd the double sized (i think cherry) clafoutis. Funny thing is the rationing of the bread, served a slice at a time. Lamb tartare and the pork entree were tops.
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