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  1. Typical passive-aggressive response. Whatever. I'm not posting here anymore.
  2. I'm out of here. I am so tired of you and your trolling. You're quiet for a long time, then you start up with me again. Rinse and repeat.
  3. yes, it is good and has been since walter joined. Oops, I didn't complete the sentence. I meant former students of my husband. We have to get over there one of these days soon. I should have him find out who's working in the kitchen now.
  4. Maybe it's a part of getting older. Recent death of a friend (only 40 years old). Another friend has terminal cancer, we try to reach out to her, but she is clearly sinking into depression. Another was recently diagnosed with MS. Then a friend of mine told me his best friend committed suicide, he was going through a mid-life crisis of sorts, but nobody expected he would kill himself. My dad has still not fully recovered from his surgeries and illness, he's still having trouble with basic stuff.
  5. The other night, I was told about a couple who've been to The French Laundry 125 times. The only eatery that I could think of going to anywhere near that figure was In-N-Out. I'm probably not even close to 125 times though.
  6. How has recovery been? I find that if I take too long a break from the gym post workout hangovers tend to be much harder on me. All I want to do is sleep.
  7. There's a place on Virgil in between Silver Lake and K-Town that has live poultry. I think the one in downtown on Olympic or Washington is still open.
  8. Someone brought us 20 pounds of chicken fat for rendering.
  9. After three meals with you and Syb, I don't think you are a "glass half empty" kind of guy anymore. Quite the opposite.
  10. Midnight's Children. Not sure if I'll finish it.
  11. Yes. Those are the only sorts of photos I have of myself. Sorry. You look kind of cute with your face all scrunched up like that. I'll be you're a screamer!
  12. Did SBlunge post a pornographic image of himself?
  13. I wrote an entry about Korea for a food culture encyclopedia. If anyone is interested in reading it, pm me your email address.
  14. How come when I mail a check it arrives promptly, but when someone mails me a check there is usually a delay?
  15. ? Can't see the image. I'm referring to a troll though.
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