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  1. I don't think my response is knee-jerk or hysterical. The discussion has been going on for several pages, so I'm not just responding to Macrosan's most recent post. I'm quite calm, I just tend to express myself passionately, but that can be about soup too. ETA: reading my post again I only see this part "I find it absolutely appalling and unjustifiable that there's discussion of denying a full portfolio of human rights and rights of citizenship, because someone is merely suspected of "fundamentalism". Have you ever listened to right-wing Christian radio in Los Angeles? Scary shit" as some
  2. It could have been the heavy drinking.
  3. Deleted. Not worth the whole thing being twisted and misconstrued.
  4. Probably because they are more issue oriented than plot based. I don't remember anything about a single Fassbinder I saw and I've seen a lot of those too.
  5. I've seen several of his films, probably a lot of them, I recall almost nothing about them.
  6. Prasantrin, do you have a recipe for the buko? I can get youngish coconut in Los Angeles. Not as tender as the coconuts I had in Saipan, not sure if it would matter for a pie.
  7. http://thediningalternative.com/ in Boston.
  8. If you ever get to Seoul, you could more than hold your own during weekend eating and drinking binges. It's a bit of a tradition for some people to go to several places in one evening. Start with appetizers at one place, move on to drinks and anju somewhere else, have a main meal at yet another restaurant, etc..
  9. Leftover pad thai and coconut soup.
  10. I appreciate fluid notions of public/private space. By the way, the caramel crunch cake looks like it would taste really good.
  11. Doesn't their national ID state their ethnicity and religion? What about you, how do you think profiling should be done in airports ?
  12. And Foodie52's Austin Bites.
  13. I never thought I would meet a normal sized man who could outeat my husband.
  14. Macrosan, how do you think airport security should parse Muslims for special screenings? Let's say airports in the U.S..
  15. Does Daniel still have his Bite Club? Also, www.supperclub.com
  16. No you didn't. But if you'd read all the posts slowly you might have learned that profiling would have helped catch the Nigerian dude Are you joking?
  17. If you add delapidated sofas used as patio furniture, that's like shopping for real estate in Los Angeles.
  18. Simon did not drink, so the mister drank enough for the both of them and then some. We capped off the evening by listening to some really bad French pop songs. Simon definitely has the dining and social stamina to come with us to all day French eating/drinking parties and 2-3 day North African feasts.
  19. Slapsie's eaten in some pretty questionable places. I'm sure Chez Scream will be fine. They've been over before. I usually only invite people who I feel comfortable showing our mess too. Just distract them with your gorgeous children if anything is still amiss. Yes, but Simon can't drink. What? Still? I just bought a bunch of soju and Asian beer to go with the Korean food we'll be having.
  20. Simon says that the food in the Philippines is terrific.
  21. I learned that profiling young Middle Eastern and Asiatic men would have helped catch the Nigerian dude.
  22. Slapsie's eaten in some pretty questionable places. I'm sure Chez Scream will be fine. They've been over before. I usually only invite people who I feel comfortable showing our mess too.
  23. Is it also heavily embedded into EU law that the fear of contravening human rights overrides the real potential for damage? Did they consult with their attorneys before making this decision? Do you know if U.S. security has come with any reasons for not following up with his father's report?
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