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  1. "Cunnilingus" isn't listed yet, but "fellatio" is currently 49,263. Hmph, not in my lexicon! Signed, Little Miss R-Rated Spelling Bee I was wondering if I spelled the words correctly but I didn't bother to check.
  2. cunilingus and felatio aren't listed at all. Neither is "missionary style, lights off, white gloves on, no sounds"
  3. Did anyone else catch the Charlie Rose show on this? I stopped watching mid way through. I recall the Newsweek rep talking in circles around the whole thing.
  4. This could be interesting. (he would need a talented ghoswriter of course)
  5. When I was working in downtown I was pregnant. I craved their sandwiches and soup all the time. But I avoided the butcher shop because I had a week stomach and the thought of seeing a live bird before eating a dead bird sort of grossed me out at the time. I found the chicken to be much better in flavor than the supermarket stuff. I've never been inside the butcher shop. Now it's not really convenient for me to go down there for a chicken.
  6. The 80's are back with a vengeance though. I know it's been coming back for a while. But the airwaves are totally flooded with 80's music, even the oldie stuff that was playing in the 80's is back. This 15 year old told me she was like totally jealous that I grew up in the 80's. That was a fun place. It was pretty shocking to drive by one day and see it gone. Do you know if the new place is related at all?
  7. I have some fun memories of going to HH when I was a kid. It seemed like a grown up place with an oversized kid's menu. I don't think I've been to one in over 20 years.
  8. East of Los Angeles in Montebello, there is Superior Marekt on Whittier Blvd. Fantastic prices, fresh masa and they make fresh tortillas. The location is convenient for SFG crowd. Also if you're in downtown LA there is Imperial chicken on Olympic east of Hill. Fresh chickens killed to order.
  9. The Graying of the Raven Cultural and Sociopolitical Significance of Algerian Folk Poetry
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