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  1. A friend of mine changed her son's diaper, thought she washed her hands thoroughly, then had a finger licking (literally) good lunch. She tasted something on her index finger that was a bit off. She noticed a fine line of brown gunk underneath her nail...
  2. Took a long break from the gym. Haven't been feeling well for the past few weeks, lost even more weight. I'm lifting at about 80%-90% of normal capacity.
  3. "Sometimes life leaves a hundred dollar bill on your dresser, and you don't realize until later that it's because it fucked you." I think I just found a new philosophy of life as well as a new sig line. I like "We didn't have a prom. Dancing wasn't allowed . . . what's Footloose? That's the plot of the movie? That sounds like a pile of shit." And "I'm sitting in one of those TGI Friday's places, and everyone looks like they want to shove a shotgun in their mouth." The guy got a sitcom deal with CBS out of that Twitter stream. what a world, what a world A
  4. I've been thinking that one of our cars would clunk out or start needing expensive repairs within a year. We can afford to buy a new car, but would rather not, because I am too cheap. A relative just gave us one of her cars, she had it fully serviced and paid for insurance for the next five years.
  5. Much more doable, pretty easy from Silverlake to Arcadia, you have larger windows of time when traffic is manageable to okay. Just hop on the 5 North to the 134 East to the 210 East. What day are you going?
  6. Too far, Arcadia is much too far away from the westside. I was going to ask if you've met Slapsie before, because he's in town. Then I noticed that you are arriving on the 21st, I think he's leaving on the 20th.
  7. I think potential terrorists are smart enough to not wear obvious markings of religious affiliation. Seriously though, it probably is the one way ticket that's responsible for the rest. There are so many reasons that people are screened for further questioning. It's important to remember that airport security is not just about scoping for potential terrorists. Drugs, agricultural products, women with one way tickets to meet their husbands, etc.. Somewhat related to the last example, the U.S. Embassy in South Korea (and several other Asian countries) is resistant to giving travel vis
  8. Yup, you should some of the silly reactions the mister gets when he tells people that the traditional North Africa dessert after couscous is watermelon.
  9. From which side? I find this to be a plausible explanation.
  10. Kids are finally back at school, winter break is over, I have my life back. I'm going to the gym, then finishing up a few story pitches that I have been procrastinating about for a year.
  11. The Scream

    Ssam Bar

    Sold. I usually don't seek out a lot of the more commonly recommend places when I'm traveling, because I tend to see the same culinary school imprints allover the menu and the food. I like that kind of cooking just fine, but it gets redundant, arguably I have seen a lot of it more up close than a lot of diners.
  12. That's happened to us a few times coming into LAX from Paris. I don't recall exactly which other countries the other flights were from though. I do remember customs choosing to let arrivals from Paris breeze through and corralling passengers from other flights for inspections. On all of the mister's returning flights home from Paris, customs questions (if asked at all) revolved around food, especially sausages.
  13. Do you mean Wii Resort + the Motion Plus doodad? Wii Sport comes with the Wii. No, it's Wii Sports and a remote. Now that I look at the CD, it looks like the same games that come the Wii. It has baseball, bowling, boxing, golf and tennis. I was just looking for a remote and saw the package deal for a few bucks more and asked the kids if the same games came with the Wii. I haven't really played with the Wii since we got it, I've been avoiding it.
  14. Are you thinking a full, multi-course, elaborate meal? If so... Again, in the realm of general North African Kemia olives, spiced nuts, dates stuffed with cheese, and spiced meatballs (make them small) Appetizer Options Shrimp chermoula esabeche (always very popular) Samsa with a harissa tomato salsa (yes, they use the word salsa) and some peppery greens lightly dresses with white vinegar and olive oil Cigars with a lightly spiced ground lamb stuffing. If you're not serving anything with a chermoula, use it as dip for this or you can make another variation of a
  15. I bought a Wii Sport and remote package for $44 on amazon. Free shipping. Came in 3 days.
  16. His friends and students have already organized a fundraising bbq to help pay for his funeral. Any remaining funds will go to a foundation named after him for culinary school scholarships. The word got out fast, thanks in part to facebook.
  17. I really wanted that ability when I was a kid. I'm also still waiting for my jetpack to be delivered.
  18. The point of their joke is that it won't work. And they firmly believe that it's not politically possible to do that in this country.
  19. I wear Mac, Chanel, Lancome and Revlon reds. My skin tone is pretty warm/neutral, so reds with different undertones look fine on me. I wear red whenever I feel like it, day or night.
  20. A friend and colleague of the mister's died a few days ago. He had a sudden stroke at age 40. He didn't know that he had diabetes until he was in the hospital. He was in stable condition, then he just died. He has a facebook account which his girlfriend has the password to. His friends are posting really thoughtful messages on his wall and she says it's helping get through this.
  21. The Scream

    Ssam Bar

    So, I guess I should at least try the place the next time I'm in New York. Is the food really that good?
  22. My kids made up a profiling joke in the car on the way back home from the park. Elias Deen Zadi and Barack Hussein Obama. What do these two men have in common? They both have Muslim middle names, Muslim fathers of African origins, and Christian mothers.
  23. Many things are sold on the highways and by-ways of LA that laws have been passed against. I haven't seen those in at least a couple of decades until we went to Olvera Street. But they're probably also sold at various swap meets and tiny mom and pop stores. The vendors at Olvera Street merchandise the toys and kids stuff at kid level, an adult could easily not notice them.
  24. Yup, we used to also call them popper knockers. I have to come up with a good excuse before they mysteriously "disappear". I could also them what you just told me. My kids tend to be cautious about getting hurt.
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