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  1. Historical Dictionary of Algeria I am stumped by the digital price, $96. It's definitely not the kind of book I would want in digital format for viewing on a kindle. I just ordered a used hardcover version for $2.95.
  2. Perhaps, as an insight into her motivation, you should show her the movie "Election" with Reese Witherspoon and see if she finds it funny or inspirational. She wants to run for class president next year. I'll rent the movie for her or maybe Netflix has it on demand
  3. I want one for making pastries and cakes. I sometimes bake in professional quantities, it gets really tiresome after awhile, even with a handheld mixer. And we want to make merguez at home.
  4. I have a friend, 3rd generation American, whose ancestors came from Sicily. A very handsome guy, dressed impeccably, but he fit the profile. Riding home in cabs the drivers would look him over in the rear view mirror. I don't think there is a consistent attitude in the general population or airport security. I know these things happen and some of my dark Mediterranean friends say they get harassed in Europe and here. These are people from allover the Med: Sicily, Portugal, Greece, North Africa, etc.. On the other hand Mr. Scream has never been harassed or subjected to ste
  5. What?!?! The choice of carbs dictates the rest of meal for my family. We love starch and grains.
  6. My first plane trip was when I was five. I lost track, but if I include domestic flights, I've probably been on at least 200 flights, possibly a lot more. The Mr. started traveling in Europe when he was 14, he hasn't been on as many flights as I have, but he's traveled quite a bit. My strangest customs experiences have been in the most unexpected places for idiosyncratic or just plain weird reasons. The bitch at Heathrow was the rudest customs person I've ever met. She acted like I was trying to get into the country to live there illegally, because you know life is so fucking hard for Asi
  7. My mother still has one of his cookbooks. I was always fascinated by the amount of butter he would use. I used to watch his shows when I was a kid. I think by then he was the lighter galloping gourmet. I vaguely recall him showing clips of earlier shows when he used a lot of butter.
  8. I can't believe my daughter volunteered to be a hall monitor. She's really into it. The clipboard, the pen, the forms and drilling kids about why they are in the halls during lunch. She caught an 8th grader who's a head shorter than her. Apparently, he was a bit sassy, so she stared him down. I think it gave her a bit of a rush to that. I am sooooo not the hall monitor type. I still get the urge to blow a big raspberry when people take themselves too seriously. Mr. Scream, a middle child, doesn't know what to make of it either. We just try to be supportive.
  9. I am the youngest child of parents who are both the youngest in their families. I also have many more male cousins than female ones. You can imagine the spoiling and coddling. The spoiling was great. The coddling continues. I have older relatives who still call me "baby" and speak to me in a baby voice when I do something impressive like chop vegetables, "Oh, look how our baby is all grown up! She's cutting those vegetables so nicely!". I actually have to remind them that I am 40 years old now. They stare back at me like it is just not sinking in.
  10. friends of mine who live about 2 miles north of us paid 1.4 million at the peak of the bubble. down to 600,000 now. if you saw the house, 600,000 would seem like an absurd amount, 1.4 million was insanity. it's really a 300,000-350,000 house at best and still ridiculous compared to the vast majority of the rest of the country. it's a "cute" house, but looks kind of poor. the neighborhood is charming, but the architecture is mixed, some houses are fabulous, but there are lots of filler houses that look like little l.a. crappy cottages. before the bubble, normal affluent middle class people here
  11. I think you should tape the arguments you have about the menu with the mother of the bride. I would send her a bill for discussions about menu development and changes.
  12. give it time. parts of my neighborhood and north of, including adjacent cities, were long considered breeder central for solid middle class families. "but the families are too solid, the schools are too good, everyone wants to live there". it all started tanking a few months ago.
  13. I was retaining a lot of water when that photo was taken.
  14. You are well named. You wouldn't survive for ten minutes in a room full of 60 year old Korean women.
  15. I was about to make a comment about kimchi gelée. Then I thought some chef surely must have made something like this. Google results include, "Eric Ripert uses kimchi gelée to accent his oyster sampler at Le Bernardin in New York".
  16. So. . .our lunch, originally intended for 5, was attended by 10. I just learned last night that the patriarch of above family, the one who more or less forced us to invite 5 additional people, commented to my mother, "If you don't have enough matching dishes for everyone, then why do you invite so many people?!??!?!?!" She is much more patient than I, and simply replied, "Well, that's why we usually only invite a few people at a time." Had I understood what he were saying (they were speaking the language of this area), you can bet his lunch would have been all over his balding arrog
  17. Mr. Scream and I tend to not ask people personal questions, unless things come up naturally through the course of conversation or there is an obvious understanding that all parties are interested in getting to know each other better. Even if one of our friends announces something major like a divorce, we simply ask "do you want to talk about it?" We don't drill for gossip, that's not to say that we don't enjoy a bit of gossip occasionally. But the things we find out about some of our friends on facebook are truly astonishing.
  18. that is a hawaiian delicacy the egg looks like a plastic toupee with an eyeball That's a HUGE quail egg, unless everything else was prepared in micro-mini versions. I just a bought a couple of dozen quail eggs from the Korean market and I am trying to figure out how that could be a quail egg.
  19. Home cooking started to decline when moms went back to work. As a mom who works I am all for shortcuts and convenience items, within reason. There's a flexible middle between Slow Food and Sandra Lee. Mr. Scream and I have taught cooking classes to people who claim that they have NEVER made ANYTHING from scratch. It's not about using substitutes or shortcuts, these are people who use something processed as one of the main components of every dish they make. Considering what we charge for cooking classes, it's safe to assume that these are people with a certain amount of money an
  20. Not sure what you mean about "updates". I stream from Netflix at home on a three year old macbook via DSL and at a friend's house on an 18 month old Vista machine via Comcast. Occasionally have a pause for buffering but it is surprisingly rare. Connection speed from your ISP is the likely culprit and that typically has nothing to do with the CPU. We have high speed internet through our cable company. They recently changed the modem, the inside and outside wiring and some box thing outside that was diverting our signal to our neighbors. We have three computers to the m
  21. We have a CPU connected to our t.v. for viewing on demand netflix movies. The CPU is about 3 years old and we have a lot of problems with movies pausing during play. Any updates that will resolve this?
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