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  1. You know, I really get bored by chocolate desserts. But this one was very good. There's something about milk chocolate and strawberries that reminds me of childhood. Neapolitan ice cream, I suppose. And all this time I thought you were born a grumpy old man
  2. I have dreams about that meatloaf. And the pickled veg. And, of course, the tartar and frites. And the burgers always look really good but I can't get past the aforementioned things and think of this as a burger joint. Need more friends to share bites, I guess.
  3. If you're in KC check out Relish in Westport. Former restarateur-turned-hotdog-gourmand did a lot of homework in Chicago and NY and it shows. Deelicious dogs, all the toppings (including neon relish), with case and without, even a veg option. And the potato salad is worth a trip in and of itself!
  4. I usually trend toward dramatic, big-name restaurants when I travel, so this weekend was a departure for me, but a good one. Even though I twitched a little at not having a "destination," once I had the first good dinner under my belt (well, sorta) and relaxed, it was all fine. Friday night we had a late dinner at Red Cat in Chelsea. Nothing fancy, but very tasty food, attentive service considering the hour (seated at 11:15) and we didn't feel hurried as if we were the only obstacle between the staff and their after-hours party. Saturday night, a delightful early dinner at Prune. I had heard of Prune through a variety of sources, most recently a magazine article about the chef. My companion had eaten at the previous incarnation of this space (Casanis?), but not since Gabriele took over. What a delight! Spicy, boiled peanuts (eaten shell and all) greeted us. We enjoyed a deliciously simple radish/butter/sea salt appetizer while we perused the menu. The table next to us had a wonderful borada (Ital cheese) appetizer but we were already struggling with too many options so we enjoyed theirs vicariously. The whole fish (brandini) was crispy outside, tender inside and lighthly perfumed with fennel and lemon. The roast chicken browned to perfection with evoo and herbs. Too full for dessert but maybe next time. Sunday lunch at RUB (Righteous Urban BBQ) on 23rd. Great sandwiches at this long-awaited KC BBQ house. My companion (a KC native) was delighted to find this childhood comfort food in Manhattan.
  5. I agree with eastvillageeater's remarks...bluestem rocks and Colby Garrelts is probably doing the most innovative stuff in town. I also like 1924 and 40 Sardines (as he mentioned, it's Michael & Debbie from the American but far more 'approachable' for want of a better term). Dennis Kaniger is, I believe, cooking at Harry's Country Club (Harry Murphy, former part-owner and namesake of Harry's Bar & Tables, opened it about 1.5 years ago in the City Market area) and it's very popular. Not haute cuisine at all, nothing like Venue. Prior to that he did stints at City Tavern and Il Trullo and enjoyed some "Mr. Mom" time. There are a lot of new places open since you've been gone...too many to know where to start really but try looking at the website of a wonderful group of locally owned places as a primer: http://www.kcoriginals.com/
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