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  1. Newcastle. Where the chicks go out on new years eve in crop tops and mini-skirts and no coats.
  2. Has the topic of children in restaurants always been so contentious? It seems that for the last two years or so, there are almost constant articles/threads about it. It makes me wonder whether it's the children themselves that are the issue, or some perception about the 'breakdown of society' and conflicts between different social groups. From reading comments about the issue (not here), it's clear that there are people who hyperventilate at the thought of sharing space with people under the age of 12 - which must be very debilitating.
  3. I can't get enough of Genmaicha (I think that's what it's called), at the moment. It's the japanese green tea with roasted rice. The flavour is very round and I find it a huge pick-me-up. Tea with carbs - what's not to like? As I tend to make it in a cup, I have one of those devices that looks like an upside down witches hat, that sits on the rim. Seems to work very well, and I have a nice little ritual involving a 'special' spoon to measure out the tea etc. What do people think about the tea that's made in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony? I was at the V & A museum a few year
  4. callalla


    Getting into salad weather here. Nicoise last night, following couscous with roasted pepper salad the night before, and an old-school greek salad the night before that. Some of these (not the nicoise) were augmented with doggy-bag steak from a meat-feast at a new Peruvian restaurant round the corner. Mango season is starting, strawberries taste unusually good and pineapples are dirt cheap so it's fruit salad for pud. It's almost enough to make up for not being in the same hemisphere as my parent's blueberry bushes.
  5. Sorry - poor reading. How about one of the things that you can get in pet-shops that are like toy cats, but have a hot-water bottle inside them. Maybe that would displace some of the attention and act as a mother substitute?
  6. This may not be what you want to hear - but I would recommend getting it another kitten to keep it company. Often, keeping two cats is not much more hassle than having one, and in terms of socialisation and their mental health, it's a good solution.
  7. callalla


    Moules with chorizo from Les Halles cookbook. I usually love this, but the moules from the fishmonger were monsters, and there's something that's not so nice about mussels when they're really big - a texture thing.
  8. Being taken to the Mirabelle in London when leaving a job and being waited upon by lovely French waiters who weren't snooty in the least. That may have been the first time I saw a crumber being used...
  9. Glancing at my PC and realizing that I'd just sent out a mailing with a significant typo. Bof. I even had someone else copycheck it and everything. Hopefully the recipients will be equally short-sighted, however I know that some of them are going to delight in calling to inquire as to why they are being invited to an event in 2004. This is not an unfamiliar feeling. I remember once spelling the word 'Researchers' as 'Reseaches' on several hundred mugs - that didn't go down too well when the boss noticed.
  10. callalla


    Akiko, thanks very much for the beautiful threads and commentary. I just got back from two fantastic weeks in Bali. One of our highlights was a couple of days in Nusa Lembongan where we hired a fishing boat to take us to deserted bays for snorkelling. Foodwise, my lasting memory will be those great little limes - so great on papaya. I can't wait to go back, and will definitely do so in the next couple of years.
  11. Been to a couple of new places recently, both of which I will certainly be returning to. Firstly Doma - 29 Orwell St, Potts Point (Kings Cross really) I have no idea how echt this place is, never having been to the actual region, however, we had a lovely outdoor, late winter Sunday lunch here recently. Food is of the very hearty, half-duck, huge schitzel, sausage, sauerkraut, dumpling variety. I had smoked pork neck (which I discovered is basically thick slices of bacon) with potato and bread dumplings, and sauerkraut. The kraut was great - not too thin, few caraway seeds, acidic but no
  12. callalla


    We have a sunbeam juicer - marketed on the basis that you can put whole apples down the chute and apparently the motor wouldn't die if you stuck a branch from an apple tree down it either. I remain sceptical on that claim, but it does seem to work pretty well. Anyway, we use it pretty much every day during the week for a celery, apple, carrot and ginger juice. As well as being enjoyable to drink, neither Spin or I have had a cold at all this year (who cares if there's really a connection - it makes us feel good). One thing that you really notice, is the difference between organic carrots
  13. callalla


    Spinning. Mon dieu! I've taken to doing one spin class a week and it's just unbelievably full-on! I cycle 20 minutes each way to work 5 times a week and do a bit of other exercise but am still a complete wreck after 45 minutes. My face stays purple for about an hour. On the positive front, I definitely go up hills faster and generally pay a bit more attention to basic technique - soft elbows, feet going in circles, little weight on the bars when 'dancing'. Have been having fun and games this week with a cafe en route, that thinks it's acceptable to put a big sandwich board in the cycl
  14. callalla


    Teenage Fanclub Really enjoyed this. There's something really sweet about their music, and the fact that they all look like slightly nerdy dads these days. I was never really into them, but their old songs were part of the soundtrack to my uni days. Everything Flows and the Concept at the very end finally got the crowd going. The contrast with the last time we went to the Metro (to see Krafty Kuts) was extreme - for that gig it was all nippers busting their moves with everyone off their heads, for this it was thirty-somethings out on a schoolnight trying not to drink too much! Did
  15. Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey. Very glad to be leaving work and returning to it.
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