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  1. I have added marzipan before, but my husband doesn't like it. I adore marzipan.
  2. I love stollen and made one last year. It is a lot of work, but worth it. Holiday Stollen
  3. Is Italy really that bad these days, or is this just Orik being his usual crusty curmudgeonly self? Or the result of too much time in Rome & not enough elsewhere? The mention of local hipsters is ominous, of course. We haven't been there in approx. 15 years. I suppose we should return & find out for ourselves. We got most of our lunches by going to local shops & markets & assembling generally fabulous picnics; I would hope that that's still possible. Orik is being his usual crusty curmudgeonly self and obviously is lumping a few places and calling it the whole
  4. Two other food bloggers (Israeli Kitchen and Foodbridge) and I have just launched a online culinary magazine called, Flavors of Israel. Come check it out.
  5. I made Saffron Semifreddo with Dried Cherry Cardamom sauce and Almond-Orange Financiers for a dinner party attended by Israeli food bloggers. We also had a wine tasting. It was a lot of fun.
  6. I made Chicken Hamin with Israeli Couscous and Butternut Squash. It is a slow-roasted dish that I cooked for 4 hours.
  7. Orik, it is probably Jerusalem grill.
  8. You're most welcome Lippy. That would be perfect for the mina. I am sure you will enjoy it. Chag Sameach!
  9. Hey, Passover isn't over yet... I made the macaroons.....they were not perfect like Lauderee, but they tasted devine and were a big hit at the Seder. I am going to try making them again and see if I can create little happy feet around them. Last night, I served a Mina de Maza, which is matza pie filled with ground beef and potatoes that is seasoned with cinnamon and allspice. It is delicious. You can find all the recipes and more info about both things on my blog. Some lamb dishes will be appearing later in the week.
  10. What is everyone making this year? I am going to my cousin's for the first night. I am going to try making French macaroons for the first time. I know, I am crazy. During Hol Ha'Moed I am planning: Mina del Pesach made with ground lamb Veal Shanks with Artichokes Kubat Halab (kubbeh made with ground rice)
  11. This is Kurdish Kubbeh and here is the blog post about it. And another blog post I wrote about Kurdish food and an interesting experience in someone's home in the northern part of Israel.
  12. I would suggest making a reservation. You don't need to prebook the tasting. Uri Burri 93 Haganah St Near the lighthouse (Midal Or) in the Old City +972-4-955-2212 Wonderful restaurants near Shuk Mahane Yehuda in Jerusalem. Are you game for Kurdish no frills, good food restaurant? Mordoch's Agrippas St. 70 Machane Yehuda Get November's Saveur Magazine about Jerusalem. My husband and I gave the author and photographer the grand tour of Shuk Mahane Yehuda. We took them to Mordoch's.
  13. Oh dear. You have no time in Israel. Masada and Dead Sea will be most of your day from Ashkelon. You can see the Bahai Gardens in Haifa. If there is a trip to Acco (Acre) from Haifa port, go eat at Uri Burri Fish Restaurant. It is directly at Acco port. It is an amazing fish restaurant. Do a tasting menu. Personally, if it is your first time to Israel, I would recommend that you go to Jerusalem before you see Masada and the Dead Sea. Both are interesting, but Jerusalem is a must.
  14. Really? Seriously? Because I'd quite like that. Good luck with that.
  15. I made Quince Spice Cake. It is a very moist cake and spicylicious.
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