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  1. I love my Mac; I think you'll be very happy. As far as the purchase, the only downside is that it was $$$. Other than that, it really was, take it out of the box, hook it up, run Software Update in System Preferences, plug in the peripherals, wait until it installs everything itself, and go. I don't know anything about the new Macs, though. I'm interested in the dual platform thingie going on...
  2. I'd often heard it said that "Restaurant employees usually vote blue. Restaurant owners always vote red."
  3. Also anyone who knows the restaurant industry knows that some months are normally markedly better or worse than the previous month, and those months aren't necessarily the same for all restaurants. (Some places have fantastic Septembers while others see September as a slow month. The only month almost across the board slow is January, and December and February are markedly busier.) I'm pretty sure no conclusions can be drawn unless they are drawn based on prior YEAR figures - and even then, the variables that could affect sales are so wide and varied that that wouldn't even necessarily be conclusive.
  4. magsgundah


    Probably is. The girl I gave it to loved it, but it was too much for me.
  5. magsgundah


    I actually gave mine away because it honestly wasn't a good thing for me. It didn't help moisturize, at all, and it actually irritated my super-sensitive skin. I got all red and swelled up. My winter skin still looks way better than it would with anything else, so I'm pretty much content.
  6. I don't know about heptagonals, but he's eyeing a box of triangle plates, too.
  7. We have all white plates. Big Rounds, little rounds, Big Squares, little squares, Big Rectangle, little rectangles and three shapes of round bowls. P rearranged the kitchen the other day and told me that we had nearly as much "china" in our kitchen as he has in his cafe kitchen during the winter. (They seat 30 all winter but 90 when they open the patio in the spring and summer.) Some things look better on square, and some things look better on round, although I'll echo whomever said that the square fit on the table and in the dishwasher easier. I seem to get more square plates in than rounds, but that could be just my impression.
  8. Me too! I use this as a general rule, too, except I like a lot of those things for what they are. No, not gourmet, but the nostalgia factor of the blue box or spaghetti-os sometimes spurs me to eat and enjoy them. As for my list of what I don't order - although I try them pretty much anyone around me is eating them: Soft-shell crabs: my husband swears I just haven't had a good one, but I think it's too much like biting into a shrimp which has not been deshelled. Monkfish: totally the texture, and if it is served to me I will eat it. Bananas: the taste and the texture both make me want to puke; this is the only food I actively avoid. I can eat banana bread and I can stomach a smoothie which contains bananas although I generally choose the banana-less option. Tarragon: I don't know what it is that I don't like about it, or why, but I'm not fond. Beef liver: Liver & Onions like my mother sauteed for my father. I always tasted it because it smells so good while it's cooking, but I can't handle the taste.
  9. I'm waiting for it too, particularly because my chef boy looks a lot like him. I also think Tyler Florence is nice to look at. I adore Symon. Hot and funny, what a combination. . He's striking; someone really should use him as a model for a sculpture.
  10. Thanks! I have a colorless lip balm from e.l.f that I love. I'm also fond of the clear gloss, but I chose the colors for my lipcolors online and didn't choose well for me. I was "close but not quite" on my color choices. I've seen them at my Target but not picked any new ones up yet.
  11. The L'Oreal Color Juice glosses are the same product, much less expensively. I love the Watermelon Crush flavor/color. I have a similar problem and have (don't laugh) found that the best lip balm out there is Herpecin L. It's a cold sore/fever blister remedy, but it does for me what the Dr Hauschka, seemed to do for you. And it's only $4 a tube versus what I'm betting is much more... I've never taken advantage of it, but it makes me more likely to buy cosmetics at CVS because if I absolutely hate something, choose wrong, whatever I know that by advertising it they expect that at least a few people will take advantage of it... I still have a tube of Black Honey, but I'm so fair that it's too much for me. I hate to admit my love of frosts, , but I will. My favorite lipstick is Clinique Bamboo Pink, although I also wear Clinique Pink Spice. (I bought it in an attempt to replace my beloved, but frosty, Bamboo Pink. It didn't work, but I do like it.) I also have a love affair with two Revlon glosses - Glossy Rose and Pearl Plum. I can't bring myself to spend over $7 on lipstick any more because I'm so fickle. The only exception is my beloved Bamboo Pink. I have heard wonderful things about Avon lipcolors, and since they are so reasonably priced and a coworker sells Avon, I'm considering buying a few next campaign. I'll report back.
  12. I have heard great things about the Kerastase that someone already mentioned. Two friends of mine swear by it - and they both have great hair. It might be true that some are identical in ingredients, but I brought one home and the only identical ingredient was water. A few other ingredients appeared on both bottles, but in vastly different orders - and since the labels all list ingredients in order from highest concentration to lowest, I do believe that people will notice different results with different shampoos... Was it the Philip Pelusi Phyto-Life line? I absolutely adore the Volumizze shampoo and conditioner and I swear by the Soft Wax, the Fixative and the Hair Honey. Of course, since I've been lazy and ponytailing it for the last two weeks, I've been not so diligent on the haircare front.
  13. magsgundah


    After reading through this post and realizing that it hasn't been mentioned yet, I'm going to type out a recommendation and duck the flying tomatoes. I'm an insomniac and often end up watching infomercials in the middle of the night. Twice I've bought something after repeated watchings. One purchase was a bust, but the other was Bare Minerals from Bare Escentuals. It probably will not work for the original poster because in spite of Leslie Blodgett's (the creator) claims, it isn't suitable for all skin types. Three seasons a year, I look in the mirror and am shocked at how good my skin looks. In the winter, I still think my skin looks better than with any other cosmetic line but it's markedly not as good as the other seasons. That sentiment was confirmed by a makeup artist at Sephora; since it is a mineral "powder" particularly dry skin doesn't cooperate with Bare Minerals nearly as well as slightly oily or normal skin. I need some coverage now that I've entered my thirties, but not heavy, oily feeling coverage. I am particularly self-conscious of my skin because during my teen years I could have been a Proactiv infomercial. Actually I watch the infomercials now and think "There were moments in high school when I would have killed for my skin to be as good as those terrible befores." I had cystic acne, whiteheads, blackheads, red pimples, you name it. On more than one occasion little children in the mall tugged on their mothers' hands and said "Look Mommy, that girl has chicken pox, too." My skin was bad. Back in high school I tried them all, but honestly found that it was better to let my acne out than to cover it because it only got worse; all of the makeup irritated my very sensitive skin so that I not only had acne and swelling from the acne, but I had bright red, irritated, swollen skin under the acne. I have surprisingly little scarring, but my skin just isn't bright or perfect. I have dark circles and red at the corners of my nose, between my eyes. The Bare Minerals really does cover that without looking like makeup. (In the winter, I think that's what's wrong. When my skin is dry, it still looks good, but it looks like makeup.) It just looks like perfect skin, and honestly feels almost like bare skin. For the money, Bare Minerals is by far the best cosmetic line I've ever used. I use the foundation, the warmth, the mineral powder every morning. I've recently discovered "Orgasm" by Nars (blush) and that's the only non-Bare Minerals product I use. (I haven't found that I like the eye or lip colors any better than anything else, but they're no worse and since I bought them, I'm using them.)
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