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  1. Behemoth


    For a sec I thought this was going to be a beer review.
  2. Behemoth


    Here's where I get them. Pretty inexpensive and seem to be stain / wrinkle resistant. (We also have heavy linen ones but those get ironed hence special occasion.)
  3. Behemoth


    We wash at 40C. Never had a problem. i have never owned a charger. Or super nice plates for that matter. 😢
  4. Behemoth


    Early autumn supper: polenta with Parmesan, topped with sautéed to crisp ceps and a tiny bit of garlic. Bellota ham on top. Kids got pears and grilled cheese with turkey, but they also ate the bellota. We use cloth napkins because 1. it’s nice, 2. found some from La Redoute that don’t need to be ironed and 3. additional laundry is marginal given starting point is two kids.
  5. Indeed the convenience of an in-house nightclub for parents of young kids cannot be overestimated! Missed you, Chambolle.
  6. @Wilfrid I would like to give a friend (who swears he doesn't get poetry but I think he would) a John Ashbury book. What would you choose?
  7. Such a Fun Age, for a book club. Eh, I dunno.
  8. OK I am totally Zac Posen agnostic, but the shredded flag + denim dress he designed for the Met Gala wins for best execution of theme. That Debby Harry is wearing it puts it over the top and makes it the evening's clear win.
  9. What a loss. One of my favourite actors.
  10. ABBA aside, the nicest gift I got when mini was born was a box of favorite clothes/books/toys my friend‘s kid had outgrown. Maybe something of yours that you’ve owned and loved for a long time?
  11. I should at some point stop being surprised about what people say.
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