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  1. Behemoth


    Yesterday: too much risotto Milanese, veal saltimbocca, and white asparagus with brown butter and breadcrumbs. today: arancini with the rest of the risotto, filled with a little mozzarella…and Mallorcan sobrassada.
  2. I would love to see the Dawoud Bey show.
  3. Can I even mention here that my favorite „beer“ right now is a nonalcoholic Radler from Lammsbräu?
  4. Haha. I noted to Mr. B. recently that dinners involving aioli were one of the few notable positives of the whole lock down thing.
  5. What counts as a “German” potato salad? In Germany there are basically two kinds, North (with mayo) and South (no mayo). I can’t deal with the mayo kind though I like mayo on other things, including potatoes, go figure.
  6. Behemoth


    Random stuff: Gambas al ajillo, alioli, olives, iberico ham paste (basically smushed up ham ends), cantaloupe, toasted bread with tomato, manchego cheese. 2019 Cies Blanco Albariño to drink, lovely.
  7. Behemoth


    Risotto Milanese, Bellota ham, and butter braised green asparagus. Strawberries for dessert.
  8. First shot today -- Biontech/Pfizer. So far my arm just itches a little. USA here I come...in 8 weeks...
  9. Behemoth


    That sounds great. I need to do mussels again soon. Beans have been too hit or miss to plan around, but inventory seems to be fresher now so maybe I give it another shot.
  10. Wow, one year ago I was seriously active on the cocktail and bread threads. I went low carb for a while in the fall. 🙃 And now all my nice clothes fit again, but I have nowhere to wear them. 😒
  11. Behemoth


    White asparagus with crisped breadcrumbs and brown butter. Boiled new potatoes. Serrano ham. Strawberries for dessert. Re white asparagus vs. green: much more sensitive in terms of needing to be fresh. (in Germany either the very local (1 hour drive max) product is available, or nothing at all. Second thing is you need to peel and trim it relentlessly, and cook it much longer that the green but I think most people who would read this type of forum know that by now.
  12. Behemoth


    Bulgogi with lettuce and gochujang, brown rice, sweet potato tempura. Mini’s pleasantly surprised about fried vegetables.
  13. Made this again yesterday. No complaints this time. 😎
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