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  1. God rest her soul, and God help us.
  2. Behemoth


    We had lots of leftover roast pork (cooked by a friend) so I sliced it thin and topped it with a tonnato sauce. Lots of leftover Italian bread as well >> panzanella!
  3. Perfect Rigor by Masha Gessen. So far less about the proof and more about the soviet system that produced it. Really interesting as I only knew some of the background, even though I have studied with people who came out of there. Also recently finished the book on Casati (thanks Wilf for the recommendation) which was a lot of fun. In a weirdly congruent way, also happened to be reading Matilda to the mini’s: under-challenged smart girls use their weird eye powers to transform their lives for the better?
  4. Behemoth


    We’re staycationing on a north sea island — Locally caught lemon sole „finkenwerder“ style, boiled new potatoes with butter, mixed baby lettuce with yogurt dill dressing. Weißburgunder.
  5. According to wiki he is buried in a Catholic cemetery(?) (Not that it necessarily disproves your statement.) Death announcement: http://anno.onb.ac.at/cgi-content/anno?apm=0&aid=bzt&datum=19070313&seite=7
  6. Last year I stayed with my kids in an apartment a block away from this place.
  7. I was hoping we’d at least get to seven.
  8. Goodness, 14 years? Can it be that I remember when you got them as pups? I am so sorry for your loss. Beautiful animals.
  9. Numbers have ticked back up here, seems to be driven by meatpackers, seasonal farm worker housing, and idiots coming back from Mallorca.
  10. It's interesting that there has so far in the US not been more fear of class action lawsuits against employers forcing workers to come in without masks and causing an outbreak. It is definitely a driver of why most companies/schools over here have been rather encouraging people to stay home.
  11. Pandemie. Geddit?
  12. COVID bread baking: Pain-de-mie?
  13. Like for the price (VAT included) of that 2018 Sancerre, I recently had a lovely 2014 Timarosso from Cascina Montagnola. (Retails for 22 EUR, so the markup wasn't tiny.)
  14. Looking at the slide show for the first time -- interesting that none of the wines served with the pairings are on the wine list. Also, that Geil Scheurebe retails for under 8 euros here, the Vajra around 15. For those prices good value for money and at even 3x that OK(ish) in a restaurant (though at a swanky joint I would expect something more creative), but at 6x (am I doing the math right?)...meh. Is it possible to have a real high end restaurant culture when more complex wines are economically completely out of reach for most normal people?
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