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  1. I hear ya. We have a races almost every week for the next two months.
  2. At least our kids' sport of choice puts us in the Austrian alps every weekend... But then again it's EVERY weekend.
  3. Behemoth


    Crowd pleaser -- bratkartoffeln, chicken schnitzel (fried in half oil half clarified butter) and a salad made with rosa del Veneto radicchio, walnuts and gorgonzola dolce. Dressed with white balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I spent years not knowing what to do with the white stuff but for chicories it's great. Highlight? The salad was such a pretty color the miniB's actually ate it (plain).
  4. If it’s bad it would taste sour.
  5. Weeknight dinner for four: Magnum of grüner veltliner… chicken liver crostini & fried baby artichokes spaghetti bottarga saltimbocca alla romana + salad of a kind of soft leaf light pink radicchio with walnuts, white Balsamico vinaigrette and Gorgonzola dolce. Planned to use a pear as well but forgot. an excellent vin Santo with cantuccini affogato / espresso / Schnaps
  6. Christmas eve with kids = Raclette, what else? Christmas morning smoked fish, North Sea shrimp, caviar, blood orange juice and champagne (separately!), tonight - by request - Korean bbq. tomorrow need to clear out the leftovers as we’ll be off skiing through 1st week January…
  7. Dear Germans. There are only really five kinds of wurst: salami, raw ham, salt cured ham, some kind of paté. Actually there are only really like four kinds. Ok unless you eat Sülze. Buying 20 grams each of 30 „different“ kinds is just stupid especially for the 100 people behind you in line. Thanks.
  8. I like Potimarron/Hokkaido squash roasted with halloumi and thyme, something like that. Butternut needs a lot of help though. eta I think I made a strata once...?
  9. Only thing from a recipe was the salmon. But the celeriac is easy: peel and cube the celeriac and cook in enough milk to almost cover, purée, add about a third or so volume of steamed chestnuts, purée again, adding about a third the volume of cold cubed butter as you go. (Salt initially with the milk and then at the end in case needed.) eta: butter is a third the volume of the chestnuts. Milk was whole. Enough fat I think.
  10. Been ages since i did one of these. Nine adults: Snacks: olives / fennel salami / fougasse with thyme / fried baby artichokes/ fried baby calamari - champagne beetroot cured salmon with dill and fennel pollen cream - grüner veltliner duck breast with roasted radicchio di tardivo and celeriac-chestnut purée - Nebbiolo d‘Alba cheese: epoisse, very old Comte, vacherin mont d’or, fourme d’ambert plus quince paste and grapes, torsadeé baguette. I think we had a dessert version of a grüner veltliner but I kind of lost track of what Mr. B was pouring at this point. “Bunter
  11. It depends on what you like to do. Merano is a fixed point in the year for us as it has a good combination of town for the evening, with phenomenal alpine hiking close by for the day. That said the hiking is much easier to get to with a car. We stay at Ottmanngut. It's not remotely a children's hotel but we've been going there since the kids were 2 years and 3 months respectively and in the meantime the owners also have small kids. If you decide to spend time in Merano I can give you a long list of stuff we like in the area. But really, for me the reason to go to Alto Adige i
  12. I would do fewer stops, save some room for dolce far niente.
  13. London I’ll just mention the good stuff but there really was a lot of good stuff, surprisingly often chosen by looking at photos in Google maps: Near Tower Bridge lunch at The Coal Shed which was a great deal and also a nice kids menu. Great find considering how touristy the area is. Royal China for dim sum, for old times sake. Holborn Dining Room for pies and people watching. Very mini went with the bangers and mash, mini with penne in tomato sauce… Dishoom a pleasant walk from Kings Cross, food way better than Indian we can get in Munich, they were super friendly, very
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