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  1. Actually managing to read some as I am self isolating in a room without Netflix. Randomly picked up Andre Leon Talley’s book following his passing (all killer no filler) and then on my kindle the book by Fiona Hill, the Russian expert who testified in the Ukraine hearings. COMPLETELY UNPLANNED ON MY PART, but with ALT growing up in Durham NC during segregation, and Hill from County Durham in the Thatcher years, a lot of parallels to their stores and not just the town names.
  2. Who keeps the metric system down? We do!
  3. I think I’m just reading you too literally.
  4. Maybe of cultural interest: vineyards hit by the storm last year are allowed to keep the VAT from the damaged* wine bottles. Hence: Flutwein. *the labels are covered in nontoxic mud, the contents are fine.
  5. Behemoth


    Swedish meatballs from the freezer, instant mashed potatoes because I just can’t even and Brussels sprouts roasted in duck fat. (if the trick to getting children to eat leafy green veg is to roast in duck fat I have no problem with that.)
  6. I don’t think peasants had much access to game. And of course local mushrooms would not be exotic (by definition 😉).
  7. Having grown up in a country known for unfettered liberalism - and I don't mean the US - basic infrastructure provided by voluntary largesse is a strong sign of a really unhealthy economy and tax system.
  8. Thanks all. Important piece of information is multiple, multiple antigen tests all showed up negative, and the symptoms are very common cold-like. Given the timing (they use PCR In schools), we ordered an antigen test from Siemens that is supposed to be more sensitive to the variant and that was the first one that flagged it. Meaning plenty of self testing people are unknowingly carrying it around, at least following German rules it’s fairly clear why the infection rates are so high. Mr. B’s conspiracy theory is that the government is trying to achieve stealth herd immunity…
  9. Kid (vaccinated) brought it back from school, symptom free. Now I have it, despite recent booster, unfortunately not symptom free. All signs point to omicron. I won’t die or anything but it’s not much fun. If I had gotten one of the earlier variants without vaccine I would for sure have ended up on a respirator, or worse.
  10. I use the next to lowest setting of my induction stove. 😎
  11. Behemoth


    Sort of a retro dinner today. Spaghetti with a (canned) tuna, tomato, green olive and caper sauce. Tiramisu for dessert.
  12. Puntarella high season is January, no?
  13. Behemoth


    I think that's what makes it compelling in a way -- these wild and extraordinary landscapes that sit on the edge of danger.
  14. Yes but it takes up zero space, so. Actually a dual-use item. You can also do zucchini apparently.
  15. I manage my COVID frustration by impulse buying.
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