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  1. Just got back from a few days is Merano. Meteo as good as ever, this time charred carrot with anchovies, pea shoots and a balsamico sauce, followed by an excellent trippa alla romana. New discovery was Reichhalter 1447 in Lana, superb. It’s really hard to beat the combination of Italy + alps.
  2. Grüne Soße is really easy to make, the tricky part is getting the herbs. Your instincts were good though, it’s typically eaten with boiled eggs and potatoes (no hot dogs.)
  3. Just spotted the first one in Munich. Given there are only like two places in town to get Mexican tacos I find this kind of annoying.
  4. Käsebier erobert den Kurfürstendamm by Gabriele Tergit, for my book club. @Wilfrid if you don’t know this one already I think you would really enjoy it.
  5. Coming from Yurp, one can get very excited about BBQ and Mexican (or even Tex-Mex). Also there seems to be an In-n-Out near the campus. That's three days worth right there.
  6. Haha. eta: For small cities nobody really plans to visit, Eater comes through. eta2: Surely there must be Branch Davidian jokes. (Too soon?)
  7. Any updates? Mr. B. is visiting for work.
  8. my kids would be all over that.
  9. We were staying near Market Street in 2019 (for a conference) and it was truly shocking. Much worse than what I remember in the early aughts when I was last there -- which at the time already had a serious homelessness problem. When I lived in West Philly (cedar park-ish) in the 90's/early aughts there were constant shootings, all my male friends had gotten mugged or worse at some point. I wouldn't visit friends at night who lived a few blocks away because you would need to cut through Clark Park. The corner store had a full bullet proof glass wall. Same for the Chinese takeout, and the
  10. The equivalent in German cities is run by a Turkish family and sells good quality fruit and vegetables, plus basics (pasta, milk, snacks, etc) and a surprising number of Turkish ingredients. If you are lucky they also sell appetisers to take away, like grape leaves, olives, salads, dips, lahmacun and various stuffed breads. Mine is two blocks away and was an absolute lifeline during the lockdown as they continued to carry a lot of the things larger supermarkets kept running out of. They also sell liquor, but no pork products. I still do my late afternoon Saturday shopping there when I've forgo
  11. Binge watching Russian Doll on a weeknight. #jeneregretterien!
  12. Aw Khyber Pass. They didn’t serve brunch at 2am, we had to go to Little Pete’s instead.
  13. Behemoth


    Bulgogi with perilla leaves, grilled onions, and gochujang. Grilled marinated oyster and enoki mushroom as a beef alternative for the recently vegetarian. Korean style cucumber salad. Kimchi.
  14. Behemoth


    Following a week of skiing in Switzerland/Austria we got home noon Saturday and had some people coming over that evening. I wanted something easy and "spring" -- also didn't feel like cooking a separate meal for the kids. Therefore modular dinner of: grilled fat green asparagus, grilled hearts of romaine, and boiled new potatoes all tossed in salt, pepper & olive oil; black olives, tuna confit, and a homemade remoulade. Dessert was a bunch of cheese I brought back from Switzerland, plus mostarda and some fig bread from the French bakery. White wine and schnaps, or course. Tonight wil
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