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  1. Completely obsessed with this cheese. It was offered by my CSA - aged 24 months, 50% fat from hay-fed cows. Produced by a farm near Murnau (about an hour and 20 minutes southwest of Munich). Crumbly with salt cristals, reminiscent of an extremely well made cheddar. I like mountain cheeses from Bavaria and Austria generally but this stuff is phenomenal, need to organize a hike and Hütte visit now that the weather is getting warmer*… *haha can I mention we went skiing yesterday? We celebrated the last day the season pass is valid for the year. 3 meters of fresh snow up there still…
  2. Improv time : Leftover steamed green asparagus + half price morels from my veg guy at Elisabethmarkt + old bread + eggs that needed to be used up >> cream of asparagus soup poured around a thick toasted bread raft topped with a poached egg and some crisp fried & buttered morels. Chives from the balcony.
  3. So was it intentional satire that Connor wants to “work his way up to Europe” but turns down a Eurozone country across the border from Trieste … for Oman…?
  4. Really good photography show at (where else?) Haus der Kunst. Appropriately degenerate way to celebrate April 30. https://www.hausderkunst.de/en/exhibitions/trace-formations-of-likeness
  5. Behemoth


    Heh. I found this is my ski jacket at some point:
  6. I loved the writing and there are some great scenes. Bobby and Alicia (presumably an encryption reference?) we’re too perfect as characters but maybe they are just concepts. The history of physics was too long and didn’t add anything for me but it’s hard to write about science.
  7. Just finished Cormac McCarthy‘s The Passenger and planning to start Stella Maris next. In the meantime I‘ve picked up Blutbuch by Kim de L‘Horizon. Starts very strong and I would recommend, but I have no idea how it can possibly be translated. Seems to switch from partly Swiss German completely to English halfway through…
  8. Four days skiing in Switzerland/Austria, drove for the first time from the east through Trentino to Merano to end the holidays. Super pretty drive, mostly facing snowy peaks of the Ortler mountains with apples trees in bloom on the sides of the road. Three days here and back to München.
  9. When I listen to radio it’s usually ego.fm tbh
  10. Haha. i don’t know the Baltic side so well, but could ask. Have you considered starting in Berlin? That’s a four hour drive to Hamburg, and both cities have lots of great options for kids. Then you can do few quiet beach days on the way North. We are with the kids 10 days every year in the North Sea and they love it but we see a lot of family, and it would be hard to keep them busy as non-German speakers. ETA Chambo’s itinerary looks very solid and surprisingly coherent, though not quite as amusing to read. The future will be a very boring place.
  11. Just when you think it can’t get more disfunctional…
  12. Switzerland/Austria for Easter, detour through Merano for three days on the way back. DC and Philly in May. Haven’t figured out the summer yet. Might try to get the kids to Berlin or Vienna by train for a long weekend, they’ve never been. Or Prague? I’ve never been.
  13. Behemoth


    Singapore curry noodles are a very good way to use up a ton of vegetables. Recipe from woks of life online. In related news I just bought a kindle version of the Vegan Chinese Kitchen cookbook. Looks very promising.
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