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  1. Hmm, I wonder if the bread is significantly different. Refrigerating could not possibly hurt, after all at a hütte/refugio they would be made well in advance. Sneak, even the cheap(er) wines in Südtirol are really good.
  2. I refuse to pronounce German words correctly when speaking English. Someone (American) once corrected my pronunciation of Hamburg “it’s HOM-bourg” and I’m like, we’ll actually it’s Hambourchhh und du kannst mich mal Alter.
  3. Speaking of bitter greens with sweet, the traditional Lebanese thing is to top sautéed dandelion greens with onions cooked long in olive oil until they’re brown and crispy, which also adds sweetness. Also bitter greens in stuffed breads/pies often combined with currants or raisins…
  4. One of my favorite winter side dishes. For a small supper I like it with grilled smoked scamorza.
  5. Behemoth


    We had this conversation about a year ago. These are speckknödel which are also traditional In the Austrian and Italian Tyrol. They are good in broth (usually beef), but can also be served with sauerkraut, or atop a shredded cabbage salad. Orange wine would not be my first choice, but a mineral white wine would be good. (Or beer.)
  6. Works really well with smoke/spice. We love the modern (dry) Südtirol Gewürztraminer with BBQ and Korean.
  7. I liked this article from Emiko Davis, Interviewing her Italian sommelier husband. https://emikodavies.substack.com/p/wine-is-not-natural It echos a lot of what we have seen meeting winemakers in Südtirol. And the stuff they’re making isn’t ”hipster” at all, generally very elegant and well balanced, bringing out the characteristics of the grape with as little manipulation as possible. All backed by an insane amount of craftsmanship and knowledge.
  8. Oh Saveurs seems to be produced by Burda. I wonder what the German equivalent is. There is a good one here called effilee which I buy occasionally. But it’s almost too clever, like Die Zeit for food.
  9. We also got to try the inaugural sauvignon from Abrahams yesterday, straight from the tank. Gets bottled today.
  10. I still have NYRB but I’m missing eye candy. i currently subscribe to a German mag called Salon but they get very repetitive - country estate of artistic former model with title married to banker, Hamburg villa of eccentric guy with title married to heiress, plus nice crockery. Heir to whatever creative industry with title hosts a party, “deep” essays. I picked up Konfekt recently which is under the monocle label. Better than a fashion magazine but still incredibly shallow. But eye candy. I should subscribe to Die Zeit, but I don’t like people who read Die Zeit.
  11. What else do you subscribe too? I can’t find anything I’m keen to read these days.
  12. We just go to the alps in the summer. In the winter too.
  13. Behemoth


    I had a good time there. Hiked up to a temple I could get to by subway, ate lots, bought pottery, fun nightlife. This was ages ago though.
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