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  1. Behemoth


    Come on. Fermentation is just a really neat thing. And unlike kombucha, the results are actually useful.
  2. Behemoth


    Or you can augment with a few grams of commercial yeast. Still get the sourdough flavour.
  3. Behemoth


    just keep going. If I got it to work...
  4. Behemoth


    It can be runny. More important, is it bubbly? If you drop a spoonful into a glass of water, it should float. Otherwise re-feed.
  5. As someone who would tend towards audiophile but now live with SONOS, I would compare it to photos made with an SLR camera versus an iPhone. The SLR makes much better photos, but it’s a pain to carry around which means I don’t have it when the best photo opportunities happen. i can definitely tell the difference between a good system and this (and god knows my preference is live music) but at this point in my life either it’s easy, or it isn’t going to happen.
  6. Living on more or less the other side, I wouldn't say bursting exactly but people definitely keen to get back to some semblance of normal life. People are sitting in cafes, just further apart. So long as the R number stays relatively stable around 1 it seems to be working OK.
  7. Behemoth


    OK, this time managed an all sourdough high hydration wheat. And everything worked! Finally! This is basically the "artisan" sourdough I get in the US. OK, basically the same as what I ended up with in my last try (but less sticking and no commercial yeast.) BUT. 1) the loaves went rather flat when dumped out of the proofing basket*, even though I managed to shape a nice little boule. Without the dutch oven it would have been even flatter. 2) The dutch oven helps with the rise initially, but eventually interferes with getting a good crust. I would need to experiment a bit with temps before/after lid removal. I did a lower temp than last time as that was way too high but today was too low (I raised once lid was off). I generally prefer putting the thing directly on a stone with a water pan, but I would probably end up with a pancake. 3) Wet sourdough ferments really fast, which means the bread is more sour than what I get with "traditional" less hydration recipes. It's a style, but I'm not sure I like it so much. 50/50 rice/wheat mix was the trick to keep them from sticking
  8. Behemoth

    Fred Willard

    His last credits on imdb are from 2020 (post production but still.) Pretty cool. Secret sauce. Yup.
  9. The Weisswurst paradox.
  10. Behemoth


    That sounds wonderful.
  11. Behemoth


    I usually wash the container, but only because I am slightly OCD. I'm pretty sure it's fine not to wash it.
  12. Behemoth


    Best tip so far, just chuck the discard into any recipe replacing by weight water and flour. Have a hybrid Jim Lahey pizza dough (yeast and discard) set up for tonight’s Friday pizza night. And by the way you can keep starter going fine with much much less flour than I’ve seen in US recipes. I just back out what I will need after feeding for the recipe plus some for the next starter. To your question, sometimes neat sometimes messy.
  13. It takes a special kind of culture to find places like that anything but depressing.
  14. Behemoth


    Chinese here as well. Why? Because yesterday the supermarket had really good-looking Japanese eggplants which I don't see that often. Anyway: fish fragrant eggplant (best veg dish ever?), poached chicken with fried scallions and ginger/scallion sauce, plus short grain brown rice.
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