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  1. Strawberry/thyme/balsamic apple. Also I have a kilo of apricots I need to process. After the mirabelles are in season I (at least plan to) stop. We will never eat this much jam in a year but it makes a nice gift. All Germans seem to be able to make jam without a recipe, they learn it in kindergarten. So basically my assimilation is now complete.
  2. Your kid plays for RB Leipzig? My kids had a sports camp for their spring holiday in May. The concept was 4 kids + trainer to a group, and all outdoors. Various hygiene measures. Worked great and the kids loved it.
  3. In what way light?! I can't keep up with you people.
  4. Bought some cherry sized plums in Merano, but didn’t get around to eating them. Stoned them back home with a cherry pitter to keep them whole, and now they are jam!
  5. We have a strong union culture, which has its own positives and negatives. While it prevents outright firing it doesn’t prevent bad bosses from making their employees lives miserable, and certainly doesn’t prevent discrimination. The only thing that really works in my experience is the CEO going out very visibly with a consistent message that racist/sexist/homophobic etc culture is not acceptable.
  6. There is for sure a big distance between BLM/Weinstein/Epstein and a run of the mill jerk boss. The counter-argument is that tolerating the small stuff creates an environment of acceptance of the big stuff. E.g. would any level of anti-Semitic “just kidding” comments be acceptable? I’ve certainly sat in a room where such comments were made, and the degree to which I felt I could react was heavily decided by how much senior management support I thought I would get. Same for racist or sexist comments which are even more common. Not helpful to anyone is that due process seems to have been replaced by Twitter. But apparently the standard internal processes for lodging complaints aren’t working either, so going directly to the public is the only way to make it costly enough for senior management that’s allowing that culture to happen. Worse, company culture starts at the top. It shouldn’t even get to the point of lodging complaints, senior management communication should simply be clear as day that such behavior is not acceptable, ever.
  7. It's a weird book. I can't believe I'm saying this as I usually don't care about these things, but the project itself as well as the book that results from it come from a place of white upper middle class male privilege that was hard to look past sometimes (and that the author is otherwise extremely self-aware made it somehow more notable.) The thing is, the book is really worth reading as there are moments of great insight (philosophical, biological) as well as a lot of very funny passages. There were also quite a few passages which were likely complete nonsense but would have taken too much effort on my part of pull apart why. That this is the first real book I've read all the way through since the second MiniB arrived in my life should be high enough praise.
  8. I think I need that too. Just finishing up „Being a Beast“ by Charles Foster. Has anyone here read it?
  9. If it ends up involving some obscure new ingredient that you don’t want to buy, I’ve also seen cocktails with jam mixed in. I could imagine some fig jam muddled into a sour would be quite nice.
  10. Makes zero sense to me, but you know, Austrians.
  11. We were in Austria over the weekend for our annual farm-stay with friends, and now in northern Italy. The farmstay was pretty normal. Italy feels like a friend who went through a rough illness, but slowly getting back on its feet. Financially very tough times for both, but visitors are starting to come back.
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