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  1. The Arkestra is always worth seeing.
  2. Hiking again in Austria last weekend. We had some light rain for the hike, but then overnight got more than 100l/m2 rainfall, which meant the burbling little stream we were walking next to on Saturday had turned into a power jet of mud and debris on Sunday. We drove by the river Inn in Kufstein on the way back (after a detour through Wörgl) and that was truly frightening - Bernoulli effect in full force. Kufstein town center was flooded, not as bad as NRW and Berchtesgaden but major property damage. I think this may be the inflection point for climate regulation, at least in Ger
  3. This only became clear to me when I found out the writers were British.
  4. Ooh, I didn’t realize Succession is getting another season!
  5. Haha, forgot about that.
  6. Mustard Greens is my favorite Chinese restaurant in the US, and not just because we’ve known the owner for 30 years. Bon can cook.
  7. Oh, Good King Tavern is a good one. Was there on a previous visit. Shot Tower Coffee in that neighbourhood is also not bad. I'll keep the donut place in mind for a future visit.
  8. Itinerary solo in Philly means I'm meeting up with old art/band friends and going for the formica tables and fluorescent lighting places. But the food is good: can recommend Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House on 10th and Race, as well as Casa México (new sister restaurant of South Philly Barbacoa) near 9th and Ellsworth. As for the latter, I'm not big on desserts and I never liked tres leches...but their version, wow. Also inexplicably ended up "French Bisto"ing it at Parc (18th & Locust) and Louie Louie (Penn Campus). Re Parc, I guess I find Steven Starr places weirdly kitschy, in th
  9. The plating of the last dish looks like the food trying to avoid the eater.
  10. I’m so sorry Mongo. They both seemed like such cool pups.
  11. Lady sauce is indeed the bomb. I don't see how it can be improved upon.
  12. Ich bin Solide, gleich wie mein Deutsch. 😁
  13. Tyll, by Daniel Kehlmann. First time reading a novel in i don’t know how long. First time reading a novel this long in German as well. The book is reminding me a little of Master and Margarita, if that makes sense(?)
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