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  1. “The Michelin California Guide Rush “ and the recent sordid history of Michelin Guides you will find on my new site devoted to Michelin bashing. www.michelinscars.com.
  2. Several of the more sophisticated gastronomic travelers and writers I know consider Le Clarence, the restaurant off the Champs-elysee, to be the best recent addition to the Paris haute-cuisine scene in years. They all love it. The highly-regarded wine and restaurant writer and founder of Gastromondiale Vedat Milor has written a compelling review you will find here: https://www.gastromondiale.com/food1/2018/10/30/le-clarence-the-return-of-french-fine-dining
  3. Who is Chef Mirachi? Wat happened to Cesar?
  4. Am I mistaken, but has Brooklyn Fare lost its caché? I don't read about it, and no one has posted about it. I don't go to New York restaurants so often, but I am curious about this one.
  5. Robert Brown


    I didn't know about the place and the food hall, the result of moving to the peace and quiet of northern Westchester. However, my money man has Claus Meyer as a client, which is how I found out about all this. We went right to GCT after the money-man meeting five days ago. I was very happy with both the food hall and the restaurant. My top kvetch was the all-American wine list since I don't drink them. It's a matter of principle that I don't order tasting menus when there is an a la carte possibility. Except for a couple of meals at Acme, I never had this New Nordic whatever. My theory is that
  6. I and three of my pals from Turkey have written a substantive essay on the above topic. I think you will like it. It is a co-production of Gastromondiale (www.gastromondiale.com) and my newly-renamed site Restaurant Politics. (www.restaurantpolitics.com). I have also posted on my own an essay that is about two polar opposites: The World's 50 Best Restaurants list and the Slow Food's 'Osterie d'Italia".
  7. Robert Brown


    I believe the restaueant is named after baritone saxophonist Sahib Shihab
  8. Does anyone have any dining info. or experiences in Takamatsu or Toyama? Has anyone been to the Benesse Art Islands? There isn't much there in terms of restaurants, but I could use a suggestion or two if there is.
  9. Nearly every fall right after Thanksgiving, Vedat Milor and I make our respective trips to Piedmont to dine on white truffles and drink good wine. On our websites (mine is www.engagingfood.com and his is Gastromondiale) we created a question and answer on the topic. I think it is quite sophisticated and informative. While it has specific recommendations, it is mostly about the general execution of such excursions.
  10. I visited Le Coucou for dinner a couple of months ago. It's a very good restaurant. I wrote about it on my recently-created dweebsite www.engagingfood.com. I mention sous-vide only once.
  11. Sneakeater, that's wild. I was there last night and I had the same chicken and thought it was great. Same for the oeufs en meurette. Did you have those?
  12. As I said, it's all relative. I'm about to have my third meal in five days at my favorite restaurant in Venice. It puts Le Bernardin to shame in terms of offerings, freshness and preparation. it also lets you know where you are.
  13. How can a restaurant specializing in fish that is in a place that is fish-deprived relative to countries surrounded by seas and offers a junk fish (escolar) banned in Italy and Japan be voted the best fish restaurant there is? Better than serious restaurants getting fish off the Tuscan coast, the Adriatic/Venice lagoon and the inland seas of Japan? These lists are a joke and are meaningless to anyone the least bit gourmand.
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