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  1. I just came up with that. Bill Evans "Sunday at the Village Vanguard" for me by the length of the paddock the greatest piano trio recording ever. What if Scott LaFaro hadn't wrapped his car around a tree?
  2. Dear Sirs, While it is a nice sentiment for you to keep giving three stars to Restaurant Paul Bocuse for his contribution to French and international gastronomy, it is unfair to the people who spend hundreds of euros to dine there because you continue each year to bestow this empty honor. I will make it very simple through this revelatory microcosm: Have your Rhone-Alpes inspector order the Fernand Point dish "gratin des queues ecrivisses" that is on the Bocuse menu and then drive two hours or so to Talloires to have essentially the same dish Chez Bise. After this, I would hope you woul
  3. Funny, I never listened a lot to Oscar Peterson as much as some other pianists. I don't know why. Perhaps his hyper-pianism? But one album I really like is the one recorded at the Stratford (Ontario) Shakespeare Festival with Herb Ellis. But here's another one: Some decades ago I was visiting my jazz-loving buddies when they were students at the now-defunct NYU Uptown. One guy drove me back to Manhattan and when we got to upper Broadway, he put Symphony Sid on his radio. We were pretty stoned at the time and what we were listening to was "Azucar Pa' Ti" played by Eddie Palmieri. I cou
  4. When is he going to start selling Canora oil?
  5. The two star Antica Corona Reale does not offer truffles by consumed weight. I wrote them three times to get an answer about this. But they don't use sous-vide, so they are still on my list. I like the place.
  6. Wilfrid, you mean Pithecanthropus Erectus?w
  7. Let's not forget the atypical, but immortal " 'Round Midnight' ".
  8. Antico Arco appears to have a foot in Piemonte, which strikes me as being a good omen to get the right truffles. But you need to ask them and hope you get a truthful answer. You could also ask if they do the Piemonte truffle ritual that I mentioned above. Good luck. Let me know what happens.
  9. I was there. Apparently Shelly Manne got kicked off a recording session. I wonder if there ever a white musician who could really play with him. Phil Woods and Pepper Adams were in the big band, but that's a bit different. I shouldn't forget the Monk-Milt Jackson sides from Blue Note.
  10. Lippy, I'm hopeless when it comes to Rome. I haven't been there as much as other places. I'm not sure how Alba white truffles fit into the cuisine there. There are also black truffles and white truffles from other places like Umbria and Croatia. I bet the expensive three-star Heinz Beck restaurant in the Hilton would have them, but I have never been there. But I think his cuisine is more wide-ranging and would incorporate truffles from Alba. I would look for a Piemonte (or even Tuscany) restaurant in Rome. Of course you should always write ahead and ask. I only have last year's Gambero Rosso
  11. I have a special fondness for "Monk at Town Hall" because I was at the performance. Of the two Monk with a big band albums, the other being the Lincoln Center one, I prefer the former by a lot. I like Hall Overton's scoring of Monk's comping and solos. My favorite quartet CD is "Monk at the It Club" with Charlie Rouse. Monk and Coltrane worked great together, but Monk and Rouse were a pairing that I think was better, and the It Club sessions show them at their very best. There's a great rendition of "Bye-Ya" recorded at the Five Spot with Johnny Griffin and Art Blakey. For reasons I can't
  12. Every year that the truffle season is good, I try to drive up to Cuneo Provence to visit a couple of restaurants. At the moment my favorite is Ciau dei Tornavento in Treiso, the village next to Barbaresco. If you go in late November and early December (actually to the first frost, perhaps in January) the truffles always seem to be good as it takes five weeks for a truffle to complete its cycle This year the harvest is good and abundant and, according to Bloomberg, the price is 30% less than last year. Does anyone out there have favorite truffle restaurants in Piemonte? A prerequisite for
  13. It is the same set that I had in mind. I have the same dislike of "Quiet Nights". "Sketches of Spain" strikes me as somewhat contrived. "Porgy & Bess" is a good one, but "Miles Ahead" is miles ahead. If you or anyone has jazz albums (or classical) you have listened to over, say 100 times, and never tire of, let me (us) know.
  14. In the interest of full disclosure, I received a reply from Le Bernadin in which they stated that they do not use sous-vide. So maybe I am paranoid after all!!!
  15. Miles Davis/Gil Evans. Miles Ahead. Columbia Records 1959. My favorite all-time large ensemble LP, if not any and all of the jazz records I have been collecting. This was a collaboration made in Heaven--Gil Evans's voicings and the melodicism and highly-particular tone of Miles Davis' trumpet. I always hear something new after hundreds of listens and it always sonds fresh to me. I like the CD package because you can hear the arrangements before the overlays and the various takes. I've heard the record in a few restaurants, but the only one I can recall is Osteria Francescana, not that I mean t
  16. Paul had his arm blown off in WWI. He barely was able to play the work. Perhaps that's why he didn't like it. It's a bitch to play, especially the cadenza. Here's something groovy to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7lsDbuy-MU
  17. Don't tell me I also brought this thread to a screeching halt!!! If music be.......
  18. Ravel. Concerto for the Left-Hand. Alicia de Larrocha--Leonard Slatkin & the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
  19. You people just throw out these examples of essentially inconsequential techniques and apparatuses that don't rise to what sous-vide does. There's a difference between an improvement that saves time and effort and another that besides doing this changes the structure,taste and feel of food, as well as the kitchen, with an attendant deleterious consequences for the customer. What you cite didn't stand in the way of Escoffier, Point, Bocuse, Chapel, the Troisgros brothers,etc. At best sous-vide can be an interesting tool in the arsenal of Adria and his followers whose influence remains almost
  20. I thought I made it clear that sous-vide is a sea change. What farm a chicken comes from is not. You could be right about Le Bernadin, but I said, I amt waiting for an answer. I believe I am being cautious, prudent and skeptical in a healthy manner. I dine extremely well, just not around here.
  21. I wrote my first post on this thread because I asked Community Table in what way or ways they cooked their food. You may think that I’m weird for doing so. Here, however, is a prime example why i am not: A friend sent me the link to the New York Public Library collection of menus. In a 2006 one from Per Se, it described one or two dishes as being cooked sous vise. Leap forward to the on-line October 14, 2014 Chef’s Tasting Menu and you see nothing that talks about sous vide, but does describe the cooking of exactly one dish, Grilled Siberian sturgeon. I could only assume that every other c
  22. I liked the group a lot. They did what the Swingle Singers/Double Six de Paris, King Pleasure,etc. could not do, which was to bring be-bop-inspired singing to the populace-at-large.
  23. Now it's great instead of good. I guess you're not interested enough in gastronomy to want to think about what you eat. By the way , it's "analysis".
  24. What about tasting great? If you went about dining with any sense of connoisseurship, good isn't good enough. Of course restaurants have no qualms about using sous-vide it is a Godsend. They just don't want to publicize it to their customers.
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