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  1. Beware of all restaurants that serve breast of chicken by itself (and imported fish). As I once said to a maitre d'hotel in France, "What do you do with the rest of the rabbit?" But I see no signs of a tasting menu, which could more than offset the presence of chicken breasts (and imported red mullet).
  2. Lippy, we have an underused Shaker house in Tyringham across the valley from the several on Fernside. We did just return from a two-week stay. We didn't like Route 7 Grill very much this time, but thought that Big W's BBQ on Rt. 22 in Wingdale has chicken and ribs that go down easy. I like it a lot. Amy Loveless, an impeccable caterer in West Stockbridge who takes care of the cafe at the Mount gave us two recommendations last year, both in Pittsfield. One is Trattoria Rustica where the anchovies and marinated red peppers are fine (except for the meagre portion size) as is the grilled ve
  3. Robert Brown

    La Rural

    I went to La Rural last Saturday and the food was absolutely palindromic.
  4. I have a soft spot for Cafe d'Alsace, not only because it, along with Taste, is the only good restaurant within walking distance from my house, but also for its politeness, efficiency and honesty. By French-Alsatian standards, nearly every dish misses the mark, but not always by much. By New York standards, it nevertheless wraps all the BS places around the proverbial little finger. Of dishes that I have ordered so far, the choucroute garni is still at the top of my list, even if it lacks the ham hock that I'm used to. Steak tartare there is handicapped by too much Worcestershire and a somewh
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