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  1. We wanted a baby pig, so that was what I was discussing with them. It never got down to the particulars. I think my friend must have phoned Toqueville as he is friendly with the boss. The meal turned out to be just what we wanted. Even Cabrales/Cabby liked it.
  2. To be truthful, I forgot that detail, but when a friend reminded me, I realized he was correct. Apparently the pig wasn't available from their pen, and there may have been a two-pig minimum from wherever they were getting their pigs. Maybe they now have a good number of pigs on the premises. I remember being there for dinner when they said they had only one, and they were getting them from a near-by breeder. Has anyone seen a bunch of pigs there now?
  3. One of my convives on pig night at Toqueville just reminded me that Stone Barns also insisted that I buy two piglets, one for me and one for the restaurant!!! Also my wife remembers a dinner there when the waiter proudly or gleefully said that our fish was cooked sous-vide. (Several years ago, I must qualify) I would like to add that as one who is an out-and-out food hedonist, I find Dan Barber a chef-restaurateur I can do without. A food politician I certainly am not. It's not that I oppose some exercises in sustainability, GMO labeling or bio-dynamic wine-making, but it's the way people go
  4. I forgot to add the obvious that small plates are the handmaiden of tasting menus, but unfortunately not indivisible, which is why I plan to write one essay and one reply. Sneak, what time is the last train? How much is the taxi fare from the restaurant to the station? Was the dining room menu completely without a choice? How many courses did you say you got?
  5. Lex, I'm always in the mood for tearing into that. I just have to find the time this weekend. I'll do my best. Also I've been trying to finish a diatribe on small plates for all you good people, but with not so much luck so far. Sneak, what was the ordering situation up there? I also remember that the waiter said they only had one pig on the premises and what they offered was from some other farm. I imagine that has changed since a few years ago they quoted me something like $450 plus $150 for delivery, for a suckling pig for six. We ended up having a whole pig at Toqueville for something
  6. The last time i was there was five or six years ago. we all had to order a tasting menu, so when I gave the waiter my irrefutable reasons why I don't like to order tasting menus, the only utterance he could was "oh no!". I haven't gone back since. Maybe it is different now. So I ask you, Sneakeater, did you, or could you, order a la carte?
  7. I don't see where wine prices here in New York have dropped to a degree commensurate with the cheapening of the Euro. In fact, I don't see it at all. Of course anyone involved in transactions involving Europeans know that they raise prices when the Euro is strong and leave them there when it weakens. I limit my wine-buying to low-to-medium-priced Burgundy and Northern Italian, and I don't see any price corrections. I think there were in the early 2000s, but to my mind, that's about it.
  8. If too many people share Goldman's opinion, it won't happen. In March the euro dipped to just below 1.05, and majority opinion said par was just around the corner. Since then, euro-dollar got back into the 1.15s and it is tenaciously holding above the high 1.10s. Of course if it got to where it was in 2002; i.e. in the .80s, Goldman would be somewhat wrong the other way, but correct as to the trend. It's a way of saying that the currency markets are as contrary as they come.
  9. Since my sometimes-intemperate comments to the New York Times don't make it past the moderator, here's what I wrote in case it happens again: If this chef is making small, half-portion dishes, then people ought to pay him half-price--even less if he is using portion-control plates like the one in the photograph.
  10. Sneakeater, you'zre nothing but a #€£^,{}. Only Cham with his posts from the sous-vide capital of the world comes close.
  11. Robert Brown


    Cham, someone caught you at the Jockey Club.
  12. I only said that it was news to me. But it goes without saying that I swas out to lunch on this one.
  13. If La Merenda is open for lunch, it's news to me. Chamb, why aren't you down there giving them a tour of your parcel?
  14. By the way, Chamboll, I trust that with the euro in the 1.08s, you are drinking a better breed of wine.
  15. I'd be glad to be tried under the conventions of your hometown. I should't be jumping the gun, but when I unveil my Diner's Bill of Rights, having the right to know if the food they are giving you starts off raw is Right # One. And thanks Chambolle for putting my Schlep Advisor post on the site. I was too lazy to do it myself.
  16. Bobby doesn't mess around. Look at Trap Advisor and see what I wrote for Les Deux Canailles in Nice and Berlugan a la Plage in Beaulieu. I respect the chef at L'Aromate. I'm overdue for a visit. Otherwise it's downhill in Nice.
  17. How long ago was that? I bet there are ways to get around it, but if someone got sick and then could blame it on a piece of sushi, then someone would be in trouble.
  18. If I were Masa or Cesar Ramirez or any sushi chef who gets some of their raw fish from World Trade; i.e. the Tokyo fish market, I would have the required freezing "done" over there and tell the NYC Health Dept. inspectors that the requisite freezing took place before receiving it. Of course the fish would never have been frozen. Do you think that would fly (with tongue in fish cheeks perhaps)?
  19. Robert Brown

    Juli Soler

    The Times just posted an obituary of the other genius of el Bulli, Julie Soler. He was a sweet man and a true gourmand. The last time I saw him, he had invited me almost last minute to the restaurant. On my first visit, I asked him if he knew the great Catalan maitre d'hotel Antoine Ventura whose suaveness charmed diners for years at Pere Bise, Troisgros, Alain Chapel and LeDivellec. Of course he did, and he was so happy I knew this man that he ran into the kitchen to tell Adria. That is how we became acquaintances who appreciated our respective gourmandising. But this should be all about Juli
  20. I have been away and too preoccupied with this and that, but I belatedly appreciate those who "like my stuff". Thank you so much.
  21. Every four or five years, usually because someone invites us or we give in to friends who want to go there, we visit Le Bernadin, or, as we call it around our house, Le Bernadin of Iniquity. Last week we met our gastronomic globetrotting friends for lunch, and. as always, my wife and I left scratching our heads as to what accounts for its mighty reputation. Gastronomic Man can't live by well-designed dining rooms and excellent service alone, not even with really good Chardonnays from Meursault and somewhere in California thrown in. Now I admit that I am rather set in my gastronomic ways, but n
  22. Yesterday I tried to make a comment on the Welles piece, but it appears that I was turned away. It's only the second time, the first one being when I wrote a couple of years ago that just about anything you could eat in New York was better someplace else. So for what it's worth, here's yesterday's reject: Judging by the comments here, the counter-revolution has begun. Sorry Pete, but as the old be-bop tune goes "Hey Pete let's eat mo'meat, cuz meat's a Texas kind of treat". No one writes about the ever-increasing erosion of diner autonomy, but it explains most of the inevitable demise of
  23. Oyeh. He did. It's just that he died at 46 and YouTube has a few videos made when he was too sick to even sing. I did not realized at the time how he was in a class by himself. I liked him a lot on the Willie Colon sides, and I bought his first album as a leader. Watch when he does "Rompe Sarague", especially the one off his studio recording from his "La Voz" album. But just about everything bad that could happen to one person happened to him. He arrived from Puerto Rico before he should have.
  24. Hector Lavoe YouTube videos all weekend. What a tragic waste. (His life, not my weekend).
  25. Warne Marsh died while playing "Out of Nowhere".
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