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  1. I left off a zero.
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    From March 10-14 the oyster will be my world. A long-over due visit to Chez Roellinger, for which I can't explain the oversign, especially given my latest dictum: "Don't trust a chef under 50". I haven't been to this neck of the woods since I was a teen-ager, barely knowing the difference between an oyster and a mussel. M goal is eating 100 oysters in 3.5 days, including some of the wild, jumbos "pieds de cheval", the availability of which which will depend on the catch. As I plan on having three or four dinners at his Chateau du Richeux, does anyone out there have lunch suggestions or bet
  3. The truffle season is over, and so is this thread. To everyone I wish a happy New Year, especially to my new pal Chambo the Swiss. How was the drive back to Geneva? I'm off to conquer new territory, which I'm sure you will have a lot to say. Au revoir Italy, Hello Brittany.
  4. Evelyn, I must have missed you at Ishikawa, the price of being in a room.
  5. Champ-Pro is in the re-entry zone with the resultant loss of contact with Houston.
  6. Ishikawa, Tokyo. Deserving of its top Michelin rating. Matsukawa, Tokyo. A cult kaiseki restaurant very near the Hotel Okura and the American Embassy that won’t accept reservations unless you drop the right name or have been there before. Twice the price of Ishikawa, but no better than. Komatsu Yasuke, restaurant of an 84-year-old legendary sushi chef in Kanazawa. Two lunches. Nakashima. Three-star Kaiseki restaurant in Hiroshima. Tenko Honten. Two-star tempura restaurant in Hiroshima. Le Louis XV. Monaco Bistrot de la Marine (Jacques Maximin). Cagnes-sur-Mer FR Ant
  7. I haven't followed this topic, but it sounds like what Chang said is a confirmation of one of my older dictums: "The food boom contains the seeds of its own demise".
  8. I'm zeroing in on you, Champo. You write really well for a Swiss. How do I know you're Swiss? Because they are the only ones who call me Bobby after I turned 21.
  9. It's pronounced Ah-See-Lee as in "A Sealy Posturpedic". Tiger Woods is corked, vinegarized, Maderaized.
  10. I can only conjecture that if both restaurants are charging the same per gram price, then the Renzo gratings must be a lot more copious than Treviso's. I wonder how the server knows when to stop--by sight, buh number of slicing movements? Chambo, I'm counting on you to fill in the blanks, move the ball forward in the quest for Alba white truffle knowledge and practical connoisseurship.
  11. They were doing per grating as stated on their menus at the price stated at each restaurant.Choosing your truffle is not offered in writing. I did not choose a larger truffle at Renzo, but my waiter quoted me the prices for a small and a large before I made my choice. As I chose and used a whole truffle, there was no need for a before and after weighing, which they would have done had I not used up the whole truffle. As i did not take the per grating option, I don't know the amount each place gives you, but you should ask as I also am curious to know. I never saw anyone choosing their tr
  12. Chambolle, have I answered all your questions, addressed all your needs? Let us know about Guido and wherever else you go. I loved Guido when the whole family was together in Costigliolo d'Asti. I hope the kid cooks like his mama did back then (or are you going to Mama's place?) I have to say that when Momma was on her own at the Relais San Maurizio, the cooking wasn't as good. Vedat has a place in Paris, but is more in Istanbul and Atlanta (vmilor@yahoo.com). I'm reinholdbrown@gmail.com.
  13. The Chowhound guy is an idiot. I bet he ordered a tasting menu. The chef has no ego on display. In fact, you wouldn’t learn his name by being in the restaurant. Maybe m partridge was a tad dry, but it was still delicious. Everything else was as it should be. The cheese chariot holds a large selection of regional cheeses and there is no limit on the number of pieces you can have. Another reason I don’t visit winemakers is because I prefer going food slumming which also includes wine-buying, I am fortunate in that I have a home to keep wine and food products. But if Chambolle or anyone else
  14. Last year at Ciau dei Tornavento we went for lunch on a Monday and the place was nearly empty. Our waitress Annette and a sous-chef brought several truffles of varying sizes to our table in a wood box. Together we picked a truffle. This time I saw Annette half-way across the room sniffing some truffles on a glass dish. She brought the dish to our table and told us her favorite was the little 27.5 gram one. I just went along with what she said as we weren't having an all-truffle meal. Maybe they were short on truffles that day? You could ask for a variety of sizes presented in a wood box.
  15. I got a few minutes. At Renzo, the waiter brought to the table three dirty truffles of varying size along with seven or eight small ones. He said that larger truffles (not sure when a truffle moves from small to medium to large) were something 3.7 euros a gram as opposed to the 3.5 I paid. I don't know if the uncleaned truffles were for show, but I went to the cleaned ones to select. The second one I chose really got my attention, and I held it aside, smelling the others, but always coming back to this one particular one which I chose to consume. Treiso was a bit different, and I will cont
  16. Just for the record, I went to Baumanière when old man Thuillier was still there working in the kitchen at age 80-something and when the wine list was very long despite the problem of keeping it underground as I seem to recall how the story goes. The guy started the place when he was about 40 and working an an insurance agent. I don't know if he really could cook at the top level that his restaurant was or i someone else was helping him conceive the dishes. I am tempted to go back. The Macdonald's really like it. I pretty much cleared the decks of whatever piled up while I was gone. Tomor
  17. Two years ago I wrote here that we tried eating a truffle from the middle out; i.e, cutting it in half. The theory was that if the center tasted better than the outside, you used the heart of it for the best truffle dishes. We did not do it this time, so it still remains a hypothesis.
  18. You should fry a lunch-dinner-breakfast-lunch at the same place (if they also have rooms).
  19. Sneak, no extra-inning doubleheaders any more. Chambolle is surely up to it, and I am willing to bet that is what he will do. I am wiped out and can barely move. I will try posting at length in the next day or two. I agree that Vedat is great on the Basque country. For one, he avoided sous -vide places recently. A fellow traveler!
  20. As I can't digest big meals as before, I prefer lunch. Regardless, I find lunch in Treiso to be better than dinner as there are fewer diners (not that the service seems to be any better) and the room is more luminescent, not to mention the fine view out the enormous picture window. As there are rooms, you could have dinner there and not have to drive; so that's a reason to have dinner. Of course if you're in your salad days, you can have both meals in one day!!! At Renzo, I don't think it matters whether lunch or dinner.
  21. Chambolle, can you wait a couple of days or so? I am about to hit the sack and then head back to NYC to tomorrow. Good questions that I look forward to answering. In the meantime, have you dined with Vedat ever? I like Ciau dei Tornavento a lot. I find it better than when I first went several years ago. I paid 220 or 230 euros for a 2001 Voerzio La Serra. It's not a crazy price for a great winemaker in a great year. I have a pretty good consumer knowledge of wine, but not enough where I want to visit winemakers. I find it a bit forced, but that's probably my doing. I feel more comfortable arou
  22. Thanks very much, Suzanne. I'm glad I could impart something of the visit.
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