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  1. Agreed, i really enjoyed his book and this article but the promo snippet of the show did not seem all that interesting. Very good article, although the title does it disservice.
  2. nuxvomica


    Going in a couple of weeks but seems tables are pretty available. Wasn't the chef at Vox in Reykjavik before Dill?
  3. imagining the potential for insufferable
  4. nuxvomica

    Le Coq Rico

    Quick meal picked that day because of convenient location and a lovely surprise (despite the cookis smoking outside) - something to be said for going without big expectations. Loved the Rohan duck, my favorite dish of the night, although the poppy seed seared foie was a close second. The quarter chicken was good but no different from other great chickens we had. The artichoke salad was quite good. I'd love to go with a few more ppl to try some more of the whole birds and the terrine. So refreshing to have well executed classic French food. Very good bread and butter too. I wish the wine
  5. let me know if you want any recs for the coast and/or Istria
  6. How did you end up trying these together, Patrick? I'm a fan of the whites, sparkling ones, and Vinu Jancu; love their funkiness and personality. They all change dramatically in the glass and over time in the bottle. Def. not for everybody or even what most people consider "wine" but I like them a lot.
  7. This should probably go on Why I Hate my Job (sometimes) or The Media Can Be Really Stupid thread but her edible skin care. Not against GP skin care, edible or not, but I'm already getting media queries looking for chefs willing to cook with her products.
  8. It's very good. It was very good last year when the Times (Ligaya), the New Yorker, and the Voice reviewed it. Still is :-)
  9. nuxvomica

    La Sirena

    To give them their due, they say they don't serve the dining room menu at the bar because they want the bar to function as a bar, not an extension of the dining room. They don't want drinkers to be supplanted by diners, as they are at Babbo, Lupa, and Del Posto. They want the bar to become something of a scene. Given the location, I think there's a shot at that. In any event, I can't believe they won't give it till the end of the summer to see. oh, just wait for the Times review to be out.
  10. haven't made it on the last trip earlier this year (family ) but highly recommended by Chef Kinch
  11. it was a lot of fun and well done. Thanks you again Orik for posting this.
  12. Orik - thanks for posting this. Is anyone going?
  13. nuxvomica

    Pearl & Ash

    as much as i like the wine list, i had to stop going there because the food was so terrible. especially at wine dinners, it's like they tried to create the worst pairings possible.
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